Taylor Swift Plays the Tease: What Song Will She Sing at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? The online extension of Billboard Magazine, billboard.biz is the essential online destination for the music business. In a video bound to get pulses racing, the Victoria's Secret angels have come together to spread festive cheer with a seductive Christmas video.
Miranda Kerr leads the genetically blessed ladies who, doing their best Santa impressions in sheer red negliglees with white feather trims, take on the holiday classic Deck the Halls. The angels decorate a Christmas tree, stack Victoria's Secret's iconic pink striped boxes underneath and decorate a room with bows, tinsel and garlands.
But the girls, who are considered some of the most beautiful women in the world, openly acknowledge that their singing talents might not be up to scratch. The minute long film features lots of outtakes, with some of the girls stumbling over the lyrics. Meanwhile, Australian-born beauty Miranda points out that this song is not familiar to her. The girls are no doubt looking forward to a well-deserved break this Christmas, having spent months gearing up for the lingerie brand's annual fashion show, which was aired on CBS last week and watched by millions. The show welcomed a British invasion, in the sexy form of Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Lily Donaldson. And Miranda looked simply angelic as she took to the glittering runway in an enormous pair of white swan feather wings.

Showing off designs in keeping with the show's themes 'circus' and 'angels in bloom', the models walked out to performances from megastars Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars.
Rihanna was certainly dressed up for the occasion, showing off her suspender-clad thigh in a black corset gown with a full slit. Beautiful Secret is the sequel to the highly successful 2013 Hunan TV drama Shining Days (????), which also starred Peter Ho. Besides highlighting the challenges of being in a high profile romantic relationship, Beautiful Secret will also portray love rivalries, career rivalries, and the relationship between stepsisters. Marketing preparations for Beautiful Secret has already begun, and industry insiders are hoping that the show will achieve a similar TV rating success like Sunny Days. Filming for Beautiful Secret will begin early next year, with an expected air date in mid-2015.
A news blog about Korea-related artists working in China, and the effects of Hallyu on the country’s rising entertainment industry. Candice Swanepoel di?n b? vay ren den va trong khi dang trinh di?n tren san catwalk, co b? v?p nga song soai.
Tren trang ca nhan Instagram c?a minh, Candice Swanepoel chia s? hinh ?nh b? thuong ? d?u g?i. The young trio of beauties looked expertly glammed up as they took to the runway in their seductive outfits. Before posting a message please check it is correct: comments with no mistakes are more likely to be published.

From juggling a film shoot for My New Sassy Girl with Cha Taehyun, to attending promotion events for designer labels, Victoria has made a name for herself as one of the most sought after actresses in both China and Korea. Victoria will co-star next to popular Taiwanese actor Peter Ho in a story about an up-and-coming singer who becomes romantically entangled with her music producer.
In Beautiful Secret, Victoria Song plays the role of a young woman who was abandoned by her mother as a child. Described as an urban romantic drama, the drama is said to be produced to depict a stylish entertainment industry.
Du?c bi?t, "chan dai" Nam Phi khong ph?i ngu?i duy nh?t nga trong show di?n ma sieu m?u Pooja Mor cung b? v?p kh?y chan. When she grows older, she participates in a singing competition and quickly becomes an overnight sensation when she wins the contest.
But as their two characters work together, their feelings change, and the media starts to take notice of their budding romance.

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