Tip: In order to ban the users modifying IP address, it is recommended to bind MAC and IP together. Note: When you start a DHCP server in LAN in order to automatically dispatch the IP addresses, please set the static IP address for the MAC address in the DHCP server and then start MAC-IP binding function.
If you want to set your Mac to always have the same IP address (also known as a static IP address), you can easily configure this to be set in the Network settings of OS X.
We’ll walk through how to set a manual IP address in Mac OS X, this is the same in all versions of OS X system software so it will not matter what version is on your Mac. Now your Mac has a static IP address that will not change if the router resets or the Mac rejoins the network.
There are other ways to achieve assigned static IP addresses of course, and ideally you would set a static IP to your hardware from the router itself by determining it’s MAC address, but that is a more advanced solution and also varies from router to router, making it impractical to cover here. The IP address you have used in the screenshot are not valid in this network configuration. FWIW, if you have a router most will let you permanently assign an IP to a DHCP client based on the MAC address of the hosts ethernet NIC. I bought my MB pro about 2 weeks ago (first MAC) and once I realized I had a problem I began searching for a solution.

If I set the IP address the graphical way, through Network settings, do I need to change the settings for both IPV4 and IPV6? If you don't really know what IP address to set, then potentially you don't really need to set one. I want a static ip address because I host a Minecraft server, and it's getting rather tiresome texting my friends the ip address every time I put up the server.
The best way to set a static IP address is through "DHCP reservation" on the router, not through the operating system because then you can leave your computer on "DHCP" so when you plug it in somewhere else, it just works. Check the checkbox in the upper right corresponding to the computer you want to set a static IP address. What sort of geological features or weather patterns would create a region with the same temperature year-round?
This can be valid for both wi-fi networks and wired ethernet networks, and it can also be set under a specific network location if desired. As long as the IP does not collide with another network devices IP address, it will work just fine, this is why you pick an assigned IP far out of range of other potential devices. Instead, the software based method in OS X works quite well, and is an easy way to always carry the same defined IP address on a given network.

Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Amazing how there are literally 100’s if not more posts on numerous websites-including the APPLE SUPPORT forums-yet NOTHING from the braintrust in Cupertino. Earlier today I finally assigned a static IP to my MB pro on my D-Link router via web browser and viola!!!
You should know this, either because your network administrator told you "configure a static IP on your machine, here are the config parameters") or because you decided "I'll make my home network fully static, here's how I'm going to allocate my address space, here's the IP address for the gateway, this is the IP for my computer" and so on. If you do need it, it should be either by request from a network administrator at your organization (in which case it's his responsibility to assist you and provide the proper config values), or because you know you need it on a network you built.
Use common sense here :) It would help if you could tell us which guides you're looking at. Press [Import] to import all the MAC and IP address in the computer list of the main frame.

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