In order to start this quest, the Dragonborn must speak to Farengar Secret-Fire during the previous quest Before the Storm inside Dragonsreach, Farengar will explain how he is looking for a map of Dragon Burial sites so he could find out where the next Dragon might rise. Past the door lies the real treasure of the crypt: A Word Wall that teaches a word of the Dragon Shout Unrelenting Force. If you find yourself overpowered by the draugr, to the right (as you enter) of the cavern on the far side of the bridge is an easily accessible area which the draugr cannot reach and which allows the Dragonborn to snipe away with arrows.
Return to Dragonsreach and give the Dragonstone to Farengar, (with a stop off at Riverwood to return the Golden Claw to Lucan).
Jarl Balgruuf thinks I may be able to help Farengar, his court wizard, with something related to dragons. Farengar Secret-Fire, Jarl Balgruuf's court wizard, has asked me to retrieve a Dragonstone from Bleak Falls Barrow, a stone tablet that he believes contains a map of ancient dragon burial sites.
Farengar Secret-Fire, Jarl Balgruuf's court wizard, asked me to retrieve a Dragonstone from Bleak Falls Barrow, a stone tablet that he believes contains a map of ancient dragon burial sites. One can do serious damage to higher level draugr in this dungeon by leading them into traps. It is possible to find Farengar in conversation with Delphine, who wants his translation of the Dragonstone as soon as possible. There is a locked chest behind the word wall, reachable by following the water stream backwards. There is also an unlocked chest next to the waterfall that appears left of the stairs leading towards the exit.
There is a small ledge that leads up to the exit where it is possible to use a bow to attack the draugr without being hit.
The last draugr in the dungeon will always have an Ancient Nord weapon with a frost enchantment. Player with a high level may also encounter a frost troll instead of a draugr on the bridge above the waterfall and chest. If one has not started the Golden Claw quest by talking to Lucan, heading inside Bleak Falls Barrow and overhearing the bandits will automatically start the quest. The pillars in the puzzle room or the rings on the claw door will not move, exit and re-enter Bleak Falls Barrows.
If the Dragonstone is obtained after talking to Farengar about it, when it is given to him, he will take the stone, and will tell the Dragonborn to talk to the Jarl or steward, however, nothing will happen and the next quest will not start. It is one of many places where the ancient Nords had buried their dead, and as such, the Barrow is infested with aggressive draugr.
The exterior of the ruin is very impressive with its stone arches, and only a few ruins, such as Ragnvald and Skuldafn, also have such impressive exteriors.
The first section of Bleak Falls Barrow that is encountered is known as Bleak Falls Temple.
During the course of the main quest, Balgruuf the Greater will ask the Dragonborn to assist his court wizard Farengar Secret-Fire with his research into dragons. Lucan Valerius, in the Riverwood Trader, may ask the Dragonborn to go to Bleak Falls Barrow and retrieve his sister's Golden Claw, which was stolen by bandits, in return for some gold from an incoming delivery. Urag gro-Shub from the College of Winterhold may want the Dragonborn to fetch a particular book from Bleak Falls Barrow. There is one Wounded Giant Frostbite spider in the chamber where Arvel the Swift is trapped.
A Frost Troll may be encountered near the Watchtower leading to Bleak Falls Barrow and inside the Temple itself if one is a high enough level.
The boss of the barrow, located at the Word wall, has the Dragonstone upon the first time killing it.
There is a strongbox and apothecary's satchel, both containing random items, on the outside of the left hand temple wall, (if facing the temple door from the outside look to the left, walk to the corner of the temple, turn right, and continue to the end of the wall—they are in the corner). A chest with an apprentice lock up the stairs to the right of the first set of swinging blades. Two hidden treasure chests in the Word Wall room behind waterfalls on either side of the Word Wall. There is a chest hidden in the cobwebs next to a lootable skeleton, which contains random loot, just before fighting the frostbite spider and cutting down and killing Arvel. Upon exiting the Sanctum and before jumping off the cliff, there will be a random potion tucked in a crevice to the left of the exit (if facing outward). Going into the Creation Kit reveals that a special dragon was made for Bleak Falls Barrow, with the ID of BleakFallsDragon.
There is a bandit outlaw seen trying to open the puzzle, but gets shot by the poisoned arrows for failing. Sometimes after clearing the ruins, fast traveling back after a while can result in several draugr battling some leveled Bandits near the entrance of the ruin. If the Dragonborn has not yet spoken to Lucan Valerius about his missing "ornament," upon entering the barrow, they will overhear two bandits talking about it, thus beginning the quest "The Golden Claw". Although the enemies reset after a period of time, like most dungeons, the enemies within Bleak Falls Barrow stay at the same level they were when first encountered, resulting in a place which is good for testing newly enchanted weapons or learning a new skill. If "Unbound" is completed, by following Hadvar he will say that as a child he had nightmares about Draugr climbing down the mountain and taking him away.
