Use the Long Relaxation Exercise at least once a week for 3 months to condition your body to the state of relaxation.
The Long Relax Meditation creates the mental foundation of all silva techniques and is a recommended purchase for all Silva students. This version is guided by the late Jose Silva and includes the Alpha Sound Frequency in the background. 1 million books sold and 12 million customers since 1960, the Silva Method is one of the most transformative training programs in the world. In just the first day of The Silva Method training, you will be able to meditate and relax your mind and body in less than 10 minutes. And there is more that happens to you once you are able to control your brainwave frequency. Imagine being able to rewire yourself, without spending thousands of dollars on a professional hypnotherapist. Jose Silva’s discovery, which he called “The Silva Method”, has gone on to become the basis of many personal growth programs in the United States, and has been covered in various media including the New York Times and The Washington Post. The Silva Method also teaches you how to use your intuition to make better decisions in life. Artist, writers, thinkers and entrepreneurs have hailed The Silva Method as a useful tool to allow them create a flow of ideas. A wide range of top personal growth leaders, coaches and authors use, endorse and are influenced by The Silva Method. Wayne Dyer says, “anything with the name Jose Silva as an author has my vote before I open to page one” and Jack Canfield has called it the source of the human potential movement, and “one of the most profound approaches to human potential development I have ever discovered”. Using personal case working techniques detailed in The Silva Method, you will discover scientifically proven mental visualization methods that have been indicated to condition the mind’s natural healing capabilities, which in turn can lead to improved physical and emotional healing.
It’s a two step process that Silva believe is far more powerful than self-hypnotism, affirmations or visualization alone.
The concept of rewiring habits works this way: while functioning at deeper levels of mind, you learn specific positive statements and visualization techniques to change your patterns of behavior or emotional state. Get FREE access to ‘The Unlimited You‘, a 9-part Silva Method Starter Kit containing everything you need to start awakening the hidden power of your mind with The Silva Method.
You’ll begin your journey with a step-by-step guide to figuring out what you really want in life.
Creative Visualization is a classic personal growth technique—but do you know how to really get it working for you? Science has suggested that it’s possible to accelerate physical, emotional and spiritual healing with the sheer power of your mind.
Discover the fascinating story behind the man who founded The Silva Method, and how he went from humble radio repairman to one of the world’s most respected authorities on human potential. What’s equally as important as setting goals is finding the right goals that complement your life purpose. Get FREE access to ‘The Unlimited You‘, a 9-part Silva Method Starter Kit containing everything you need to start awakening the hidden power of your mind with The Silva Method by clicking here NOW.
Be the first to get all the latest event and speaker news, reviews and of course FREE Stuff!
The primary purpose of this group is to support Silva Method Home Practice Groups, to share their experiences and help each other. Since 2012 all our instructors, who teach in the UK on a regular or occasional bases have undergone re-certification and are licensed to teach the new, extended Silva Life System and Silva Intuition System. Some of the names below are the most respected amongst Silva Graduates - Laura Silva, Ken Coscia, Dr.
Gabriel is Director of the Silva Method in Great Britain, he is organising and teaching classes of the Silva programs.
He worked as a software architect and project manager for the last 25 years in the UK financial sector. He thinks, the Silva Method is the best tool to tackle stress and the limiting self-believes most of us fight all our lives with.

