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When we are with hands full of packages and bags is not suitable accept an immediate dip in a pool. But if we accept the invitation before we have to put aside what we have in the hands and then, yes, enjoy the dive. In our society we always see the exaltation of multitasking people, but this is a trap that we have created. This is very serious, because we think we realize all this agitation, but it does not happen in practice.
Notice how your mind talks, talks to herself in various circumstances and draws conclusions about everything and everyone. So how the mind has passed all the free and ungoverned day, producing good and bad, it is really very difficult to govern it. Doing so is simple, even if it may initially seem difficult, but it only needs your determination to train the focus on the time when you should silence the mind and then sleep, to restore mental and physical health. If you already are a person who uses their focus, should not have many problems to sleep, but with exercise below can improve the quality of your sleep even more, try!
The idea here is to bring  atividades anti stress that will help you to control your mind and calm her, to offer you a more natural sleep.
Otherwise, if we dive holding the bags, we will lose the free movements of the arms, which prevent us from swimming. Of course we can merge several tasks at the same time, but this habit will always be a risk of the outcome. The consequences are there for anyone feeling and a good night’s sleep clearly shows how much sleep well is important.
When we sleep, we stopped to take action and lay in bed in a supposed silence, but we are surprised by a mental chatter that often prevents us to relax and fall asleep.
This is the time we acknowledge that we must take action on our behalf and tame, have power over our minds, training focus. This experience will bring you an immediate inner peace that can generate insights, answers and joy without cause. After deciding that you want to at least be observed and try to do one thing at a time, also set a night exercise to improve your focus. To fully accomplish anything in our life we have put focus every minute in what we are doing, otherwise It will take more time and have a median result in the affairs and, in some cases, we can even be at risk of life, like driving a car sending message on the phone at the same time. Hormonal changes, depression and anxiety are more commonly experienced by women that affect their sleeping behavior.Parents worry about their newborn baby at nighttime and would usually do things to stay awake.
Over-the-counter pills are available but curing insomnia should start with meditative exercises.One proven meditative exercise to help cure insomnia is mindfulness meditation, as per Harvard Health Blog. Basically, all you have to do is sit steadily or stand in an upright position while focusing on your breathing. You can make sounds as you inhale and exhale.Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine Director Emeritus, Dr. Herbert Benson suggests doing this at least 20 minutes during the day to elicit the relaxation response and cure insomnia.
If your troubling thoughts come back during mindfulness meditation, just let them enter and exit freely.According to Mayo Clinic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT-I is an effective solution to insomnia.
Some CBT-I approaches include not lying in bed while awake, keeping away from television and other gadgets before sleeping, not smoking and drinking alcohol and reducing caffeine intake.Consult Your DoctorIf you still have insomnia after meditation, the next solution is to consult your doctor. It cited a Motherisk study that found out using benzodiazepines during breastfeeding will not cause central nervous depression in your infant.Are you a new mom experiencing insomnia?

