To devote some time on a regular basis to deep meditation techniques, it’s important to recognize what meditation truly is. Now you can give yourself permission to rise up by expanding our spirituality to the presence of God. With deep meditation, it’s possible and the more you practice, the better and more deeply you will feel.
PLEASE TELL US WHERE TO SEND YOUR FREE PROGRAM Over 350,538 people have downloaded this meditation track! Laura Silva is President of Silva International and the daughter of Jose Silva, founder of the original Silva Mind Control Method.
Wanting to continue researching where her father left off, she brought together some of the most experienced experts in the mind development field and continued research that unites the best and most useful of the concepts behind the original Silva Method programs with the latest findings from studies on the human mind, intuition, alternative health care, NLP and spirituality.
Pin ItStress can have a variety of negative effects in our lives, but there are also many ways for you to free yourself from it. Meditation techniques for stress have really been proven to help with stress such that doctors and medical practitioners even recommend it for patients who suffer from several medical conditions. One helpful technique for meditation that you can do at home is called “fractional relaxation”. Continue the process until you reach downwards to your stomach and legs, until your whole body is completely relaxed. If it is your first time, it may take you several minutes to completely relax your body, but once you master the fractional relaxation technique, you can immediately relax the whole body within seconds! Aside from fractional relaxation, there are also other things that you can do if you are stressed.
These many types of relaxation and meditation techniques for stress follow different steps and procedures, but all in all – they all aim to help you achieve the same thing, which is a deep state of relaxation and inner piece. Indeed, there are many ways to meditate and different meditation techniques for stress that you can use to reduce stress in your life. During this session, youa€™ll learn to enter the Alpha Level of mind with Silvaa€™s world-famous guided meditation which is designed to help reduce stress, enhance creativity and amplify intuition. Imagine for just a moment what it would feel like to be in total control of your mind, body and emotions.
Pin ItIf you sometimes have difficulty with self-esteem, habits you can’t break, or fears and anxiety, the use of positive affirmations can be a great tool to help you build greater self-acceptance and put negative thoughts and actions aside. A positive affirmation is simply a statement that you give yourself to banish negative or counterproductive thoughts.  Psychologists have found that people often engage in negative self-talk mentally, in which they tell themselves all the “can’ts” and “shoulds” and “don’ts” that keep them from realizing their full potential.
But if you want to give a real kick-start to an affirmation, try it in conjunction with a simple relaxation and self-hypnosis exercise.  When your mind is in its most relaxed and focused state, it is easier to really internalize the message you are trying to give yourself. Stretch out in a quiet, private place.  Close your eyes and let your body settle comfortably. When you reach the last step, before you open your eyes, give yourself one final affirmation, and then tell yourself that you are about to open your eyes and feel completely awake, alert, and rested. These are 13 videos result for the Silva centering exercise meditation silva method, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Silva centering exercise meditation silva method online. Since we released it in May 2004, this kit has been accessed by over 752,128 across the world.
So if you’re curious to find out exactly what The Silva Method can do for your life, we highly recommend you give it a try.
Just sign up here, follow the simple instructions, and prepare to make the rest of your life, the best of your life!

