Silent Meditation Retreat – Administrative DetailsThere are a number of administrative necessities which must be observed for the successful running of a Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat. The Retreat Coordinator is the Hridaya Yoga staff person who is designated to watch over all the administrative retreat details and to solve any problems that arise during the retreat.
In addition to administrative details, the Registration and Orientation Session will feature a lecture that explores some of the definitions and esoteric aspects of the retreat methods, and will end with a meditation. Attending the Registration and Orientation Session is mandatory for all participants, including those who have attended the retreat previously. Hridaya Yoga does not offer its retreats on a “drop-in” basis, therefore attendance of all meditation sessions is compulsory.
During this retreat, a number marks the place of each participant; when a number marks an empty place, that participant’s absence is noted by Retreat Monitors. Partial attendance of retreats is generally not allowed and is not encouraged by Hridaya Yoga.
That said, on some occasions, hopeful participants need to leave Mazunte during the middle of a retreat period and would like to join anyway several days or half of this special event.
Hridaya Yoga does everything within its power to provide retreat attendees with a peaceful and undisturbed meditation environment during events. Please be considerate about the use of products with strong odors (perfumes, tiger balm, etc.). This retreat experience aims to create an atmosphere resembling solitude as much as possible – a cave retreat of your own – where there is no one but yourself to answer your questions.
However, you may ask questions directly related to the practice by placing your written questions on the Retreat Leader’s bench. Food may not be eaten in the hall or around it (within visible range) and no food items should be brought with participants to the meditation hall. Meal catering is arranged by Hridaya Yoga to support the retreat experience, rest periods, and mauna of participants.
In order to join the meal plan during the retreat, it is necessary to register and pay for the food plan during the Registration and Orientation Session. Please carefully consider whether you are willing and able to eat simple vegan food for 10 days. If you realize during the retreat that you did not prepare adequately and need something essential urgently, the Hridaya Retreat Coordinator can arrange to buy something for you.
Retreat participants are encouraged to keep their valuables (passport, money) with them, if their accommodations are not secure. KatharinaSwitzerland There aren't words to express the impact of this retreat and the practice of the Revelation of the Spiritual Heart on my life. The Hridaya Yoga Retreat: Module 1 Intensive is an immersion course in the fundamentals of traditional yoga and meditation.
Join Marina Lighthouse this afternoon to learn about adjustments and ceremonies that can direct your New Year towards the most auspicious outcome. Spend an unforgettable evening with Marina Lighthouse, feng shui consultant, renowned Kuan Yin devotee and author of the award-winning Kuan Yin Temple Oracle. Sunday afternoon with Kuan Yin Connect to Kuan Yin Workshop - Sunday afternoon postponed till September - date to be announced.
If you have a Kuan Yin statue you would like to have blessed, please bring it to this event!
We will be cultivating your intuitive powers with readings, secret meditations, and chanting, to help develop your connection to the Goddess of Compassion.
Kuan Yin devote Marina Lighthouse author of the Kuan Yin Temple Oracle now also available as an ebook, will share how to perform the Kuan Yin Compassion Ritual to bring blessings and healing to your home.
Participants will receive a copy of the Compassion Mandala and a Kuan Yin Poster generously donated by Dennis Higgins. Join world-renowned experts Katherine Metz and Marina Lighthouse to work with Katherine's Dish Fairy Board and Marina's Kuan Yin Temple Oracle. I have been very blessed to have attended several events with His Holiness Lungtok Tenpai Nyima, the 33rd Menri Trizen, the worldwide spiritual leader of the Bon tradition. While the rest of the world is watching the Superbowl, you can be cultivating your intuitive powers with readings, secret meditations, and chanting, to help develop your connection to the Goddess of Compassion. Spend an unforgettable evening with Marina Lighthouse, Feng Shui consultant, renowned Kuan Yin devotee, and author of the award winning book,Kuan Yin Temple Oracle. Host Diane Solomon will interview Marina Lighthouse, Feng Shui consultant, renowned Kuan Yin devotee, and author of the award winning book, Kuan Yin Temple Oracle. The Year of the Rabbit is just around the corner; find out how you can adjust your environment for optimum results in 2011. Find out how you can adjust your Feng Shui environment for optimum results in 2011 and how you will be affected by the Year of the Metal Rabbit.
Advice on how to give special, meaningful yet economical gifts - Feng Shui tips to promote health, happiness and well being.
