Catatan Arief Maulana seputar internet marketing, bisnis, motivasi dan manejemen diri, dll.
Satu yang membuat saya berdecak kagum adalah perusahaan di tempat para tim konsultan ini ternyata memiliki program pengembangan diri yang jelas.
Rupanya, dengan cara seperti itu lah perusahaan mereka memastikan bahwa selalu ada update dan upgrade kualitas dari SDMnya. Saya termasuk orang yang percaya bahwasanya nilai pendapatan seseorang akan bertambah seiring dengan pertambahan kualitas dan kapasitas kemampuan yang dimiliki oleh orang tersebut. Tetapi kita selalu kembali ke 3 hal diatas karena pengembangan diri merupakan proses yang harus terjadi di dalam DIRI SENDIRI, bukan orang lain.
A gift concept, based on a reflective cultural research, about the way we experience the wonderful but sometimes also somewhat complicated word 'beauty'. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then congratulations, we have just the right thing for you.
With our miracle program costing only two easy payments of an arm and a leg, we have the easy, six-step program designed to help you become a better version of yourself! The first step is likely the easiest if you have ever looked at yourself and beaten up your current version. All of these are the basic beginnings, but they can be further broken down, and they should be. Never give them up, these small steps, because these small steps are the thing that are going to cause the most change for you in the long run. Read the full articleHow to Handle Confrontations With EaseUnaddressed problems only grow in size and make the eventual conversation even tougher.
Read the full articleHow Can Good Parents Effectively Reduce Fatherlessness?Fatherlessness is an epidemic in The United States.
Read the full articleHow to Avoid the Anguish of Being a MisfitSue Funkhouser explains how to take charge of assessing your own cultural fit at work.
Read the full articleBe a Man and Make Your Life Worth LivingSean Swaby reflects on what it means to take what you are given and make something out of it. Read the full article5 More Companies That Play the Perks Card Right51 percent of Americans are not engaged at work.
Read the full articleAbout Crazy: A Letter to the 20-year Old MeModern men face their mental health with courage and honesty. I Am The Bug MasterSean Swaby, House Ninja, declares a turf war on bugs and wins with Scott’s Ortho. It has been weeks and I still haven’t come down from my Hampton Minister’s Conference high.  Every June thousands of us make our yearly pilgrimage to that amazing ministers’ conference. Oh yeah, the best leadership investment in the Adventist Church, in my not-so-humble opinion, is the Pastors Evangelism and Leadership Council – PELC. Jesse Wilson is Associate Professor of Religion and Theology at Oakwood University and the Director of PELC.
While all Colorado voters receive a ballot in the mail, it is still vitally important to have centrally located Voter Service and Polling Center locations for voters who either need to vote in person with special equipment or simply prefer to cast their ballot in person. Voter Service and Polling Centers are places residents can drop off a mail ballot, cast a ballot in person, request a replacement ballot, register to vote or update registration information, or vote using equipment for persons with disabilities. The Colorado County Clerks Association will grant 4 regional one-time awards in the amount of $1,000 to seniors graduating from Colorado high schools to further their education at any university, college, junior college or technical institution. Financial aid awarded by the association will be remitted to the institution of attendance and will be credited to the student's account.
Each district will select a finalist and forward their selection to the Executive Board by April 24, 2015. Any legal, permanent resident of Boulder County enrolled in, or applying to, a vocational training program or institution of higher learning in the State of Colorado as a full, or part-time student is eligible to apply. Scholarship announcements have been mailed to all high school offices in the eligible counties, and to all Colorado higher education institutions. To finalize the election, as stated by law, the Boulder County Clerk prepared and made available to the public a statement of the total number of votes cast in the election for each candidate and for and against each ballot issue.
Last week, Clerk Hall received word that the Secretary of State’s office accepted the official statewide abstract of votes cast for state races and issues. Although some have raised questions about the effect of the canvass board’s prior decision not to certify, Clerk Hall says the election results stand.
