Each year, a series of Meditation Retreats are held during Sri Karunamayi’s North America Tour. Amma understands the many distractions and difficulties we sometimes face when we try to meditate. At the beginning of each retreat, detailed instructions will be given so that newcomers can easily learn how to meditate. Many who have attended retreats with Amma in the past have experienced that simply being in her presence had a powerful transformative effect on their daily practice of meditation. Detachment can take many forms from grossly negative withholding of love, interest, and caring to an abundantly benevolent act of love for the self and others. Facilitator: Sally Fitts, LCSW, is a Raja Yoga Meditation teacher, professional counselor in private practice and certified Nurtured Heart Trainer.
All workshops and retreats at Anubhuti are made possible by the generosity and contributions of the participants.
We want to introduce meditation as a practical and easy tool to tune out the chatter and check-in with yourself for more awareness, presence, and peace. When everything seems to be falling apart, our solid ground, buoyancy and power lies in our own inner resilience. Facilitator: Elizabeth Padilla has been studying and teaching Raja Yoga Meditation since 1985.
All programs at Anubhuti are made possible by the generosity and contributions of the participants. At times we might feel tempted to pass on the blame to someone else to save our self even though some of the fault may lie at our own door.
Raja Yoga Meditation is based on a coherent exploration of the nature and qualities of the soul and the divine. The class starts on the date noted above, and meets once a week for three consecutive weeks. We will meet outside weather permitting, so please bring hat, sunglasses, windbreaker, etc. Instructor, Fern Jeffcoat has taught various Qigong sets and the Tai Chi Yang Style Long Form since 1993. The foundation of Ignite Your Peace and Power is the ability to reflect on the spiritual consciousness of the innate positive qualities of the self. The mind is the seat of all our beliefs, perceptions, experiences, memories and aspirations. Kyoko Kimura, BA in Music Education and MA in flute performance, is a resident of our SF center and is a Raja Yoga practitioner and meditation teacher since 2000. Everyone is afraid, but few know why, end even fewer know how to dilute and dissolve their fear. Do you ever find yourself trying to 'get away from yourself', drowning your sorrows or just trying to distract yourself?

The 4th Annual Womena€™s Poetry & Performance Retreat is thoughtfully designed to support women writers of poetry (all styles and levels).
Experience a full service retreat center with internationally recognized hospitality, community-style warmth, and memorably delicious meals. It is Amma’s wish that as many people as possible be able to attend the retreats and discover the unique bliss of pure meditation. The powerful energy associated with being in Amma’s divine presence will help beginning meditators to glide easily into a meditative state.
People from many different religions and spiritual paths have attended, and have found their own faith deepened and enhanced. Sally brings 42 years of experience working with children, teens and adults to deepen and enhance their relationships to themselves, to others and to their spiritual source. However, we also find peace of mind in letting go or surrendering the bonds of resentment, hurt feelings, old baggage. She has facilitated many seminars, workshops and value based programs, and is the program director at Anubhuti. We tend to be so ready to boast about how stressed out that we are that we rarely stop to think where it comes from and what it means about how we live. She facilitates workshops and retreats, teaches values lessons through music at public schools in San Francisco, and facilitates summer camps for children and adolescents in the greater Bay Area.
This is the task of love but that's not so easy when our greatest fear is to love and be loved. We gather intentionally, across differences to share our stories, our poetry, and practice embodying our words.
All interested participants must be 18 years or older, and must respect differences with regards to race, culture, age, sexual orientation and ability. In addition, the faculty will also provide a one-hour experiential learning lab or discussion group focusing on personal or professional development, leadership, community building, or womena€™s work. By helping others, you get a personal sense of satisfaction knowing you made someone’s life a little easier. For those who already have an established practice, being in Amma’s presence will help to deepen the peace and bliss experienced in meditation.
Harsha specializes in creating a very calm and clear environment for others to experience deep meditation and insights. Elizabeth is a talented singer and accomplished performing artist who touches hearts and souls through her work.
Fern combines movement, breathing and meditation to facilitate the integration of soul and body, which helps to ease into a state of health and wellness. This retreat is designed for you to experience the true essence of who you are and who you want to be. However, the more activities you do to increase your self-confidence, the quicker it will increase and the stronger it will be.

The gratitude you get from them builds your self-worth, and feeling valuable builds self-confidence. Anyone who wishes to learn about meditation or deepen their meditative practice is most welcome to attend. It is both the journey and the destination and in its simplicity reveals the treasures of the spirit. There will be open time to enjoy the land and facility at Hope Springs and to learn from one another.
Also, by focusing on the contribution you are making to others, you do not focus as much about your own faults. By focusing on what you do well, you begin to subconsciously feel good about yourself and your abilities. In this way, we receive the maximum spiritual benefit from the meditations, divine discourses, and chanting. Avoid those who lower your self-confidence and enthusiasm by putting down your abilities and highlighting your weaknesses.
The more you help to others, the more you will be rewarded with personal success and recognition.
Participants are encouraged to forgo ordinary conversations, set aside their day-to-day concerns, and dive deep into the ocean of the Self within. Think and speak positively about yourself, about your future, and about your progress towards your goals. Others people’s words can be like fire; they can give you heat and warmth, or they can burn and destroy parts of you. Not only should you recognize your talents, but you should also think about the personality traits you have that make you great. And changing your mindset about your own abilities is not the easiest thing to do, but it can be the most empowering.
By talking about your positive attributes with others, you reinforce those notions in your own mind and subconsciously foster growth in a positive direction. It allows you to stretch your abilities, persevere, and become more than you thought you were.
By doing these simple things, you become well-liked by others which builds self-confidence. Ironically, by looking for the best in others, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself.

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