Marina Lighthouse attends the 2010 International Retailers Show West in Denver Colorado and wins BEST OF SHOW selection for her Kuan Yin Temple Oracle Book from New Age Retailer.
Marina Lighthouse attends the UN Blessing Ceremony and NYC workshop with HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche. HE Zhong Ba Rinpoche of Lijiang China asked Marina Lighthouse to provide background music to give a “western touch” of interpreting his beautiful recorded voice.
Topic: Feng Shui Interior and Exterior Factors and Secrets of Secretive Cures with HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche at the Science Center, Harvard University, Cambridge.
Marina Lighthouse goes to Edgar, Wisconsin to experience and view the process of off set printing of the newly updated Kuan Yin Temple Oracle Book.
I passed the International Feng Shui Guild Red Ribbon Professional Feng Shui Consultants exam. Ponlob Rinpoche was in the Bay Area for a few precious days giving two powerful teaching on "Sa-Che" the Tibertan Bon Equivalent of Feng Shui. I attended HH Grandmaster Lin Yun’s Appreciation Banquet and Birthday Party on January 2nd celebrated in the Grand Ballroom at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.
I joined Feng Shui colleagues and attended "Chi, Feng Shui and Life", a Harvard University workshop held at the Science Center, and "Coping with the World Economic Crisis from the BTB Perspectives of Ch’i and Feng Shui". This first edition print includes beautiful poetry, color photography, powerful meditations and empowering mantras.
Marina Lighthouse presented a lecture on "Creating Abundant Feng Shui for your Garden" sponsored by Channel KTSF Channel 26, San Francisco at the Home and Garden show at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA. At this workshop lead by Katherine Metz, a senior teacher of Grandmaster Lin Yun, she and her affiliates did an outstanding job presenting a in-depth class on divination and covered many unusual and effective forms of divination. Topic: What Can Feng Shui and Transcendental Cures Do to Provide Us Protections from Natural Disasters.
In this four-week series of Tuesday Feng Shui classes, Marina Lighthouse, Master Feng Shui Practitioner, will be discussing Feng Shui basics, and how relationships, luck, prosperity and real estate are affected by Feng Shui.

Marina Lighthouse officiated at the blessing ceremony and led the official ribbon cutting ceremony at the grand opening of Wales Investments, Inc. The event was an excellent opportunity to hobnob and network with hundreds of new age business owners, publishers and retailers from around the country.
Class at East West Bookstore with Marina Lighthouse How to Improve Your Prosperity with Feng Shui with Marina Lighthouse.
Marina designed this workshop for those who want to apply Black Sect Feng Shui to their home and office environments. Workshops with Grandmaster Lin Yun have taken Marina all over the county - and the world – Shelley Sparks of Harmony Gardens - an excellent feng shui teacher-consultant, landscape designer and friend to feng shui shopper - took this photo on a fabulous fun day trip before class. Marina Lighthouse, Katherine Metz, Master Lin Yun, and a great practitioner of Feng Shui from Minnesota author, teacher and lecturer Carole Hyder.
This is the six true words dharma wheel that was created during the silent meditation retreat. A gathering of fabulous speakers, International Feng Shui Guild Meeting, Feng Shui exhibits, trade show vendors, networking, book signings, labyrinth walk, entertainment, enlightenment, and fun. This person is an assistant to the Retreat Leader and may at times receive whispered instructions from the Retreat Leader.
This session is an opportunity for the Retreat Leader to evaluate the potential attendees and to ensure that each person present is fit, both mentally and emotionally, to attend. Registration is held on the day prior to the retreat’s commencement so that the retreat itself may begin in silence. If a person makes the decision to leave a retreat, he or she does so with the knowledge that the fees are forfeited.
The only exceptions will be made are for people who are sick and cannot attend sessions, teachers who are teaching classes which may overlap retreat sessions, and members of the Hridaya staff who are working during the retreat. We intend these retreats to be a complete experience of 10 days, with the energy built and sustained over this period of time for each participant.
In such cases, we agree to partial participation, but there will be no discount and full retreat fees must be paid. Try to persevere through the process of the retreat, quieting the mind and allowing the meditations themselves to give you answers.
The meals are simple vegan food, without excessive spice (no onion or garlic is used) and without extensive, especially Western-style, condiments. Mealtimes are scheduled into the retreat, and the food will be ready as soon as the retreat sessions end.
