Self Help Workplace would like to extend thanks to the following Donors and Sponsors who have recently supported us through financial contributions and in kind support.
Janice Bradshaw, 67, is a member of the Robert Couche Neighborhood Senior Center at 137-57 Farmers Blvd in Jamaica, Queens. NYC First Lady Chirlane McCray continued her visit with the Department for the Aging with a tour of Service Program for Older People, Inc.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the many other supporters, too extensive to list, who have helped our organisation over the years.
Without your help, Self Help Workplace would not be the wonderful organisation it is today. Accompanied by DFTA Commissioner Donna Corrado, and Caryn Resnick, Deputy Commissioner of External Affairs at DFTA, the First Lady met with clients, staff and volunteers at the geriatric mental health clinic, and learned of efforts by SPOP to increase access to mental health care.

About traveling I have been all over Europe seven or eight times in my 76 years, plus Russia, Hong Kong, South America, etc.

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