Because the margin of victory was so large in all of the races and ballot issues involved, no recount was triggered or requested. Composition of the canvass board: The canvass board is composed of two members from each of the “major” political parties plus the Clerk. 2014 Canvass Board Vote: This year, the canvass board signed off on the election audit, which tests the election’s vote tallying systems and processes to ensure accuracy, but in a 4-to-3 decision voted to not certify the election results. Earlier this week, elections staff completed the 2014 election audit, a post-election quality assurance test that ensures the accuracy of the machine tally of votes. Despite the fact that there were no documented discrepancies found in the audit or reconciliation that impacted the outcome of any contest, the Boulder County Canvass Board voted in a 4-to-3 decision to not certify the election.
In regard to these actions, Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall had the following to say, “The Canvass Board’s decision not to certify is purely political, without basis and out of line with their role as defined by Colorado law. Hall continued, “The election judges and our staff did an outstanding job conducting the 2014 General Election. By Secretary of State Rule, if nothing found in the audit or reconciliation of the election impacts the outcome of the election, the results must be certified. The Canvass Report, Statement of Vote and audit documentation is now available at The server upgrade will enhance maintenance and support of the Colorado State Titling and Registration system, which means better performance for the citizens of Colorado.
The Division of Motor Vehicles apologizes for any inconvenience due to this important maintenance work. Boulder County also has three 24-Hour Ballot Drop Boxes that can be utilized overnight tonight and up until 7 p.m.
Voters who have returned their mail ballots can check to make sure their voted ballot has been received by the Boulder County Elections Division. Additionally, for the public’s convenience, the Elections Division has added a new ballot drop-off location at the Lyons Town Hall.
Visit to view ballot content, see if your ballot has been processed if returned, or find more information about the election.

Specifically, the recent news article mentioned the need for additional Republican Party election judges for Signature Verification roles.
During each open house, Boulder County Clerk and Recorder Hillary Hall will give walking tours of the election wing approximately every 30 minutes as needed. These tours offer people interested in local elections the opportunity to see how ballots are processed, understand how signatures are verified on mail ballots, and learn about how ballot resolution works among other ballot processing procedures and safeguards. Also, any citizen who has resided in Colorado at least 22 days may register up to and including Election Day. Please visit to view ballot content, see if your ballot has been processed if returned, or find more information about the election.
Tugas mereka secara umum adalah melihat bagaimana kondisi para staf di cabang dan beban kerja dari masing-masing staf dengan berbagai tugas dan tanggung jawabnya. Bahkan dalam setahun, mereka ditarget harus bisa menghabiskan anggaran dana tertentu dan jumlah jam tertentu untuk mengembangkan dirinya, baik itu melalui seminar, workshop, dan kegiatan sejenis lainnya.
Apalagi aset terbesar di perusahaan tersebut (termasuk juga di perusahaan tempat saya bekerja) adalah manusia alias karyawan itu sendiri. Apakah hanya staf biasa yang setiap hari perkerjaannya monoton tanpa ada inovasi atau hal-hal yang membuatnya menonjol (dalam hal ini kualitas diri)? Untuk mencapai apa yang kita mau kita harus tahu siapa diri kita dan apa yang kita punya untuk mencapai tujuan itu. Artinya kita menciptakan kondisi baru di luar dengan melakukan perubahan di dalam diri sendiri.Di tulisan berikutnya saya akan membahas lebih detil apa saja yang terkandung dalam peta dasar pengembangan diri tersebut. Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and pause unsatisfied with the person before you?
They are likely less prevalent now because we can access everything but, the script above mimics what sometimes seems all to common in the world of self-improvement.
When we try to change, so often we make significant commitments to big ideas for change, and when the dramatic changes we desire do not happen right away, we get frustrated. It is easy because all it involves is allowing yourself to explore what you would want to be. Instead of imagining what you are missing, give yourself the chance to explore what you would look like if you were the ideal version of yourself.
Remember in the last step, you were specific about determining how you would like to be known. Well, good thing you were specific in determining what an ideal physical version of you looks like. Explore the ideal goals that will help you become this version, and turn these objectives into manageable things.
