Twice every year Babaji takes the seekers to Rishikesh so that they can release all the stress and impressions collected during the six months and can grow spiritually to attain their ultimate aim. What others have to say about " Shivyog (Baba Shivanandji)"1Baba ji please give me aatmgyan. I am a Shiv-Shakti bhakta since many folds of my life that I know because I got golden opportunity to awaken my Kundalini shakti on 5th June 2005 but I could not recognize the value of it and ignored till November 2007. Whether you choose to remain 'anonymous', lead a virtual life, or get famous, your opinion counts.
Important: We do not approve sites containing adult content, personal websites, personal blogs, sites under construction, cookie-cutter sites, business websites without contact page. If you are posting any unsatisfactory experiences about a brand or a complaint, please make sure you provide your email address or mobile number towards the end of the comment. Babaji revealed and guided various people that they can create a life of their liking by the sheer power of their choice. Intensive meditations such Meeting with one's Soul, Meeting with the Spiritual Gurus and Ascended Masters, Rebirthing, Healing of Past Lives etc. The Day came in my hand as a Divine Gift to realize the truth by awakening the from November 2007 only.

I felt blessed with full of Divine vibration as cool breeze flowing on top of my head at the fontanel bone (Talu Bhag) area and in the center of my palm. To pracice the Sadana we need his direct relay which will be helpful to the whole human kind. As per the Nadi Granth by Bhrigu Muni and he said about that day when the time come in the end of Kaliyuga a great Yogi in a female form will take birth on this this earth and at her glance and presence only can raise the Kundalini of a person who comes close to her. Is it possible to have the direct telecasting of the whole programme as taught to the members?
It was only through ignorance and accumulation of negative karma that there is untold suffering.a€? Babaji guides individuals to reach their destination of self-realization through the Siddha path which is considered as a€“ more powerful and very secret. After getting Self-Realization by raising Kundalini Shakti of a person can only discriminate the fact or the truth by seeing vibration on head(talu) and in the center of our palm where emits the cool or hot vibrations as good signals or bad. One can identify the things easily through this simple technique of sahaja yoga (sahaj-samadhi).
First step is Self-Realization and nirvichar samadhi, savikalpa samadhi and Nirvikalpa samadhi as getting union with the Sadashiv-Adishakti.
The Adishakti has been taken birth in a human form on 21st March 1923 to a Salibahana Dynasty in Madhya Pradesh India.Now she is 87 years old and she opened our Sahastrar Chakra the last Chakra on top of our head where it is called the Brahmarandra on 5th May1970.

Now it is available to whole humanity those who desires to get it right now and get Enlightenment within this one life.
Now this technique of sahajayoga will help people to get their Self-Realization in a-mass 100s of thousands people at once. For the Self-Realization we don't have to pay money because it is very sahaj which means "spontaneously". Today these false Gurus,Guru Matas,Babas, Maharajs all are taking money from the devotee without giving Self-Realizations (Awakening of Kundalini Shakti).
Some has written to publish the whole program.But in what views this is not to be possible because of spiritual powers.

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