The more you meditate, the greater your awareness will be to find solutions to every problem you are facing. You may sit in any posture as long as you are comfortable and stable, sitting either on the floor or in a chair.Close your eyes and allow your body to relax. Be aware as it reverses course and comes back up through your throat and out your nostrils.
Simply witness the breath and if any thoughts arise, just allow your attention to return to the breath.Using your imagination see the breath moving into your heart rather than into your lungs. Feel your heart expand with your in-breath and exhale by imaging an opening in the middle of your heart center in which your breath exits.
Be with the breath and allow your body to relax until you can no longer feel your hands, arms or legs.While observing the breath which is constantly moving, become aware of the background behind the breath.
Watch the breath but become more and more aware of the stillness, the unmoving part of the Self, behind the breath. Through the flow of Cosmic Energy, your energy body is cleansed, the Chakras are activated, and the physical body is perfected to a state of optimum health.
ThisA literally happens every day.Stress consumes me, and I find myself in an unhealthy bubble of other peoplea€™s sadness, grief and illnesses.
Ita€™s a privilege to be present and helpful at a time when someone is the most vulnerable.This seems to be a similar situation for many working professionals. Ia€™m sure you love your job as much as I love mine, but that doesna€™t mean your day-to-day schedule isna€™t too hectic for you.Regardless of what you do, all work is stressful. It can take a toll on both mental and physical health.There are some serious side effects to stress. Symptoms can vary, but headaches, fatigue, problems with sleep, anxiety, irritability, overeating, undereating, exercising less often and substance use are all signs of heightened stress.In order to stay healthy a€“ so that I dona€™t quit my job or lose my mind a€“ I constantly engage in self-care. Exercise can boost your mood and decrease any social withdrawal symptoms you might experience.Go to the gym, go for a run or take your dog for a walk.
If you surround yourself with positive emotions, you step out of your professional role and just refresh.3.
Laughter has a positive effect on both the body and mind, and researchA shows that ita€™s an effective way to reduce stress. JournalThere is something therapeutic about writing things down, especially when those things are your thoughts and feelings. Although it may sound silly and kind of insane, releasing and disposing those thoughts can feel very liberating.5. Whether ita€™s painting, drawing or doing DIY projects in your home, art can be relaxing.Ia€™ve recently taken a liking to adult coloring books.
Theya€™re all the rage these days, apparently.I absolutely enjoy coloring, and find it to be extremely therapeutic.
Not only will this activity allow you to zone out and focus on the motions of those pretty colored pencils, but it will also positively stimulate your brain.
Meditate.Ia€™ve recently explored several types of meditation, and theya€™ve all been equally inspiring.
These forms allow your thoughts to slow down and your mind to become reflective.We all have the capacity to train our minds to have the same effect without running ten miles or driving to the beach.
You must pay attention to the physical world and are unable to focus 100% on your inner realms.Guided meditation is about being comfortable and undisturbed for a set period of time.
I have a powerful line of guided meditation CDs and MP3 downloads that can assist you in quickly achieving the results you desire.
Regardless which form of meditation you decide, it becomes helpful to understand the function of meditation.

The function is common to all the many different forms that meditation.The first function of meditation is to slow down your brain wave activity which in turn, slows down your thinking process.
As your thinking slows down the silent space in-between each thought is where you can receive a flash of insight from your Soul.
For example, when you attempt to meditate and your mind keeps worrying about a report due at work.
If you can’t stop your mind from thinking ( I have to finish that report by Tuesday morning), simply take in a deep breath and as you exhale imagine your blowing that thought out of your head. Perhaps see the words written on a chalk board and imagine you are blowing the message off the board with your exhale.
Be patient and remind yourself that the goal of meditation is not to eliminate thought, but to slow it down. The pause between, is the space where you can resolve your personal problems and find the solutions.Meditation is a powerful technique to gain mastery over your life, and to become more conscious of your truer self. Meditations’ true purpose is to shift your consciousness from the outer world to your inner world, where all change begins. Meditation offers you a way to create a pause in your daily activity to consciously connect with your inner power.On a spiritual level meditation offers a ritual to commune with your Soul to receive guidance, healing and wisdom from within.
On a mental level, meditation will bring you clarity and can reveal deeper understanding about the way you’re living you life, and what thoughts and beliefs are holding you back. On an emotional level, meditating offers a way to get in touch with your feelings and to resolve them constructively producing profound inner peace. On a physical level, meditation is a stress reducer, as you practice it on a regular basis, you will renew your physical energy and stamina. Most, if not all, extol its seemingly magical power on the human psyche through its purported benefits. These recommendations and claims have stood the test of time- they are universally accepted and well justified.
For eons past those who came before us have spoken volumes regarding this great gift we all posses but today sometimes, we neglect to use. While universally experienced, these trans-formative energies are individually unique and processed differently depending on a person’s outlook. So let us begin to clear our minds of useless, wayward abstract thoughts having no justification to control or dictate our life’s direction. It could be easily envisioned a person entering an altered state of consciousness by simply gazing in the mind-stilling flicker of fire while taking no thought. These records date back over 5,000 years coming from the Indus valley and were combined with what is referred to today as yoga.
Some techniques still in use to this day are said to deliver incredible mind-over-matter powers and supernormal skills that transformed the practitioner. Today, these are devout individuals and are not necessarily monks living in some remote mountain monastery. And what did most studies if not all, to varying degrees find?You guessed it- significant health benefits. This is achieved by bridging the gap between our conscious and un-conscious selves, situations or non-justified thoughts that ferment stress become less significant and actually lose their power.

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