During this weekend retreat we will use meditation practice to directly observe how our habitual fear and anxiety can lose its power when we confront it directly in an atmosphere of gentleness. As with Level I, this weekend includes individual and group meditation instruction, teachings by a senior teacher, and opportunities to discuss and socialize with fellow participants.
John Sennhauser is a senior teacher whose involvement with Shambhala began in 1977 when he went to Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO to study in the dance and theater departments. Shambhala International (Vajradhatu), Shambhala, Shambhala Meditation Center, Shambhala Training, Shambhala Center and Way of Shambhala are registered service marks of Shambhala USA". Medicine Buddha (Menla) practice has been offered at the Victoria Shambhala Centre for the past 12 years.
As with other deity practices of the Tibetan Karma Kagyü tradition, by engaging in Medicine Buddha practice we not only benefit ourselves, but we cultivate the potential to benefit others, the environment, all sentient beings. Sessions include movement, meditation, Medicine Buddha practice (in English), and discussion of texts related to healing and Buddhism. Shambhala International (Vajradhatu), Shambhala, Shambhala Meditation Center, Shambhala Training, Shambhala Center and Way of Shambhala are registered service marks of Shambhala USA. Shambhala Day- Tuesday, February 9- marks the end of one year's cycle and the beginning of a new one. During this time, the Shambhala community comes together in reciting the mamo chants to rouse our confidence and dignity in order to pacify potential upheavals in ourselves and others.
The Mamo Chant is an elaborate protector offering traditionally recited from the twentieth through the twenty-ninth days of the last lunar month of the Tibetan year. The day before Shambhala Day, Monday, February 8, is considered neutral and is a traditional time to clean and refresh one's home and shrines in preparation for the coming year. Pour les programmes qui ont un bouton ''Click Here to Register'', il nous est utile que vous indiquiez a l'avance votre intention d'y participer.

Shambhala is an international community of urban meditation and rural retreat centers founded by the Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and now led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.
Shambhala Melbourne Meditation offers a rich array of ongoing programs available to the public including weekly public sitting (meditation) sessions and Shambhala Dharma talks.
Shambhala Vision is rooted in the principle that every human being has a fundamental nature of basic goodness.
Seasoned instructor Shelley Pierce has been a certified teacher of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana since 1990, and also teaches Kalapa Ikebana, having studied with Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. To register please call the Shambhala Meditation Center directly no later than 6 pm, Friday February 19th.
Tuition fees reflect our costs to hold a program, but if the price is an obstacle, the Generosity Policy allows you to offer as much of the fee as you can based on your individual circumstances. We cannot accept Generosity Policy registrations at the door, so please make arrangements in advance. The object of the practice is to contact the essence of health that is innate in us, pervades the universe, and is the heart of all healing. To dispel the karmic accumulation of personal, social, and environmental chaos at the year's end, all students are encouraged to practice as much as possible in the period just before Shambhala Day.
On the second evening, January 30th, we will begin with an opening talk before the chants begin. By reciting the chant, we tune into the protector principle of awareness and reconnect with sacred outlook. Afin d'eviter la duplication des entrees dans la base de donnees de Shambhala, toutes les inscriptions sont revisees avant de vous faire parvenir une confirmation par courriel. This nature can be cultivated through meditation, following ancient principles and it can be further developed in daily life, so that it radiates out to family, friends, community and society.

This nature can be developed in daily life so that it radiates out to family, friends, community and society. Participants of her classes have experienced an informative, creative process often ending with spontaneous haikus!Flower materials provided.
He became a student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and then after his death, became a personal secretary of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, the current lineage holder of Shambhala. Shambhala Melbourne Meditation offers guided instruction and teachings are available to the public at our Brunswick East gatherings every week during school terms. Individual instruction is available by appointment and people are encouraged to avail of this free service. Training in joining heaven, earth and humanity, class participants create art that shows no separation between the artist and the viewer of the arrangement. Attendees may bring their own low container, and kenzan (frog) clippers (or these materials can be borrowed from the Center). John teaches from a perspective of integrating his personal background and experiences with the traditional and innovative teachings of Shambhala Buddhism. Several times a year we import a senior teacher from Canada or the USA, Europe or New Zealand to come and teach a Shambhala Training Level which is part of the Way of Shambhala curriculum. Shambhala Training is a sequence of contemplative weekend workshops, suitable for anyone looking to explore the transformative benefits of meditation.

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