Bingbing Li, Gianna Jun, Vivian Wu, Hugh Jackman, Archie Kao, Wu Jiang, Angela Evans, Jennifer Lim, Christina Y. Snow Flower and the Secret Fan demonstrates the Chinese-American director Wayne Wang remains one of the worlda€™s best directors of women. Brought to the North American market with little fanfare or budget, no stars known outside of Asia (except brief scenes with Hugh Jackman) and without a build-up of laurels and reviews from prestigious festivals, the film will have to fight to survive in art houses, which can be tougher than mainstream cinemas.
The film could also attract attention, and one hopes not too negative due to the current travails of News Corp.
In present day Shanghai, Nina (Li Bingbing) is summoned by a hospital to the bedside of Sophia (Korean actress Gianna Jun), her laotong from whom she has been estranged. Everything about the period story speaks to women’s oppression in the near feudal society of provincial China. The contemporary Shanghai women are seen as cosmopolitan English-speakers rising to the top of corporations and having their choice of men. With so much cultural, historical and sociological material to cover along with the arcs of two sets of female characters, the film often seems like a progression of talky scenes that must fulfill any number of obligations. The portrait of men in both time periods is uninviting and superficial; indeed little has gone into bringing to life any of the supporting roles.
Li, luminescent in both periods, is always the concerned, self-sacrificing sister who worries herself to death over her laotong. El concepto es interesante: tres historias paralelas que cuentan la vida de dos mujeres, la situaciA?n actual, los incidentes que llevaron a que se conocieran, y la historia fantaseada por una de ellas. Hay dos elementos humano-terrenales que son excelsos, inauditos y que requieren una bA?squeda constante durante nuestras vidas para lograr obtenerlos: estos elementos son el amor y la amistad verdaderos.

Por una parte tenemos la historia actual, donde dos jovenes son laotong, aunque lleven algunos meses sin verse. La otra historia nos muestra cA?mo se conocieron siendo adolescentes y cA?mo llegaron a ser laotong. Tanto Gianna como Li dan lo mejor de sA­ mismas, perfilando unos personajes profundos y matizados, en las tres historias que les toca interpretar. Li Bingbing (Detective Dee) interpreta a Nina, trabajadora de una multinacional que un dA­a recibe un aviso de que su mejor amiga (son como hermanas) Sophie (Jun Ji-hyun, The man who was Superman), a la que no ve hace meses, ha sufrido un grave accidente y esta inconsciente en el hospital. Y hablando de cosas interesantes, la antigua costumbre de vendar los pies a la mujeres en la china antigua por un extraA±o criterio de belleza, puede verse en las pequeA±as Lirio y Flor de Nieve. Jun Plot: A story set in 19th century China and centered on the lifelong friendship between two girls who develop their own secret code as a way to contend with the rigid cultural norms imposed on women. It does this through parallel stories, one set in contemporary Shanghai and the other taking place in 19th century Hunan province in central China.
But the quality of the filmmaking and acting along with word of mouth just might bring Fox Searchlight a modest success. But in how Wang portrays them and even frames them in certain scenes, they seem every bit as lonely and lost as their ancestors. Aiding and abetting Wang in this is the radiant cinematography of Richard Wong, the just-so perfection in Man Lim Chung’s production and costume designs and the melodious, melancholy musical score of Rachel Portman. Si esto era lo que se pretendA­a, de seguro funcionaba, pues los pies vendados eran un procedimiento seguro para limitar el desplazamiento. El amor verdadero es un hallazgo trascendental pero ordinario, mientras que la amistad verdadera es un hallazgo extraordinario.

Las protagonistas son Flor de Nieve (Jun Ji-hyun) y Lirio (Li Bingbing) criadas juntas desde niA±as pese a sus grandes diferencias sociales.
El ritual es estremecedor cuando se ve el sufrimiento de las niA±as y el resultado es abobinable. Sometimes the switches in time and use of the same two actresses playing roles a century-and-a-half apart are awkward.
Wang and his producers smartly saw the need to bracket this story with a contemporary one, which goes a long way toward illustrating the changing roles of women in Chinese society. Wang seems to be suggesting that, as in the west, things have changed dramatically as far as women are concerned but in other respects things don’t change at all. Igualmente, podemos ver hoy en dA­a los a€?jinlian beia€? o vasos con forma de a€?loto de oroa€? en lo que los chinos ricos de la edad media bebA­an su vino.
Sin embargo, cuando las parejas Nina-Sophie y Lirio-Flor de Nieve se van solapando, todo se vuelve mucho mA?s interesante. She immerses herself in the manuscript and this, of course, provides the story of Snow Flower (Jun) and Lily (Li), two little girls who pledge themselves to each other in 1829. He sees every flaw, yet also sees the heart that accounts for the mistakes and unbridled passions.
El guiA?n es estupendo y la trama se sostiene perfectamente contando tres historias a la vez pero interrelacionadas.

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