Have you noticed how the planet is evolving ever more quickly, and the planetary frequency feels as if it is speeding up? I’ve been exploring these questions for much of my life, and would like to let my discoveries help you to have a more empowered view of reality that helps you remain integrated, while having the deeper insights that are available to all of us. Are you merely a material being, who supposedly has soul floating around you? Or are you something more? I believe that you are a multi-dimensional cosmic being, expressing through your human body on this earth plane.
For thirty years I was honored to empower my clients with sessions featuring the kind of aura balancing I had developed, called soul-healing sessions. So the question for me was how, if I did energy balancing to help people shift their stuck energy patterns, my unique skills could be more effectively shared. I realized that I was following a therapeutic model that I had picked up from certain formative influences.
I was also influenced by the model of massage, in which the client is deeply relaxed and receiving the treatment of the massage practitioner.
What if the practitioner was an instructor-consultant, rather than a healer providing a treatment?
After many months, the answer came when I deeply explored the possibilities for the aura and frequency charts that I’d developed. The aura charts, and the ways of working with them, are an externalized expression of what had been my unique internal approach to working with energy and consciousness. The model I now use for private consultations is based on your being fully present and active in your own inner transformation, and actually doing the work yourself. I’m eager to share the spiritual discoveries that resulted from those decades of developing the soul-healing work. I started exploring consciousness, yoga, well-being, human potential, and creativity from my mid-teen years.
By 1985, I switched from offering guided meditations to the form of spiritual transformation work I had developed, called Soul Healing Energy Work, which included aura and chakra transforming, pre-natal clearing, pattern clearing from the present lifetime, past life re-patterning, and body-soul integration.
In the early 1990’s I recognized that one branch of my creative focus was going in the direction of spiritual healing music.
May your cosmic essence shine forth, so that your bright presence can bring you and everyone in your life greater fulfillment and delight, and so ignite higher potential for everyone in the universe. As a child, I didn’t have a sense of cosmic source, but only a sense of being able to create via story, art, and music.
As you evolve through the lifetimes, you’ll keep discovering your ever-deeper layers of infinite self. I am professional homeopath in US and want to send homeopathic remedy energy to old sick dog who is living in different country. Though any of the disks would work for this purpose, I’d use the super cell balancer to help your dog. A general suggestion is to hope for the best, but don’t be attached to the outcome, so that the divine flow, whatever it leads to, can occur with grace and ease. Inspired Within - New age guided visual CD providing support, help, motivation, counseling, confidence and information on how to meditate and relax to eliminate depression, pain, insomnia and fear, providing cancer patients with hope, healing and health, rejuvenating your soul, relaxing your mind so you may live your life stress free and to the fullest. Andrea Fielding's guided visual CD is dedicated to the millions of people in need of support for healing and relaxation.

Through positive affirmations and guided visual journeys, this CD will guarantee you relaxation and help you with your natural healing abilities. Even in any circumstance, there is room for you to express your higher potential with ease and grace. It was amazing and fulfilling, but over the decades, I felt that a deeper level of empowerment could be shared. I always included teaching of awareness practices as part of that work, but many people thought that the main feature of the session was the energy balancing that I was doing for them. When I was starting to do energy balancing, I was influenced by the model of hypnotherapy, which I had studied for a time. I somehow incorporated what I experienced from massage sessions myself, and took that idea that the practitioner is doing work for the client while the client is deeply relaxed.
I was delighted to discover that there was a method to what I had assumed was my entirely intuitive way of working with energy. These discoveries felt familiar, as if I had been making these discoveries for many lifetimes. Rather than a treatment that you receive, it is customized guided instruction for your particular issues that you’re working with.
My intention was to create portable energy tools that would let the user really feel and utilize universal energy more easily. Although I have developed them, I also want you to know that although energy tools can assist you in your spiritual work, you must not regard energy tools as the ultimate source, because only the divine is the ultimate source. I also felt that much of the new age music available was stereotypical and overly simplistic.
The radiant energy here, and the beauty all around has stimulated a wellspring of creative flow. I invite you to experience this healing art, and bring it into your life to raise the vibration of your environment. Teen years were characterized by beginning explorations into psychology, metaphysics, and yoga.
It is to find what you’re fascinated by, and to bring that fascination, as much as possible, into each moment, whether it be seemingly mundane earthly activities, or seemingly profound cosmic ones. Through the amaging experiences of disk, I thought your disc will work for Long-distance healing or energy transfer. The Change Your Life CD has also proven to be very effective in helping people unwind and fall asleep naturally. You will be taken away to a sacred Island of healing where you can rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit, releasing any stresses hindering your healing and sleeping process. The cosmic spark of consciousness that shines forth from within you is made from the same divine intelligence that created the universe. Our goal is to access real, centered cosmic awareness, with clarity of mind, stability of emotions, integrated with stable body presence. Admittedly, receiving energy balancing is relaxing and pleasurable, and provides a feeling of spiritual elation. I asked the question, How could I teach people to do the energy balancing that I seemed to do in my unique way? It became evident to me that I could de-code everything that I was doing, using the aura charts, and guiding people to place their attention in specific ways that would replicate what I was able to do.

When you’ve explored these, and if  you feel you need more specific work, then the private consultations are appropriate. Actually, when you’re being guided in real time, and you know what steps to take, the methods are quite doable.
In 1981, when I started offering guided meditations, I also embarked upon an inner experience over the next several years where I would tune into the human aura, and imagine communicating with the aura. The soul-healing consultations are now a private training for you, so that you can develop the skills to shift your own patterns at every level. Thousands of people have utilized the Powerforms energy tools to clear their energy blocks, access higher vibrations, and become spiritually aware. I believe that you can get genuine benefit from Powerforms, especially if you remember that they are helping you to become more conscious of your infinite cosmic self. Since music itself can be healing and consciousness expanding, it is not necessary to make it overly simple and naive for it to be considered as spiritual. You can experience the inspiring and healing energies of my transformational fine art here. It can be useful to include intentions that this work takes place in alignment with the highest spiritual consciousness. With Andrea's guidance, you can find that quiet place within and call upon your inner spirit to give you strength and guidance through your journey in life.
Of course, relaxation can be a good thing, but I had somehow incorporated the idea that deep relaxation was a necessary element in a soul healing session. However, I began to question whether I had taken these patterns favoring relaxation too deeply into the soul healing work.
The wonderful shift is that you can take credit for treating yourself, rather than passively letting someone do the balancing for you. The universe is asking you to wake up spiritually — like moving from your spiritual adolescence to your spiritual adulthood. The Powerforms are still available from many metaphysical distributors, and I still enjoy creating upgrades of previous models, and inventing new Powerforms products. The tools themselves are not the goal — higher consciousness and spiritual empowerment are the goals. And so, although I create the music with healing in mind, I am not trying to make it sound like stereotypical new age music. Everything I am honored to share with you is a catalyst that helps you activate your own infinite self.
The music is influenced by the style associated with the late 19th century romantics, such as Chopin, Satie, Faure, Granados, and Debussy, but with a feeling and intention woven into the music that can help create deeper consciousness and spiritual well-being.

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