Acoustic Ocean brings Hawaiian serenity and soothing sounds to their music and to you with a Special Holiday Sale.
The relaxing music of Acoustic Ocean offers a simple solution to finding a more peaceful state of mind. Acoustic Ocean's Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan, both longtime touring musicians and recording artists, are also yoga instructors and therapists in several fields. This appears to be true as relaxing instrumental music is gaining in popularity as an effective tool for improving health and an overall sense of well-being.
The music of Acoustic Ocean features Celtic harp and acoustic guitar, supported by numerous other instruments including cello, fretless bass, flute, hammered dulcimer and piano. Light Returning by Acoustic OceanMusical Meditations played on Celtic Harp are supported by acoustic guitar, hammered and mountain dulcimer, piano, strings and other instruments to weave lush tapestries of sound that are uplifting and relaxing.Guided Relaxation for Stress Reduction & Deep SleepGet a FREE copy when you order 2 or more Acoustic Ocean CDs! Three simple and highly effective guided relaxation experiences to reduce stress, promote healing and facilitate deep, undisturbed sleep. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Start feeling calm and in control today as you discover how to truly relax with Beautiful Calm. With these short and sweet guided meditation sessions there’s no need to read books, or travel to classes to experience the benefits of meditation in your life. Experience the anxiety beating powers of mastering your breath, this meditation alone can help you reduce stress and control anxiety, once you have practiced along with the mp3 a few times you will be able to use this simple technique to feel calm anywhere and anytime you choose.
Feel deeply relaxed in five minutes with this ancient seated qigong technique for invoking calm.
The background music of Beautiful Calm features the traditional meditative sounds of bamboo flutes, Tibetan bowls, gongs, harps and more - each piece specially composed to suit the mood of your meditation session.
These eight bonus downloads are designed to invoke a mood of peaceful contemplation for listening while reading, resting, or practicing your own favourite meditation technique from the Beautiful Calm collection at your own pace.

The Hello Bar is a simple web toolbar that engages users and communicates a call to action. Anytime you need instant relief from stress or tension visit this page for guided meditations, podcasts and resources created with you in mind by Dr. These written and guided audio meditations include a proven combination of techniques to diffuse stress, improve concentration and speed healing. In this guided meditation, with and without background music, Dr Andrea Pennington will guide you through a breath awareness meditation. Listen to these guided meditations to drift into a peaceful place while bringing calm to your body and brain.
From self-forgiveness to body relaxation, you can enjoy peaceful visualizations and easy listening. Get away for a few minutes to relax, reduce stress and anxiety or just connect with your inner wisdom. The time is NOW to reclaim your Soul’s creative intelligence and create a life of peace, passion and prosperity for you and all the other souls among you.
It not only is a pleasure to simply sit and listen to, it is also an ideal therapy tool which can be used for relaxation, massage, yoga and meditation.
While their music is a very enjoyable listening experience, it is also beneficial in supporting relaxation and overall stress reduction. People often believe that staying very busy will make them more productive and happy, when in fact studies have shown that the opposite is true. Deforia Lane, PhD, MT-BC, Director of Music at the University Hospitals of Cleveland offers, "My advice for people dealing with stress around the holidays is to take mental breaks as much as possible. Simply sit back and listen on your PC, or iPod, and let relaxation happen for you as we guide you step-by-step into a state of pure peacefulness.And as each carefully created relaxation session is just 5-10 minutes long, you can now enjoy the benefits of meditation no matter how busy you are.
I feel more in control of my life, after years of flying off the handle when things got a little bit stressed.

Often used in support groups for reducing anxiety and addictive cravings this is one of my all time favourite meditations. Like 5 Finger QiGong, this meditation is also based on the ancient practices of energy healing. Once you get the hang of this (and you will after just two or three listenings) you can use it anywhere to increase your sense of personal safety and calm. Stop stress in it's tracks and meditate like a master with this gentle & simple exercise in present moment awareness. You can use the Relaxing Breath to blow stress away, to unwind before sleep or to face any challenge with a calm and steady mind. With Beautiful Calm 10 minutes a day is all you need to bring a sense of calm into your life. Andrea leads your through this guided meditation to create your personal relaxation space, a safe place to enjoy tranquility – a few minutes at a time. With Ananga Sivyer's Beautiful Calm I loved the music and her voice didn't grate on the ear - nor was she patronising. Start feeling the presence of meditation in your life today - reduce your stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, lower your blood pressure, improve your immunity, and feel the personal sense of calm confidence that everyone who meditates enjoys. It's an active meditation which makes it perfect for reducing anxiety as your body flows through the gentle healing sequence of movements designed to calm your mind while keeping it busy with relaxing and energising your body.
This short and simple meditation will help you find yourself and reconnect with what matters in your life. Listening to relaxing music can be a great way to shift to a more healthful state," explains Bette Phelan.

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