The Unlimited You is a complete, immersive and easy-to-use introduction to the world of The Silva Method—and many people who try it decide to continue their training with us by ordering our home training programs or attending our seminars. You’ll begin your journey with a step-by-step guide to figuring out what you really want in life.
Creative Visualization is a classic personal growth technique—but do you know how to really get it working for you?
Science has suggested that it’s possible to accelerate physical, emotional and spiritual healing with the sheer power of your mind. Discover the fascinating story behind the man who founded The Silva Method, and how he went from humble radio repairman to one of the world’s most respected authorities on human potential.
What’s equally as important as setting goals is finding the right goals that complement your life purpose.
In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. A common misconception is that meditation is for those who sit cross legged, follow Buddhism and walk around barefooted.
Meditation is about taking the time to quiet the mind so that the end result will be training the mind for your benefit.
Deep meditation techniques will allow you to become more at peace with your inner knowing and inner truth. By being in an alternate state of consciousness, it’s important that you know you are connecting with a universal God and that leaving an individualistic state of mind, you are now in oneness with a Universal mind, a Universal God. Born during the pinnacle of the Silva research on mind development, Laura was one of the primary research subjects which gave her extensive personal experience and insight into the creation and use of intuitive techniques. This practice has been done for millennia, starting from the East and eventually finding its way all throughout the world.
Health issues such as allergies, asthma, cancer, depression, heart disease, hypertension, substance abuse, sleeping problem and more are aggravated by further stress, which is why meditation is well recommended. This technique is done by releasing tension from the muscles one body part at a time until the whole body is relaxed. You can choose to combine different practices until you find out the best one that works for you.
Do you find yourself overweight because youa€™ve been eating the food youa€™ve been eating for years and stuck in a rut of not exercising?
Do you find yourself living from paycheck to paycheck or in debt, not knowing where your money goes? Do you find yourself wasting your time doing things that arena€™t important rather than focusing on completing the things that are very important? Everything in this kit, including the world-famous Centering Exercise, creativity-boosting guided meditations and fascinating insights into the art of creative visualization, is designed to benefit anyone from any level. You’ll also discover 3 fascinating case studies revealing the hidden power of the human mind. Learn how the creative mind really works, and how it’s possible to train your mind for enhanced creativity on demand. Learn detailed step-by-step instructions on how to visualize effectively, and how to use positive statements and leverage left brain-right brain differences to lock in your visualizations. Learn the 5 rules of Mind-Body Healing, and how to take advantage of this natural phenomenon. Discover The Silva Method’s unique 6-step approach to goal setting, so you can finally reach for even your most out-there dreams.

You should always consult a qualified healthcare professional with questions about any medical condition. While some of these misconceptions may have been true at one point and for some people in the world are still true, the world as a whole has grasped onto meditation as a way to quiet the mind and become one with our inner truth, our self, and who and what we really are apart from our daily obligations and responsibilities. While some people use prayer beads and other students use nothing but a quiet place to sit and be connected to their breathing, meditation can take many forms. If you are new to deep meditation techniques, you can follow this first one as a way to become familiar with the workings of your mind and feel around with what to expect from future mediation practices. This is the key to deep mediation techniques and once you have mastered it, can enrich your life is many, many ways. So what exactly is meditation, how do meditation techniques for stress work, how can you incorporate these techniques into your life? Originally practiced to open one’s eyes and widen one’s understanding on the spiritual and the mystical, today, meditation is done for other purposes including stress reduction, personal development or just plain relaxation. What’s important is that you find a time to meditate on a regular basis or find ways to incorporate meditation in your daily life, for an overall sense of wellness and health.
The generally expected performance of the Silva Life System program in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures. Our role in life doesn’t define who we are, but instead we do and this is one of the many purposes of mediation.
Mediation reduces stress and has been used in medical, clinical and informal settings as a way to nurture the mind and most importantly, quiet it from the chatter of the outside world. Be in a comfortable spot, whether it is the floor, or chair and in an area of your home our outside that you feel at peace in. As you come to the end of your deep meditation session, retrace your perceptions, stages and steps until you feel connected with your body once again. It acts as a tool to increase our happiness, reduce stress, improve our academic and workplace success and control powerful thoughts that enter our mind.
By going within, any number of health benefits have occurred and can happen to anyone who devotes the time to it. This exercise will partially harness your visualization skills and some new skills as well. Deep meditation is often about going through levels of consciousness which the noise of the world doesn’t often allow you to do. Enjoy life in a way you have never appreciated before and practice deep mediation anytime you need it to enhance your perspective.
You don’t have to believe in Buddhism to be a successful meditation student but instead someone of any age and walk of life who has the time to devote to it. With deep meditation, you can and will become susceptible to different levels of perceptions, visions and feelings.
Begin to feel lighter with every piece that is taken out of your body, and as you begin to feel purer, imagine them suspended in air right above you. Over time, it’s possible to enter into the presence of God and with practice, feel things you never have imagined you could feel here on Earth. Imagine your subconscious mind and what it allow your entire being to surrender to your subconscious.

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