As I touched on in the last post, there are certain self-hypnosis risks that you need to know about. Since Hypnosis and sleep are so closely linked, it’s best to treat Hypnosis and self-Hypnosis like you treat a nap. Get back to living your life with less worry and anxiety by incorporating cognitive-behavioral therapy into your regular sickle cell treatment routine. Xickle RBC-Plus™ is an all-natural product based on a proven formulation tested in many clinical trials.
In this quick post, I want to outline a few of the ways Self-Hypnosis can be dangerous or pose a risk to you or your loved ones. Self-Hypnosis is a powerful tool for changing your behaviors and your psychological patterns, your habits, attitudes, and abilities… Yet, it can also let you tap into areas of your own mind that you may not want to go alone. Have you ever woken up with plenty of energy, only to lose it all before 3:00 and have to drag yourself through the day?

As far as I know, there are no good reasons to believe that Hypnosis can cause any negative health effects.
And, I’ll give helpful suggestions to keep you safe when you practice self-hypnosis at home. It’s important to do a little homework into the right ways to phrase your suggestions. I don’t mean to sound too dramatic, but imagine reliving a traumatic experience from your childhood with nobody around to console you.
Well imagine how terrible you’d feel if the refreshing self-hypnosis session you indulged in actually left you feeling more tired and listless than you were to begin with! Negativity, confusing grammar, and unintentional embedded commands can all sabotage your otherwise helpful suggestions. If you use self-hypnosis for age regression or repressed memory retrieval then you run the risk of opening a pandora’s box inside your own mind.

Sometimes, it’s even possible to make your problems worse by choosing your wording poorly. A form of guided mediation, hypnotherapy can help the people who practice it and are open to it to reach a heightened state of consciousness and learn to control their own levels of awareness — including the awareness of pain. Think motivation and inspiration, behavioral changes, health and fitness, financial prowess and happiness and you’ll reap what you sow.
After learning this technique, though, she was able to deal with pain episodes differently.
A quick YouTube search can pull up dozens of self-hypnosis videos and all you have to do is find the one that works best for you. Have you ever tried self-hypnosis to manage sickle cell pain?

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