It is not just saying, “I will start working out every day.” What type of workouts are you going to be doing on these days? Having received a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga in 2013, his research has focused on the inclusion of creativity in organizations. Boulder County will have 16 Voter Service and Polling Centers open throughout the county on Election Day with some of those locations opening as early as two weeks before Election Day. Members of the Executive Board of the County Clerk's Association will finalize the scholarship awards by May 1, 2015. There are no restrictions as to the course of study or training which may be pursued, and no restrictions are placed upon applications by reason of race, creed, age, gender, or national origin. Applications will be reviewed by a local committee appointed by Sheriff Pelle, and a selection will be made on the basis of criteria established by CSOC.
Since then, this effort has continued as a meaningful expression of the sheriffs’ confidence in and respect for education and training.
For more information, contact your local high school, college, County Sheriffs of Colorado, or the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.
At this point, challenges to the election of candidates to office or the result of a ballot issue election are allowed only in narrow circumstances, such as fraud or corruption that could change the result of the election. In the 2010 gubernatorial race, candidate Tom Tancredo of the American Constitution Party received more than 10% of the vote statewide, the American Constitution Party (ACN) earned “major” party status until the next gubernatorial election, this year. This was in spite the fact that there were no significant discrepancies in the audit or in the reconciliation reports.
There was previously an election rule allowing a county clerk to certify local election results when the canvass board failed to certify. Boulder County used the state prescribed audit process which randomly selects the scanning systems, the electronic machines and the contests which to audit. Our election vote reconciliation and audit show that the Boulder County election results are accurate.
Colorado currently has three major parties: American Constitution, Democratic and Republican. They have tried for years to get the courts or the legislature to change the way election canvass boards conduct their business, but have been unsuccessful in their attempts. Our office recommends that if you need a printed title immediately, that you either come in prior to the upgrade on Friday, November 7 or afterwards on Wednesday, November 12. Beginning on Monday, November 3, seven additional Voter Service and Polling Centers will be available to service voter needs. If you need to register to vote, update your registration information, request a replacement ballot, or vote using equipment or facilities for people with disabilities, please visit a Voter Service and Polling Center. Those positions have been filled by the Republican Party Chair and any additional interested individuals must contact the party. No mail ballot is ever processed and counted without a bipartisan team of election judges verifying that the signature on your ballot envelope matches the signature on your voter registration record. Drive-by ballot drop-off locations open in Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, and a new walk-up station in Erie. Tujuannya, tentu agar kantor pusat mendapatkan masukan profesional dari pihak ketiga, terkait dengan beban kerja SDM di masing-masing Cabang.
Sehingga sudah seyogyanya ada post-post pengeluaran khusus yang memang diperuntukkan untuk mengupgrade kualitas para staf. Ataukah yang dipilih nantinya adalah mereka yang memang memiliki kualitas diri yang tinggi dan senantiasa selalu meningkatkannya? Dari sana kita bisa menyiapkan diri dengan belajar, berusaha, dan bekerja.Pengembangan diri merupakan topik yang luas karena didalamnya ada manajemen waktu, personal goal setting, creative thinking, self healing, motivation, problem solving dan masih banyak lagi.
Have you ever allowed yourself to be jealous of the life someone else is living that you don’t have?

It took me time but eventually I found a good cycle for how not to start making changes only to have them fall apart in a matter of moments. Since you have figured this out and know who you want to be, it gives you an allowance to figure out what changes you need to make.
If you are not in shape, saying you are going to run three miles every day is overwhelming.
We are the best when we can figure out what we are going to be doing, and we know how to do this in small ways.
Do not try to change too much at once, trying to force large dramatic change in a short amount of time can cause you to fail more than anything else.
In fact, since taking office, Secretary Williams and I have already met and spoken several times at length, and while our parties may differ, our dedication to administering proper and fair elections is aligned. CSOC considers this an investment in the future and believes that our membership is helping to provide deserving students with an opportunity to make a positive contribution to society. Additionally, the final Statement of Vote, a document that shows precinct-by-precinct results for every candidate and issue on the Boulder County ballots this year, will be forwarded to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office to become part of the official statewide election record and is available now online. Despite this pre-calculated political action, the Boulder County Elections Division anticipates that the Colorado Secretary of State’s office will accept the results of the election as they did after both the 2012 General Election and 2014 Primary Election when similar political action was taken by a Canvass Board (see below for background details).
