I know my title may have caught you off guard at first…after all, why should giving hurt? Sacrificial giving leads to empathy – doing without, even if in a much smaller way than the individuals we serve, can be a tremendously powerful way to bring us closer to the people we help.
Sacrificial giving leads to reflection – Do I really need all this clutter in my life?
Given the powerful benefits above – why is it that we encourage abundance giving over sacrificial giving? I submit to you today that we do more good for our communities when we encourage sacrificial giving. I love the holidays – really everything about them… the family, the food, and just the general cheer that people are exuding during this festive time. For many of us, the holidays will also be a time to consider ways we can get more involved with our communities, and how we can ‘give back’. So, the question for us as coordinators becomes: how can we carry the holiday momentum on into the new year?
The holidays truly are a wonderfully generous time – be sure to let your holiday givers know the benefits of staying on into 2015!

About the author: Josh is the founder of Social Change Nation, whose mission and passion is to provide cause based leaders with the best possible resources for growing their movements. Join our volunteer engagement blogging community, learn more about our editiorial guidelines, and propose a topic you'd like to write about. It's great to hear such bright minds discussing how to leverage business to generate meaningful social change. Well, I’m going to give you some ammunition today that you can use to really encourage your holiday volunteers to stay on for the long haul… See – there’s actually tons of research out there showing the health, knowledge, and job benefits of volunteering, and I think if we can sell this to our holiday volunteers, we’d be much more likely to get them involved as long-term stakeholders.
This one’s been backed up by all kinds of research, but some of the best research on the subject has been done by the Corporation for National and Community Service who does some pretty massive surveys on the subject. If you have any holiday volunteers thinking they’ll pass through on short term assignment – let them know that sticking around will help them network with some pretty awesome folks - from your retiree volunteer with years of experiences to your awesomely successful board member.
He writes on all things volunteer, corporate social responsibility, and other purposeful musings.
For many of us, this festive time is the time we depend on for the bulk of our donations and volunteer commitments. Check out this study, and this one…one of the most oft-neglected benefits here is for people who have been unemployed for a long period of time.

In his spare time, he loves travelling, reading, hanging with friends, and is a wannabe triathlete. THIS is for you!March 5, 2015 by Travel with a Purpose from United StatesWhat I love about Josh and Social Change Nation is that they’re showing us a way we can spend and support with a purpose.
But, just as the holiday cheer brings an influx of supporters, it seems that January and February see the holiday spirit sucked away as many a generous folk go drifting off into the sunset – right along with their donations and time. While it is known that long term unemployment causes depression and hopelessness at an astounding rate, it is less known that volunteering has the ability to reinvigorate a sense of purpose in one's life, restore psychological health, and, most importantly, make employment more likely (see infographic in #1).
Hearing from others that have already walked the path enlightens me and also reminds me that it can be done when things seem a bit overwhelming. I feel that the information shared here will change and impact how I do things going forward.

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