Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is a film directed by Wayne Wang, with screenplay by Angela Workman, Ronald Bass, and Michael Ray.
After seeing Wang’s The Joy Luck Club, I began watching this film with high expectations. In Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, the story focuses on two women, in different time periods.
But before they were to begin their lives separately, as married women, they were first bound together by an ancient practice of laotong (old same or old friend) relationships as young girls.
Snow Flower And The Secret Fan 2011 >> Pin Bingbing Li in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (2011) picture to pinterest.Below are more Snow Flower And The Secret Fan 2011 Phots and Pictures for you. Sophia (Jun) was involved in a vehicular collision after failing to reach her friend Nina (Li), rendering her in a coma. Nushu (women’s script) is then taught to the girls as a way for private communication between them.

19th century Shanghai friends Lily (Li) and Snow Flower (Jun) are married off–Lily, to a wealthy family, and Snow Flower, to a butcher. When Nina finds out that her lifelong friend is injured, she races to the hospital to be at her side.
It is this ancient script, written on fans is the way these women, sworn-sisters, share information about their relationships, sorrows, and sympathies in secret to one another. The film does succeed in its emotional intensity, but I would have hoped that the emphasis remained on the relationship between Lily and Snow Flower. During the more modern shots the tone and appeal appeared dark, and while there was no dissaturation in color,  the color just didn’t look as rich and compelling as it did during the 19th century film sequences.
While the more modern, present day descendants, Nina and Sophia, struggle to stay together through the difficulties of their careers and love lives. This would have succeeded in transcending the films message of  separation, loneliness, and love.

This is the point in the film where Nina begins to try and piece together what happened in Sophia’s life during their time apart.
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan does not equal to the emotional intensity of Wang’s The Joy Luck Club, however, the film is interesting enough for viewers to try and piece together the complicated lives of these women.
The sound resonated through the screen and presented a perfect mix of dialogue and environmental sound.

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