In the 1940s researcher Gray Walter discovered that brainwave activity tends to mirror flickering light, particularly in the alpha and theta frequencies.
More recently, sound has been shown to produce similar results, particularly pulsed sound and binaural beats. Meditation Machines make use of this research by combining light and sound frequencies to automatically lead brainwave activity into alpha and theta states making them particularly effective tools for relaxation and meditation.
In the living brain, millions of nerve cells communicate with each other by emitting tiny electrical impulses. Our Guided Imagery products have been clinically proven to help adults and children manage stress, anxiety, pain and insomnia. This last effect, binaural, results when one ear hears a pure tone of a slightly differing pitch than the other ear. This is the brain rhythm in the normal wakeful state associated with thinking, conscious problem solving and active attention directed towards the outer world. When you are truly relaxed, your brain activity slows from the rapid patterns of beta into the more gentle waves of alpha. It is also known as the twilight state which we normally only experience fleetingly as we rise up out of the depths of delta upon waking, or drifting off to sleep.
This activity can be registered as oscillations (popularly called brainwaves) by placing electrodes on the scalp, amplifying the signals and displaying them on a computer monitor.

Very few people are sleeping well, so when you have not slept well in the night you are a little tired during the day. You will be in a difficulty for few seconds only for the first day, because how do you speak a language you don’t know? The brain then actually synthesizes the difference between the two and then falls into step with this pleasant, gently pulsing rhythm. Fresh creative energy begins to flow, fears vanish and you experience a liberating sense of peace and well-being.
Theta brings forward heightened receptivity, flashes of dreamlike imagery, inspiration, and,sometimes, your long-forgotten memories. In theta, we are in a waking dream, and we are receptive to information beyond our normal conscious awareness. The only thing to be remembered is those sounds or words should not be of any language that you know. It can be spoken, and once it starts, any sounds, nonsense words, just to put the conscious off and allow the unconscious to speak…. Within weeks you will feel a depth in your sleep, and in the morning you will feel completely fresh. Some people believe that theta meditation awakens intuition and other extrasensory perception skills.

As it turns out, certain patterns of brainwave activity are also associated with specific mental states. Keep the shoulders relaxed and the upper chest slightly lifted to support your spine and to create balance.
When you focus there it brings your thoughts into an automatic coherence, and it engages your higher glands to support your meditation effort.
Time is not much of a question – you can sleep for eight hours, and if it is not deep you will feel hungry for sleep, starved – depth is the question. If the mind wanders and starts to jump or object, just notice that and let the affirmation run through the middle of that thought. Then end, with a deep inhale, exhale, and finally inhale as you stretch both arms up toward the ceiling. As you watch the breath, slow it to 8 times a minute or less—4 times a minute is excellent.
Then for fifteen minutes, use the language that is coming to you, and use it as a language; in fact you are talking in it.

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