We are pleased to announce that we have a new website dedicated to our Small Business Success eNewsletter & eBooks. If you are looking for publishing information, please visit our parent site Blue Beetle Books. But for all of our tips and tricks for maintaining a successful small business, have a look around here, or consider signing up for our newsletter. As a small business owner, you know that the decisions you make ultimately affect your future success.
Took up 97.5% of all identified exporters and brought 31% of export value in the 2008 fiscal year. The Census Bureau groups together both voluntary closures and failures, causing business failure rates to appear more intimidating. As you can see, small businesses have a tough road to travel because they are very susceptible to bankruptcy and debt. The Three Pillars of Simple Small Business Success For twenty years I have analyzed successful small businesses and I have asked a lot of questions from these companies that I have worked with. Even when entrepreneurs discover this little secret they may not understand that these pillars must be built in this specific order. Wearing all three hats, or minds if you will, is the order of things for most simple small businesses and start ups.
Creating advertising, knocking on doors, setting up websites, going to trade shows and networking are all part of this pillar.
I would never compare myself to John Wooden, but I do like teaching others about online marketing. Patience: True, there are exceptions every now and then, but for the vast majority of companies big or small, search marketing is a process that takes time to implement correctly. Tools: Having access to appropriate SEO tools can give you an advantage over the competition. I thought that putting the SEO label on this might not be the best idea, but decided to do it because I’ve been saying for some time now that we need to expand our definition of what SEO is. Thanks Matt – I was in the middle of drafting an email to a prospective client on how we could help her with her website when your post popped-up in my feed reader. As a young man, I was lucky enough to spend several summers in a row at John Wooden’s basketball camp. That being said, John Wooden’s philosophy as a man, not just as a basketball coach, was always about serving others, over delivering and persisting. I actually got a few pointers and a pat on the back from the great man himself, and as a 12 year old kid and aspiring pro-basketball player, I can assure you it meant A LOT to me.
Excellent resource, its just goes to show how much effort really goes into a well played out SEO strategy! I have recently just started working on SEO properly and researching and this post indeed has helped me alot and actually winged me to subscribe to your blog! Thanks for all the nice comments in the last month or so, sorry for not acknowledging earlier.
Just gone through your another article, and found another marvel on your site:D, i think i have to read all your articles, whenever i get time. Pretty awesome Matt, Never thought I would be saying that about a article on marketing with the word Pyramid in it. Oh, forgot to say that your SEO approaches also cover some SEM aspects…so it is a wide-sense SEO?

I like this, but I think there’s a clear difference between a brand site and a media site that needs to be mentioned.
Brand sites would include anything that is not dependent on ad sales or other impression-generated revenue.
Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
While still a part of Blue Beetle Books, we just wanted to set up a new website focusing on our very successful newsletter, making it easier for you, the viewer to navigate around. Many small businesses never make it past 7 years, so it is important to stay updated about your market and make educated decisions. Use the above information to help you become a better informed entrepreneur and lead you to the path of success and prevent your business from becoming a statistic. My goal has always been to find the common denominator that I can apply to my own simple small businesses and to help other entrepreneurs like myself. I came to realize that all simple small businesses succeeded because they recognized that success comes from not one, but three different minds. In other words, someone who has a love for something may build it or sculpt it (DO the work) and then look for a buyer only to discover that no one is buying.
Many times, while on the phone to past or potential clients, she has begun selling a product that is still in our testing and development stage. This also encompasses taking and tracking orders, scheduling jobs, delivering the product or service and collecting the money.
Whether you’re big or small, one uninterested department or person can sabotage everything.
Of course, more important than the tools is knowing how to interpret the data they provide. Be careful with the Flash movies, the complicated DHTML and javascript, the robots.txt file, etc. I am amazed that the easiest way to get in contact with you from a post like this is to leave a comment….
He took great interest in those around him, cared about what happened to people and looked for the good in others when it would have been far easier to find fault. They were such formative and powerful lessons that I think I inculcated them into my very being without even being consciously aware of it. I have Spunn you, Dugg you and I’m going to mention this article in my business blog.
I am wondering if you might be able to break other components of online marketing into similar pyramids to publish, and this model really serves to help build the correct pillars for a successful campaign, and I would imagine we could apply it to SEM as well?
I might need to use this in a post because it really lays out basic SEO for someone who is new to the field.
It doesn’t happen over night, for this reason people are more slow to coming around to understanding all the benefits.
I am feeling bad that the article was written on Jan 08 and I have got my hands on it in sept 08, wish I would have read it earlier. I have just started to work on the internet and am shcoked at what I do not know, or understand. But these sites, with their constant content cycle, cannot possibly benefit from a focus on optimization as much as they can benefit from capitalizing on every possible way to get each visitor to return for some reason.
Here are some statistics and guidelines you can follow to let you know what factors make a business stay strong.

This Trilogy of minds requires someone to CREATE the work, someone to GET the work and someone to DO the work! When it comes to physical products this can include creating the packaging, logos, and developing the distribution network. They talk about the process of creating great content that attracts links like bees to honey. And as fast as the search marketing industry changes, ongoing access to intelligent information is critical. The size and scope of your company may dictate which you emphasize more, but neither should be ignored.
Given the growing influence of user reviews, knowing how to manage your reputation is a must. It’s the people factor, the human element that often separates the winners and losers in search marketing. To build trust, we need to get into the mind of our visitors and create moments of magic for them, all along the pyramid. All of this is realy interesting I?ll read trough it once more when i have a clear head I think. If you’ve built up a lot of links in topical communities and gained trust among users and customers, you’ve built a business model that can succeed independently of Search Engines. I almost regret having used the pyramid because of the negative connotations, but it just fits so perfectly….
The confidence that she has in our staff’s ability to create a finished product that we can all be proud of is flattering, but it puts a lot of pressure on the developers.
Every business must have a product or service and someone has to produce the product or do the service work. When you have trust, from users and search engines, you’re on the way to search marketing success.
Get people talking positively about you, whether it be one-to-one conversation among friends or in the larger setting of an online community, and you’ll climb the pyramid that much faster. If you get too caught up in rankings you can end up going about the entire process wrong, and missing some other great accomplishments that you can achieve along the way. Please note the chef and her people did this, I think it is not very good but what has been done has been done. This of course is her sneaky little plan I suspect, but it is putting the cart before the horse. It is, however, natural to have a greater talent or interest in one of the pillars than the others.
The other pillars of your company can be another simple small business, outsourcing firms or freelancers. Bigger companies that target an audience more than a location will find social media offers a lot of opportunities.
She knows the power of using fear to motivate our staff, but it is also a risky way to do things. You want customers to be able to find you as easily as possible, and you can do this on social media sites that make local networking easier.

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