How can certain groups be told they can exercise a right that is afforded to someone else in a country where everyone is supposed to be equal? Something like Cultural Synergy (Moran, Harris and Moran, 2011) will never happen in places where individual rights are trampled to keep someone else from being offended, because the ability to be offended is also a right. All of this occurs while these same micro managers boast that nothing ever goes wrong and the standards set by those before you that used to be allowed to enjoy all the things we now consider objectionable are a thing of the past and will stay there because humans don’t evolve and as the world gets more difficult to navigate. This entry was posted on Monday, October 13th, 2014 at 3:42 amand is filed under Uncategorized.
Photos: The Instagram and Twitter accounts of Brett Davern, Holland Roden, Snooki, Molly Tarlov, Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey, Briana Dejesus, Ashley Rickards, Lauren Conrad, Chelsea Houska, and Nicole Byer. Oxford Dictionaries defines selfie as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website,” but we like to think of selfies as something a bit more special: windows into souls. Here at MTV, we embrace The Selfie (really, doesn’t it deserve to be capitalized?) with every fiber of our being, for it is through this self-expressionist art form that we learn so much about our stars.
Molly Tarlov has certainly mastered the Sadie Saxton bitch face, but who knew the “Awkward” star could mimic everyone’s favorite meme, Grumpy Cat, with such precision? To us, airplane bathrooms are only good for three things: going #1, going #2 (if absolutely necessary) and sex.
The man behind Jake Rosati might experiment with his facial hair, but when it comes to his selfie skills, Brett Davern takes the “if it ain’t broke” approach. This sexy “Teen Wolf” siren is typically spotted at some of the hottest fashion events around town, so when Holland Roden shared a selfstagram on Halloween of herself as “Arrested Development”‘s Tobias Funke…as a member of Blue Man Group…we did a major double-take! There’s something so delightful about seeing a celebrity who feels truly comfortable in their own skin, and we simply can’t get enough of Nicole Byer‘s wigless look. Often a picture can say a thousand words, but when Lauren Conrad shared a shot of her ring finger sporting some serious bling, it said three: I’M ENGAGED, BITCHES! When Snooki was traveling back and forth between New Jersey and California to take part in “Dancing with the Stars,” she often agonized about missing her baby boy, Lorenzo. Though Ian Bohen and Tyler Hoechlin are super-tight IRL, the two have to play contentious uncle and nephew on “Teen Wolf.” What better way to really get in the hatred headspace of Peter and Derek Hale than to go to a baseball game where your favorite rival teams are playing? When Ashley Rickards split her finger open after a battle with a few avocados, did she cower in fear?
Taking a dual-selfie is hard enough, but Briana, Brittany, Roxy and Baby Nova of “Teen Mom 3” proved their solidarity yet again when they squeezed their entire family into one shot. Middle English (in the sense ‘make firm’): via Old French from Latin affirmare, from ad- ‘to’ + firmus ‘strong’. In fact, every industry statesman will affirm that leadership centred around values is inevitable for the building of a legacy.

As a litterateur, I affirm that the current so-called “intolerance” by regional and nation media is of no help. The violent battle on 22 March in Hyderabad University seems part of an ongoing coordinated action to affirm dominance and power. Middle English: probably imitative, but corresponding in form and partly in sense with Low German hurreln.
A few minutes later, they returned to the spot and hurled stones at the car and fled the scene. I’m also able to hurl myself around the station, though most of the time I only succeed in propelling myself away from the station. President Barack Obama wants to see an end to the US trade embargo against the communist-ruled island. US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday called on his country’s lawmakers to lift the five-decade-old trade embargo against Cuba.
Russia’s food embargo involves a one-year ban on meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetable imports from certain countries. The BCCI president told Raman that it is his request to Srinivasan that he withdraws the PIL regarding allegations of perjury against Anurag. Former New Zealand cricketer Chris Cairns’s perjury trial starts on Monday in London. The husband then filed a plea against the court’s interim maintenance order, saying that his wife has committed perjury.
A Delhi court while acquitting a man of rape charges, has ordered perjury proceedings against the woman. The implication appears to be true when we consider how so much of what the Constitution provides for us as a free people seems to be intolerable and at the very least, offensive not in the rest of the world, but to those for whom our country is where they seek the freedom to communicate their disgust toward our insolent existence. The crux of the issue is a constant desire to keep everyone happy by somehow not generating a solution, but buying moral band aids in bulk.
However, those who are offended are not immediately afforded extra rights to shame or belittle those whom offended them into changing their position or ways to accommodate someone else. Shielding a cultures youth from the realities of the world only cripples them for life by not providing the tools and resources they need to survive. A culture change has to be done by everyone involved but how does the culture of an entire country change? In 2013, they dazzled us with crafty photobombs and cat impersonations and painful illustrations of what not to do while making guacamole, and below, we’ve gathered the best of the best IOHO.
But when you spend countless hours of flying, we guess you’re bound to come up with alternate uses.

Naturally, she used FaceTime to KIT with him…and then followed up the mother-son chat session with a screenshot.
And while Lorenzo LaValle learned a lot in his first year of life, photobombing is definitely our favorite of his acquired skills. The inside scoop into all the trials and tribulations of hair & makeup makes us grateful for your sacrifice, Tyler Posey!
They may not have fit ALL their faces inside, but they looked positively adorable while trying. By that logic, shaming girls is way easier than teaching boys to control themselves and punish them appropriately when they do, without fear of repercussion from the state’s child welfare agency. The objectification of women shares the spotlight with those who may dress based on religious reasons, but are exempt from the dress codes to which everyone else is subjected. A free country implies that everyone is free, all the time, without fear of prosecution for those freedoms granted to them by their own existence and protected by the law. Rights are granted by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and are protected by courts in America everyday. And that’s exactly what Snooki did on one particular flight, managing to transform the cramped area into a glam photo shoot set.
She took a motherf**king picture of the injury and gave a thumbs up to show she was a-ok, like a boss. School administrators tell African-American girls they can’t wear bandanas, but cheerleaders can wear headbands.
The image below demonstrates how places like schools ironically forego educating their students on a subject in an effort to provide a more immediate way to pacify the irate. The bottom line is that over-the-top fixes of today infringe upon rights established from eternity. If character content is a pillar of those charged with providing examples for our youth, then why is it that these individuals are somehow allowed to dictate who wears what, listens to whom or enjoys anything because it fits a larger, more important image that has no place for individual freedoms. If anyone is allowed to wear something on their head, everyone should be allowed to follow suit. Heck, people with disabilities weren’t even granted any rights until 1990 under the ADA. Girls aren’t allowed to wear shorts above the knee, but the dance department has costumes that make the performers appear nude.

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