In Boulder County, like every other clerk office, we simply follow election law when conducting our canvass. The Elections Division also has several drive-by ballot drop-off locations where voters can turn in their mail ballot without even exiting their car.
With the opening of these locations, that brings the total number of Voter Service and Polling Centers servicing the public to 13 within the County.
Visitors will be able to observe workers processing ballots for the Tuesday, November 4 General Election.
So make sure to sign your ballot envelope as you normally would – then check to make sure we received your mail ballot by visiting Avoid the rush and visit one our Voter Service and Polling Centers this Saturday from 9 a.m.
We grow accustomed to living a certain way and regardless of what we say we are doing or what we want, we quickly fall back into these routines. Well, losing 20 to 30 pounds and getting ripped is daunting, so figure out the small things that are going to allow you to achieve this. Create a very detailed plan for what it takes to get you to a point where you can realize your goal of being able to run regularly. The more you become the ideal version of you that you laid out in the beginning, celebrate yourself. I look forward to having a strong working relationship with Secretary Williams and his staff and am confident that our offices will have much improved communication.Last December, in the midst of closing out an election (which is an extremely detailed process), the now former Secretary of State Scott Gessler issued a report on our office practices.
Additionally, Boulder County’s election had no documented discrepancies in the audit or the reconciliation that impacted the outcome of any contest.
Nothing in Colorado law states that a canvass board’s decision not to certify the county’s abstract of votes nullifies the election of county candidates or decisions on county or local ballot issues. As of October 31, in Boulder County, the Republican Party represents 46,316 active and inactive voters, the Democratic Party represents 101,259 active and inactive voters, and the American Constitution Party represents 313 active and inactive voters.
During this time, business at the Clerk and Recorder’s office Division of Motor Vehicle will be conducted as usual on Monday, November 10, except for a few small changes (Note: County offices will be closed on Tuesday, November 11 for Veterans Day).
Any citizen who has resided in Colorado at least 22 days may register and vote, just visit any Voter Service and Polling Center and don’t forget to bring your ID.
I have been there, trapped in a cycle where I was unhappy with what I was doing but unsure of how to change. Not extremely disparagingly necessarily, but many of us provide ourselves the chance to wonder about what could we. For example, for the longest time I could only write 1,200 words a day, to do anymore was difficult. This year was the 100th anniversary and as usual I left determined to tear up all of my sermon manuscripts and start all over again! But this isn’t a PR piece for Hampton. As I stated at the time, I was extremely disappointed in the accusations in the report and the manner in which Secretary Gessler released the report with no interaction with my office. A final report is issued to the Boulder County Canvass Board for verification prior to election certification. It is unfortunate and frankly a disservice to the voters of Boulder County that once again the Canvass Board chose to operate outside the boundaries of their duties as outlined in law and rule. Services available include: same-day voter registration and voting, in-person voting, ballot drop-off, replacement ballots, and voting using equipment and facilities for person with disabilities.
We say to ourselves “if only I were working this type of job?” or “If only I were in better shape?” Or “Damn, I want to travel overseas but never have the money to do so.” These are the small utterances many of us make on an almost daily basis. Going with the idea of being in shape, well if you want to lose weight and be able to run a marathon, this is a great general idea of what to do.
Our process after each election is to spend a lengthy period of time examining our practices and how they can be improved upon. If you don’t develop yourself, you’ll be no good for your church or anyone else.I stepped up to the line at Hampton and paid over $200 for my registration alone. 19,A  just east of Sam's club.A  The investigation involved a gun shot victim at or near Druid Road.
Only you know what these requirements are but provide yourself the requirements for your future version. And remember, Boulder County also has three 24-Hour Ballot Drop Boxes open every day, 24-hours a day, until 7 p.m. The biggest win in the journey to self-improvement is recognizing the work you have accomplished. I do that because I realized early on that an investment in my personal development was money well spent.
No pastor will ever reach maximum potential without recognizing the value of personal and professional growth.We have to raise the bar on the amount of time and money we are prepared to invest in our own development. Over the next year, with the 2015 General Conference Session on the horizon, there will be a number of valuable events designed for pastors.

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