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Before we get there, first and most important is sitting comfortably, whether it is on a chair, on the floor, or on a cushion.
If  you have experimented and have questions, become more confused, or want to understand more about some of the things you are noticing since you have started the practise of presence, ask me about meditation coaching and how it can help you move forward in your goal to a peaceful more happy you.
Cary is a registered TCM Practitioner, Registered Herbologist and Registered Acupuncturist with The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of British Columbia (CTCMA).
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF MINDFULNESS MEDITATION SITTINGWeek and focus on your practice, from conditions in addition to significant. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections.
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You can use a mantra, a series of words that you repeat either silently or aloud, a candle flame, or your breath, or counting. Choose a method that resonates for you, find a time of day that works and the amount of time that you feel you can sit for and go for it!
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Start with the pelvis: you want to position the pelvis in such a way that the spine flows up and out, in its natural position. So then mindfulness meditation is simply placing one’s attention on what is arising on a moment to moment basis. The idea is to continually focus on the object of your choice for the duration of the period you’ve chosen to sit. Play around with it; tilt the pelvis forward and back until you find the position that feels right for you. You may notice sensations in the body, you may hear sounds, you may notice thoughts as they rise and fade away. There is great benefit to simply taking the time to pause in life, to stop and be still – even for a few minutes.

You can sit on a chair or on the floor on a meditation cushion or stool, or pillow, the most important here is that you are comfortable. Simply sitting in awareness and listening, not only with your ears, but with your eyelashes too. When you stray, just like you would train a little puppy, simply bring it back to the object of focus with love and compassion. You can use a small cushion or blanket to place on your lap so that your hands are supported, and the shoulders in turn will not be stressed while you sit. Finally, take your attention to your head and neck, play around with the position of your head is it forward, back, tilted? Hear the noises around you, feel sensations in your body, notice that you are thinking and come back again to simply being aware. If you feel frustration or uncertainty, notice that too, you may also feel that in your body, simply note it and keep coming back to non-judgemental awareness of what is arising.

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