The toilets are cleaned daily, but if you notice any urgent needs, please inform the Retreat Coordinator in writing of the problem. We promote the retreat guidelines well in advance of the retreat in order to give you ample opportunity to be fully prepared. You should give the Coordinator an envelope containing more than enough money for the item you need, plus a written description of it.
Alternately, participants who don’t wish to be worried about or distracted by the safety of such valuables may feel welcome to leave these items with the Hridaya Finance Department, in our safe. The Module 1 book presents esoteric yogic information in an accessible way, providing a profound introduction to this path to the revelation of the Self. Award-winning author Marina Lighthouse will offer practical help, advice, and tips for your Feng Shui in 2014, the year of the Wood Horse. Marina will discuss ways to deepen your intuition, realize greater clarity and attract love by building your connection to Kuan Yin, the revered Goddess of Compassion. Award-winning author Marina Lighthouse will offer practical help, advice, and tips for your feng shui in 2013, the year of the Water Snake. Award-winning author Marina Lighthouse will offer practical help, advice, and tips for your feng shui in 2012, the year of the Water Dragon.
Locally through Yuan Yuan Foundation in Millbrae, California and also The Golden Spoon teachings at the UCLA Campus Center at Lake Arrowhead in Southern California organized by Bon Shen Ling. Tonight’s presentation will review Feng Shui tips from Marina Lighthouse, Feng Shui expert, so you don’t have to redesign your entire home to implement some of the most effective elements of feng shui, which reduces stress, promotes harmony and eliminates toxic energy.
Author Marina Lighthouse will also give instructions on how to perform the Kuan Yin Compassion Ritual to bring blessings and healing to your home. She gave mini reading to attendees in the New Leaf Distributing booth and met many wonderful people including Louise L. This was his first US recording project of chanting and traditional singing with Scotty Smith and Marina Lighthouse providing the instrumentation at White Rabbit Studio in Campbell, CA. Three days with Ponlob Rinpoche receiving a precious Red Garuda empowerment hosted by the Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation in San Mateo, CA.
API's Robert Smith and Color Vision's Ken Reemtsma join forces to create a new beautiful edition.
The guild has stepped into the role of premier professional organization dedicated to Feng Shui. Following a new tradition staged at Yuan Yuan Educational Foundation (YYEF) last year, we would like to invite you to celebrate the coming of the Year of the Ox with us again. Catherine Woo to speak at panel discussions of the 50th Annual Conference of the American Association for Chinese Studies at California State University, Fullerton.
Feng Shui principles can be applied to your home, office, business, and landscape to enhance prosperity and well-being. A spiritual island setting, with a a gathering of the world’s leading Feng Shui experts including HH Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche helped to make the inaugural BTB World Feng Shui Conference a great success.
When you finish this incredible class, you will be able to apply Feng Shui so that you have the perfect home for you. The focus will be on your floor plans (personal and professional), and how they affect your prosperity. Grandmaster Lin Yun, Marina will share transcendental and practical principles for creating supportive environments that enhance personal and business relationships. The predictions of temple oracles are uncannily accurate, and the advice offered is practical and specific.
Menri Ponlob Trinley Nyima Rinpoche, principal of the Dialectic School of Yungdrung Bon Menri Monastery, was the guest at this event. Grandmaster Lin Yun Rinpoche and part of our group being received at the Cloud Pointing Monastery in the mountains above Lijiang.
The Retreat Coordinator introduces himself or herself during the retreat registration session, and will be the one who announces the rules and guidelines during this session.
During this session, the retreat rules and any special guidelines will be explained to participants and a forum will be provided for any questions. In rare cases, the Retreat Leader may recommend that a hopeful participant not join the retreat or postpone participation.
Mauna (silence) will start from the first consecration to the Absolute Reality of the Heart on the morning of the retreat’s first day.

A discount is offered on multiple retreat attendance for all Hridaya Yoga retreats attended in the same calendar year. The only exception to this scenario is for cases of medical emergency, in which case – following substantiation of a refund request – Hridaya Yoga will return fees for the unattended portion of the retreat (on a per diem basis, according to the rate of fees paid). We feel that the effects of the retreat cannot be evaluated properly by only a few days’ participation. This option is only approved in cases in which a participant starts the retreat with the group and then leaves Mazunte.
