Although Microsoft has added many new customization options to customize Start Screen in Windows 8.1 but still you can't set your desired wallpaper as Start Screen background image.
But Microsoft has added a new interesting feature to Windows 8.1 Start Screen which allows you to set your current Desktop wallpaper as Start Screen background.
Nice, but I still do not understand why they not just give us the possibility to set any image es background. In desktop background apparently the "Show my desktop background on Start" may be blanked because of the "remove background images" in "Ease of access center--> make the computer easier to see". Anytime you wish to change your desktop background with any picture on your computer, simply right click any picture and choose "set as desktop background" and bam there ya go.
All you have to do is go to the START menu, move the cursor to the right side corner of the screen to get the navigation or task bar which includes SEARCH, SHARE, START, DEVICES and SETTINGS. If you're having trouble with method 1; just type "Taskbar and Navigation" in SEARCH It'll automatically show the window. Fire up your computer and click the Desktop app in the bottom left corner of the Start Screen.  The Desktop App is a rectangular thumbnail of your current desktop background. Next, right click the taskbar go to Properties and click the Navigation tab in the Taskbar and Navigation properties window. Click a check in the box, choose OK and press the Windows Key to zoom back to the Start Screen.
The Start Screen background should now reflect your Desktop wallpaper.  If not, you might have to reboot before the changes take effect.

Downloads Wallpaper and Screensaver Desktop PC - All wallpapers are copyrighted by their respective authors. Some Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 users might face a weird bug which has been confirmed by Microsoft and would be fixed in upcoming SP1. Now if you try to log on to your computer, Welcome screen would be displayed for 30 seconds before showing your Desktop.
To fix this problem, you can set any image as Desktop background or create a new image in MS Paint or any other image editing software, fill it with your desired solid color and set it as Desktop background. BONUS TIP: This bug was also present in Windows Vista and Server 2008, so if you are facing such problem in Windows Vista or Server 2008, you can follow the same steps mentioned in this tutorial. Why 64-bit Windows Users Face Login or Other Problems After Modifying System Files Using Resource Hacker? I have win7 64b ultimate and i have this problem with it sitting on welcome screen for 30seconds but i have an aero desktop of the london bridge, it is really annoying, is there a fix? Once applied, it makes the transition from Desktop to Start Screen smoother and more user-friendly. Go to "Navigation" tab and enable "Show my desktop background on Start" option present in "Start screen" section. Apply the changes and now whenever you'll go to Start Screen, it'll have the same Desktop wallpaper in the background.
Go to Start Screen and move your mouse cursor to top-right or bottom-right corners to access Charms Bar.

Part of the problem of Windows 8 was that the Start Screen and traditional Windows Desktop felt like two disparate things. In the middle of the window, there’s a little option to Show my desktop background on start. You can make Music Background Android HD For your Desktop Background, Tablet, and Smartphone device for free.
You are still forced to depend upon 3rd party software such as Decor8 or Start Screen Customizer to apply any desired image as Start Screen background or to tweak various other Start Screen settings.
It makes you feel like you are still on Desktop and accessing Start Screen right from the Desktop. You can looking for another high definition hd wallpapers desktop background by click category archive in the sidebar, or search with the search form above. To set Music Background Android HD as wallpaper background on your desktop, click on the 'Download' button.

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