August 25, 2015 by David Zinger Leave a Comment In employee engagement — SMALL IS THE NEW SIGNIFICANT! We need to determine and act on small and simple behavioral practices that can be practiced daily by leaders, managers, and employees themselves. Rikyu reminds us that there is a latent sympathy between big ideas about life and the little everyday things, such as certain drinks, cups, implements and smells.
Performance: Determine what the client will need to do to achieve results and how they make key performances worthy of their attention. Moments: Determine a fine level of granularity of what behaviors to build, foster, and advance.
This is the fifth of a 2 week series outlining a different engaging question you can ask yourself each day. David Zinger developed the 10 block pyramid of employee engagement as a model to structure strong, simple, sustainable and tactical improvements in employee engagement. I have been to a lot of conferences and witnessed many presentations on employee engagement. Within every 15 to 20 minute period I encourage the audience to engage in an exercise to bring the concepts or practices to life. I voice tentative statements so that audiences can determine for themselves if the ideas or practices are viable or valuable. I honor the experience that many people will learn more by what they say than by what they hear. My VIA signature strength is humor and playfulness so I ensure my speeches have both humor and playfulness built in to the design and delivery of the session.
By the end of the speech I know I have been successful if I have a hard time getting the audiences’ attention back from an invited exercise because they are so engaged with what they are doing.
David Zinger is an expert  global employee engagement speaker and consultant who brings the engagement  down to earth while striving to enliven the pyramid of employee engagement to help leaders, managers, and organizations increase engagement and results while also building relationships. I developed the 10 block pyramid of employee engagement model to demonstrate the keys to employee engagement. After taking the strengths inventory Strengthscope from Strengths Partnership in the UK,  I was determined to make a systematic application of my 7 significant strengths applied to each of the blocks of the pyramid. My result statements need to generate an inherent enthusiasm and I must bring my enthusiasm to those results. I will ensure the crafting of meaningful results and celebrate the achievement of all  steps and progress towards results. I will check to see if the results stated and generated create passion and purpose for others.
I will apply empathetic  imagination to determine the impact of results on all major stakeholders.
I will fuse  work results with wellbeing results to develop both personally and professionally. I will embrace strategic improvisation by determining results but having the heart of improvisation to enhance or improve results based on feedback.

I shall craft the results less as statements carved in granite and more as intentions that have specificity and clarity yet flexibility based on feedback.
I love creativity and even took each of my 7 significant strengths and made my own symbol for each of them with the help of my graphic designer, John Junson.
Spend more time thinking about results and applying a variety of tools to create fresh or new thinking. Start each day by crafting three result statement for that day phrased as mini heroic stories.
Work at communicating results as stories to capitalize on the power of narrative results for both meaning and memory. Enter meetings and courses with a clear focus on the results I would like others to achieve from our time together. One of the most widely known and most widely misunderstood metaphysical techniques is the use of affirmations. While Franken’s character inspired a lot of laughs, when used correctly, affirmations can be very effective.
Affirmations are also used to override other thoughts – those thoughts that we no longer want to believe.
David has worked on employee engagement from Winnipeg to Warsaw, Saskatoon to South Africa, and Boston to Barcelona.
This will make the engagement work more robust while also enhancing my wellbeing through the application of strengths in the service of others. I love the line, if you want to get everyone on the same page you must give them the opportunity to write on that page and the similar line from the field of positive deviance, never do anything about me without me. These are not gala celebrations but moments taken after a chunk of work to feel the enthusiasm of accomplishment. As I develop results I can apply my empathy to thinking though the impact of each result on all major stakeholders. He will be in the UK in late November to support the Go Live event for the UK Employee Engagement Task Force and to co-lead an afternoon on the fusion of employee engagement and strengths for innovation and excellence. Say you want to be wealthy, but you have a nagging thought in your mind that you’re always broke. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Tell us about books, courses, and products you've tried that have worked and we'll share them with our readers so they too can benefit. I have no doubt that employee engagement can make a big difference but that does not mean employee engagement approaches have to be big to matter. It is the task of philosophy not just to formulate ideas, but also to work out mechanisms by which they may stick more firmly and viscerally in our minds. This is a phenomenal coaching model to use with my clients who are striving towards full and powerful effectiveness, engagement, and efficiency. Here is today’s question based on fostering recognition, the center block on the pyramid of employee engagement.

The best presentations engage the attendees with each other and with the topic even in a one hour keynote. Many times I tell audience when I show my first slide that this is my first slide and only slide. Leading does not mean telling people what to do and how to do it, leading means working together to determine destinations that benefit everyone.
You’ve probably repeated this thought hundreds if not thousands of times so it’s pretty well ingrained in your subconscious. It offer a structure for them to follow and a structure for us to dialogue and develop engaging actions. We don’t need 100 PowerPoint slides and the speaker rattling off statistics about engagement like an auctioneer voicing bids at an auction. Not all will have the same bullet point format but all will involve  a structured application of strengths to engagement.
To turbo charge results I am applying my significant 7 strengths from the Strength Partnership’s Strengthscope.
For example, Saturday Night Live popularized the character Stuart Smalley, played by Al Franken, with his self-help show called “Daily Affirmation With Stuart Smalley.” The character would often repeat the words: I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me! Affirmations are a tool used to help to reprogram your mind from playing the same subconscious tapes in your head.
By creating and repeating an affirmation that says the opposite – such as “I am prosperous and always have more than enough money,” you begin to reprogram your mind in a new direction.
We need to ensure that employee engagement sessions transform the noun of engagement into the verb of engage. I find that audiences often prefer one slide to no slides because it gives them something to look at.
I heard Esther Hicks once say that it is a good practice to intend safety whenever you get behind the wheel of a car. Of course, you have to repeat the affirmation many times if it’s going to eventually override the old conflicting view.
I agreed with that and started thinking the affirmation “I intend safety,” whenever I’d begin to drive. That’s why the use of affirmations is a practice that must be ritualized and repeated if you’re going to get noticeable results. I also would bring the affirmation to mind whenever I was in less-than-ideal driving conditions, such as if there were wet or icy road conditions, or if drivers around me were driving in an unsafe manner. Depending upon how deeply ingrained the belief is in your mind, it may take weeks, months or even years to override some negative thoughts.
Today, whenever I feel uneasy while driving, the affirmation automatically pops into my mind.

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