Participants are asked not to disturb in any way the peace of mind of their colleagues during the retreat. Some people have sensitivities to fragrances or find strong odors intolerable and very distracting. Apart from this, a formal Q&A session will be held on the last day of the retreat, at which time participants are also invited to share their experiences. In addition to the morning cleaning, the Retreat Coordinator will inspect the toilets twice daily so as to minimize any problems for participants. The envelope will be sealed with your change and a receipt and returned with the item at the next opportunity. Contact the Retreat Coordinator at the Registration and Orientation Session for more information and the stipulations surrounding this option. Some, such as scorpions, centipedes, and some snakes, can sting or bite and should be approached cautiously.
You will find out what you can do to adjust your space for the optimum auspicious energy for the year.
Class materials: bring a floor plan of your home or business with true North indicated, and nine red envelopes with a coin inside each. Whether you are puzzled, pressured, or preparing for change, come extend yourself beyond your everyday thinking.
The events were very well attended with over 80 people from around the world from West Africa to Beijing. Together we will experience a sacred Tibetan Bon spiritual tradition, by the power of prayers and blessings we can start the New Year with strong footings. The entertainment this year was great and included singers, professional dancers from Seattle and a Chinese Elvis just to name a few!
33rd Menri Trizin Lungtok Tenpai Nyima gave a series of teachings and empowerment at the YUN LIN CULTURAL CENTER in Berkeley CA. Feng Shui expert Marina Lighthouse has designed this workshop to increase the wealth potential of your home and office environments with applications from the BTB school of Feng Shui.
Certified as an expert in Feng Shui and Mah Jongg by Master Lin Yun, Marina Lighthouse is frequently invited to Taipei to give Mah Jongg readings for politicians, entertainers, writers, and business owners. Being a part of the procession walking up the hill to the temple with Tibetan horns sounding, prayer flags waving, incense burning, and the native people lined up in traditional dress offering white silk blessing scarves while chanting and singing mantras. Please do not approach the Retreat Leader with any issues other than those involving a spiritual crisis or emergency for you; he must use his time and energy to remain focused on the spiritual leadership of the retreat for the sake of the retreat itself and all participants. Due to this policy, we encourage participants to carefully consider their participation prior to registration if they are suffering from acute or chronic conditions, diseases, or pain, if they are in recovery from a serious injury, have unhealed wounds, etc. This option is not approved for those arriving to Mazunte during the retreat who may wish to join mid-event. We ask that participants not make sudden movements, produce sharp noises, hyperventilate, or perform other disturbing bodily actions. If you find such creatures in the meditation hall or its immediate vicinity, try first to remove them peacefully and without harming them. She will review the location of the difficult as well as positive Feng Shui Annual Time Stars for 2014 and how to handle them. She will review the location of the difficult as well as positive feng shui Annual Time Stars for 2013 and how to handle them. She will review the location of the difficult as well as positive feng shui Annual Time Stars for 2012 and how to handle them.
Our group also had the great privilege of joining HH Grandmaster Lin Yun and HH Menri Trinzin 33rd, Lungtok Tenpai Nyima for a lunch during the workshop. I have been attending classes since 1991 so it goes to show there is always much more to learn.
Honored guests from government, industry and academia gave speeches about the wonderful things Professor has brought to their personal lives and the world. It is always such an honor and brings such joy to be in the great company of these spiritual masters. Inspired by Shelly Sparks of Harmony Designs while she attended last year's silent retreat, it was a great honor for me to be part of this creation. If you have unresolvable administrative or other problems during the retreat, please detail your issues in writing and alert the Coordinator, who will do his or her best to assist you in a timely and appropriate manner. Hopeful participants should, by their intent to register, have evaluated their readiness to participate in the retreat fully.
Participants are asked not to stand up, move about, or conduct any other activities during meditation sessions with the exception of the discreet rearrangement of the position of one’s limbs.
If you feel like creating special conditions of comfort for yourself, use your own resources (for example, by bringing extra pillows from home). If this is not possible or you prefer not to be involved, please alert the Retreat Coordinator who will step in to resolve the situation. HH Grandmaster also gave a touching speech about leaving the States and moving back to Taiwan.
Sharing her transcendental and practical principles, along with meditative techniques, this two day interactive workshop will teach you the fundamentals of Feng Shui and the art of creating your own harmonious environment. This service is meant to be a support for the retreat experience and mauna of participants. An incredible, gifted and generous, enlightened teacher in the Bon Tradition, I recommend if you ever have a chance to study with him, jump at the opportunity. However, we reiterate, please make every effort to predict your needs prior to the start of the retreat. After the dinner Marina Lighthouse headed out for a Feng Shui analysis of land consultation in San Diego, CA. He had heard of all the work Professor has done in the world and his work with Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition.

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