Karin became a Certified Silva Method Instructor in 2004 and has since regularly presented The Silva Method courses in Cambridgeshire, Manchester and recently in London, UK. Karin first became a Silva Method Graduate in 1993 and followed with the Ultra and Graduate Seminars.
Alongside, Karin has worked closely with disabled children using techniques from the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia.
For Karin it is an honor and a passion to teach people from all walks of life to recognize and achieve their amazing potentials, to make this a better world for us all to live in. The Silva Method is a tool to control, reduce or eliminate stress and help you learn to make better use of your mind. Alternatively you are welcome to try something else that is also a lot of fun: Laughter Yoga. Here are just a few words about your future Silva instructor, so that you know, at least a little bit, what kind of a person you are going to spend some of your most interesting days to come with if you choose to take the course, which I recommend wholeheartedly, of course! Actually, you will not be spending this time primarily with me, much rather with your own self, discovering your own hidden abilities, knowledge and beauty, and developing new skills that will help you to live a better and better life day by day. Luckily, I did manage to surmount these difficulties and ended up having a fun time in Kuwait, making great friends, some of whom I’m still in touch with, and, last but not least, learning English so well that later on in life I decided to become a language teacher. But he, too, was of an open mind, so he asked me to go through it first, and tell him if it was worth reading. There are 210 000 Silva graduates at present, and there are also about 30 000 children who have completed the children’s course in Hungary. Laura Silva is the President of Silva International, the daughter of Jose Silva, founder of the original Silva Mind Control Method. Ken Coscia is Director for New England & Silva International's Training Director and Ambassador.
Ken has trained the new UK Silva Instructors and re-certified our existing Instructors for teaching the new extended SLS & SIS courses.
Ken Coscia (pronounced Kaah-sha) has maintained a continual commitment to The Silva Method and the work of Jose and Juan Silva, since 1971.
Ken earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Managerial Psychology in 1973 at Boston University. Ken lives with his family in Connecticut, USA, and teaches the new Silva Life System & The Silva Intuition Training throughout the US and abroad.
Ken serves as the International Training Director (for instructors) for Silva International and in his spare time serves a growing corporate, union and physician group client list with emotional intelligence and dynamic meditation workshops. Ken has an advanced course, Silva Mastery Seminar, that he is presenting for Silva Graduates in the UK too. He has been teaching the Silva Method for over 20 years in Hungary, and teaching the Silva ULTRA (advanced healing course) in many countries, including Holland, Norway, Kuwait, France, USA and Australia.
Dr.Domjan has also achieved in Hungary, where he is the Silva Director, that the Silva courses have become accredited towards University Degree courses. I used to work in the biggest center for rheumatic patients in Europe for more than a decade, which happens to be in Budapest, Hungary. I am the co-author of two medical textbooks, have written many medical articles in different medical journals and have taken part in many medical congresses in several countries.
I have come across the Silva Method in 1989, that immediately made me very enthusiastic and have opened a new world for me. I translated the book of José Silva and Philip Miele on the Silva Method in 1989 and have published it myself in 1989 in Hungarian language. I translate, write and publish books and cassettes that help people to live a more joyful and meaningful life.
The Silva Method focuses on teaching people how to use more of their minds while engaged in dynamic meditation.
Jose’s first book went on to become an international bestseller, selling over 6 million copies.
Research has found that 90% of people who are trained to function at the Alpha and Theta levels have been able to demonstrate enhanced intuition and creativity.

Everything in this kit, including the world-famous Centering Exercise, creativity-boosting guided meditations and fascinating insights into the art of creative visualization, is designed to benefit anyone from any level. You’ll also discover 3 fascinating case studies revealing the hidden power of the human mind.
Learn how the creative mind really works, and how it’s possible to train your mind for enhanced creativity on demand. Learn detailed step-by-step instructions on how to visualize effectively, and how to use positive statements and leverage left brain-right brain differences to lock in your visualizations.
Learn the 5 rules of Mind-Body Healing, and how to take advantage of this natural phenomenon.
Discover The Silva Method’s unique 6-step approach to goal setting, so you can finally reach for even your most out-there dreams. In this final part you’ll learn how to set your ‘purpose compass’, remove all doubt, and be the person you were born to be.
You may already have planted seeds of determination to make changes in your life, changes that you are going to benefit from and I am here to help you every step of the way. I graduated from Budapest University as a teacher of English and French and, after spendig about a year in Paris as an au pair, I settled down to teaching both languages at several universities and colleges in my beloved home city, Budapest.
I was at home with my kids, having a ball and all the time in the world to read at my pleasure, ( ;P ) while other people were busy making a living, so I read the whole book in practically one go, and was flabbergasted.
At that time, for a short period (this was right after the system change of 1990) it was allowed to sell your own products in the street from your own car without any legal procedures. Using the very methods he was advocating, he spent a lot of time programming for a good solution, and the idea of writing a letter to the host of one of the most popular TV shows came up.
His leadership in designing Silva Graduate Support activities in Boston in the 70’s still serves as a model today. I graduated from the medical school in 1977 and have become an expert in internal medicine and then in rheumatology and physiotherapy. For the last 14 years I used my medical knowledge for treating only my friends and relatives, but I am proud that I have contributed to the healing of thousands of Hungarians suffering from different ailments by teaching them how to add their inner healing power to the effort of their doctors. Upon entering a deeper level of mind, many students report an improved ability to manage stress, headaches, tensions, anger, and insomnia. What if you could raise your IQ, cultivate a positive wealth mindset, and awaken your mind’s natural healing capacity, all by simply working with your own mind!
Wilfred Hahn of the Mind Science Foundation in California, who went on to endorse Jose’s work. I had hardly learnt any English beforehand, so the first few months were undescribably difficult, as I didn’t know how to handle the loneliness which my lack of English knowledge and therefore my life without any normal means of communication entailed.
I also got married and had four children in a row, which was the most wonderful experience in my life.
However, having an open mind and really wanting to help my brother, she decided to send the book anyway.
I started to teach the Silva Method in October 1990, and have taught about 150,000 Hungarians by now. He was handpicked in 1984 by Jose and Juan Silva to serve on the advanced programs staff and has won nearly every award Silva offers. I have received several awards and cups from the Silva organization during the last 14 years. I taught several Ultras in the US, Australia and West-Europe besides teaching it regularly in Hungary. However, my biggest pride is that I could contribute to making the lives of many people better. He was prepared to take practically any kind of risk just to get the good news out to as many people as possible.

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