The Draugr boss at the end of the dungeon, next to the Word Wall, will always carry an Ancient Nord weapon with a frost enchantment. The puzzle to open the gate by turning pillars may not work; the pillars won't turn when activated.
When the Bandit Outlaw attempts to solve the pillar puzzle, getting in the way of the poison arrow trap results in Poison Damage lasting over 24 hours, at six damage a second.
The axe tunnels have a chance of hitting your followers if they come through, sometimes sticking them inside of a wall where you cannot access them.

This image was taken from The Elder Scrolls series of video games or from websites created and owned by Bethesda Softworks, the copyright of which is held by Bethesda Softworks.
I'd suggest staying very cautious, as after reaching a small tower you might get attacked by a group of Bandits. Head west and be ready to take care of another group of Bandits nearby the temple entrance (screen above). After reaching the new room, take a look around for a chest and the Thief book, increasing your Pickpocket skill level. The best method of getting rid of the beast is attacking it from a distance, as while you're standing in the previous room it won't be able to hit you (screen above). Once the fight's over, approach the man who was imprisoned by the spider - Arvel the Swift (screen above). After the fight, take a look around the room for Arvel's body, who apparently wasn't swift enough (screen above). After reaching a snow-covered bridge, defeat a single Draugr and consider jumping down for a locked chest. The idea here is interacting with the three circles and the key to solving it is understanding the hint found in Arvel's Journal which can be read from the inventory.
Farengar Secret-Fire tasks the Dragonborn to retrieve the Dragonstone inside Bleak Falls Barrow, leading to the first finding of a Word Wall.
He will then instruct the Dragonborn to look for this Dragonstone map in Bleak Falls Barrow, starting the quest of the same name.
Outside are several bandits and after eliminating them, the Dragonborn can then find the entrance at the top of the stairs. There are skeevers at the bottom, and just around the corner waits a wounded frostbite spider. Afterwards, a powerful draugr (it is normally a draugr overlord) will emerge from the sarcophagus nearby.
Irileth will run in almost immediately and ask Farengar to come quickly to speak to the Jarl, beginning the quest Dragon Rising. The only way around this bug is to re-load a save from before going to Dragonsreach, get the Dragonstone, then go to Dragonsreach with the stone, this way one can give it directly to Farengar and the quest will progress as normal, the only problem with this method is that some dialogue between a hooded Delphine and Farengar will be missed. Farengar will only say that the Jarl will be in the throne room, even though he is standing right next to him.
There may be a dragon perched on the arch outside the temple if the quest Dragon Rising has been completed, otherwise there will be a small number of bandits guarding the outer perimeter of the temple.
He wants the Dragonstone, an ancient tablet with a map of Dragon Burial Mounds, retrieved from Bleak Falls Barrow (the first ancient Nordic ruin to be discovered in the main questline). However, it does not generate an additional Dragonstone or the character and quest item required in "The Golden Claw".
It is unknown if this is the dragon that can appear after completing Dragon Rising or if it was a part of the quest that was never used. These arches were very common in ancient Nord architecture, and because the ancient Nords who built the gigantic barrow were Dragon worshipers, stone Dragon heads can be seen on top of the arches.
Potion of Cure Poison can not stop the poison, nor can racial poison resistances or other poison resistances prevent it.
This does not mean that another Word for the Unrelenting Force Shout can be gotten from the Wall, however. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in the image are proprietary to Bethesda Softworks, the inclusion of which implies no affiliation with The Elder Scrolls Wiki. You can of course attack him (he's a bit more resistant than the standard Bandits) or stay behind and note that his attempt to activate the switch which raises the gate ended up with activating a trap (screen above). You will have interact with the pillars here in order to arrange the shapes in the same order as the ones above the locked gate (left and right) and the destroyed one lying beside the lever (middle). You can talk with him, which is a part of the previously mentioned The Golden Claw side quest, or free him at once by destroying the spider-web. After reaching a big room serving as a crypt, you will encounter the Draugrs for the first time (screen above). Fight with one more Draugr and afterwards locate a chain which you can pull (screen above), therefore pulling up the grate.
Carefully avoid the traps and get ready to fight a group of Draugrs (screen above) after reaching a bigger room. You will now have to fight one of this quest's mini-bosses, the Draugr Wight (screen above). Once again enter Jarl's castle and head to the room in which you met with Farengar (screen above).
In the first large room a couple of bandits have set up camp and are discussing when entering. There are pressure plate traps near the entry and stepping on it will trigger a swinging wall trap. Align the three rings in a specific pattern, which can be seen when zooming in on the Claw in the inventory.
Kill it and get the Dragonstone off its corpse and leave the crypt through the exit nearby. He was pleased when I returned with it, and promised that the Jarl will reward me for my efforts. However, Delphine will not be there, and the Dragonborn will be unable to hear Farengar and Delphine's conversation. The bug occurs most often when the Draugr is killed on the bridge leading to the word wall or further away from his coffin, killing the Draugr on the word wall plateau reduces this chance.
There is also an inner section, Bleak Falls Sanctum, which is blocked by a Nordic puzzle door that only the Golden Claw can open, after the puzzle is solved.

Otherwise you will have to get there on your own and it would be good to begin in Riverwood. Eventually you should reach the top of the mountain and therefore Bleak Falls Barrow (screen above). You will travel a linear corridor for quite a while, so you won't have to worry about getting lost. The solution can be seen on the screen above - the left and middle pillars need to show a snake and the right one a fish. Be careful however, as while you're descending them you will be attacked by Skeevers (screen above). You should note that the access to the next room is blocked by spider-web (screen above) which can be destroyed by any type of weapon or magic. These creature can be destroyed with ordinary weapons or basic magic spells, though they're of course stronger than the Bandits you've encountered until now. Now head north, but LOOK OUT for the pressure plate on the ground, activating a hard to dodge trap.
Depending on your taste, you can either try sprinting or slowly moving and crouching if needed.
Just like before, it would be worth to attack at least one Draugr before he's ready to fight. Now if you take a look at The Golden Claw (Misc), you should note that it contains the proper order of the symbols. Search the area of the altar, turn around and approach the large plate (screen above), thanks to which you will learn the first Word of Power - Force, Unrelenting Force. The monster is a warrior, so if you're playing as a mage or a thief, it's extremely important to keep him at distance, slowing his moves if possible. The correct combination is on the palm of the Golden Claw (from top to bottom: bear, moth, owl).
I'd also recommend activating The Golden Claw side mission (received from Lucan Valerius found inside Riverwood Trader's house), as you can complete it together with the main quest in question.
Here you will have to eliminate a few Bandits as well, but you shouldn't have too many problems with them.
Those monsters aren't particularly resistant and don't deal big damage, but fighting them is made harder because of their agility.
I'd suggest saving your game here, as after entering the new room you will get attacked by a mini-boss - Giant Frostbite Spider. Keep an eye on the health and stamina bars and regenerate them or retreat to a safe spot if needed. I'd suggest attacking the Draugrs one at a time, making use of the narrow passages and environmental obstacles to your advantage. It's not the end of trouble, as after reaching the northern room you will have to fight with a much stronger Restless Draugr.
Afterwards start going through the catacombs, eliminating the Draugrs you come across on your way.
Don't forget to check out the chest you come across on your way and afterwards head south again.
The full solution can be seen on the screen above - the upper ring needs to show a bear, the middle an insect and the lower an owl. If, on the other hand, you're playing as a warrior, you will need to regenerate your stamina bar often and additionally, because of the enemy's shield, many attacks won't succeed.
Your conversation will be disrupted by the arrival of Irileth, who will inform that a giant Dragon has been spotted nearby Whiterun.
Continue into the corridor and proceed until reaching a small room with a bandit, a lever and a puzzle. When the rings have been correctly aligned, use the Claw in the middle of the door to open it.
Try to increase your cold resistance before the fight and attack him in direct combat, stopping him from using spells. It's good to retreat a bit each time, thanks to which you can reduce the risk of getting attacked by an overwhelming group of monsters. After getting rid of him, search for another locked chest and open the gate leading inside Bleak Falls Sanctum.
After getting north of Riverwood and exactly east of Bleak Falls Barrow, find a part leading to the top of the mountain (screen above).
You can increase your chances by attacking the Draugr before he moves out of his place of rest. Set the pillars on the left of the entrance after the tablets on the upper wall above the gate and the tablet beside the lever.
When he is released from the web, he recoils and has low health, and it is quite easy to kill him before he can escape.
The stone has a weight of 25, so if your character is already overloaded, you might have to consider getting rid of some of the items you're carrying. If he manages to slay the draugr, he may run over the pressure plate trap near the scene of the battle and get himself impaled on the swinging wall trap. However, if this happens, his body may be flung a large way away and it may be difficult to find.

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