As punishment, Zues–along with the help of another god, Apollo, split everyone in two forcing the now-split humans to frantically run around looking for their other half. What are your ideas on soul mates, is the term over worked and misguided in today’s society?
I think we all have soul mates, but i don’t necessarily think its supposed to be the one person you marry, fall-in-love-with, completes you nonsense. If you decide to tell the truth before you meet, you have created a very sour taste in the mouth of your potential true love – before your first official impression. Unfortunately, you’ll never find that special someone if you are lying from the start about your age and misleading about the way you currently look.
If you want to know which profile photos to use, or the best way to highlight great qualities about yourself in your online profile, call Project Soulmate’s online dating experts for answers. Check out these Online Dating Genius previous posts: The Offspring Pic, The Bathroom Selfie, The Height Exaggeration, and The Hot Chick In Your Pic.
Jane Rudes is a Communication Consultant and the Online Division Director at Project Soulmate.
We are happy to answer questions for interested, prospective online clients regarding common online dating woes and what we can do for you and your online dating accounts. Picture this: the girl of your dreams has just gone through about 20 different online dating profiles, and after reading what each had to say about themselves (yes guys, females actually read every word), 8 stick out most and you made the cut!
Sure we all think your 30 day excursion to Hong Kong was awesome, you seem very worldly and fun to be with and we’re all really jealous, but (1) stop rubbing it in, and (2) did we really need 20 pics of your trip while we still barely know what your face looks like?! We’re not saying cut them out completely; sometimes they give your dating profile a little character and can set you apart.
In the future, try to keep in mind that this is a dating website and not a social media website or Trip Advisor. Project Soulmate is able to offer you helpful tips to make your online dating profile stand out from the crowd, and through our assistance with profile writing, photography, coaching, and account management services we make this whole “finding the love of my life” thing a piece of cake. Whatever your reason, it doesn’t typically play out this way on the other end of the digital dating world.
Jane Rudes is a Communication Consultant as well as the Online Division Director at Project Soulmate.
Take baby steps; first focus on attracting someone to YOU, then of course make sure they are right for you. There are many useful photo and writing strategies for shining amidst the online dating fog – but including your kids in your profile photos is NOT one of them. Check out these Online Dating Genius previous posts: The Bathroom Selfie, The Height Exaggeration, The Hot Chick In Your Pic, and The Not Your Baby Pic. Jane Rudes is a Communication Consultant as well as the Online Division Director at Project Soulmate. Did you know that Project Soulmate offers professional photo coaching and management services for your online dating accounts? Click here for more info!  Or Contact Us and ask! Data shows men who include photos of themselves looking away from the camera get more responses. Relationship experts say that most women click away from male profiles that include selfies. Did you know that Project Soulmate offers professional photo coaching and management services for your online dating accounts?
Often times we are so worried about finding our soul mate that we don’t realize we’re already with them! Knowing where your partner comes from, their mistakes and their life lessons are a great way to understand them as human beings and clear up your expectations.
I was once told something about relationships that I will never forget; we have two ears and one mouth so our listening should be double of our speaking. If you and your partner are intimate enough to know each others’ likes and dislikes like the back of your hand, you are already on the path to perfection. Because soul mates are two halves of a whole, they have this uncanny quality to make you a better and stronger individual.
I like when everything is falling asleep because then you can have a date with night – it always wears moon instead of hat, and lots of stars are sparkling in its eyes because of happiness to see you.
Hi, Kirapolmira, I also am a practicing Christian and a missionary Dr currently working in Belize.

To think that happiness or that you’re only completed by another person sets us up for failure. Only you have such insight and depth on subjects that often blur and cause cause haze in anothers’ mind. I decided along time ago that G-Fab was my soulmate because boyfriends come and go but he’s gonna be there forever. You find a special someone you’re really interested in online, the conversations begin to flow really well, and then they want to meet you in person…remember?
Our profile writing, photography, communication coaching, and account management services can actually make this whole “finding the love of my life online” thing fun! Our professional matchmakers are always available and willing to help, just Click here for more info! Hopefully not uploading too many pictures from your vacation to your online dating profile. Problem is, on paper all 8 of you seem pretty similar because you each fit the criteria she entered into the search bar. People are looking for a potential date and often for the love of their life, not a travel agent. We know how tough online dating is, but there are so many other strategies that actually work in your favor. Covering your profile with vacation pictures is simply not one of them. She is happy to answer questions for interested and prospective online clients regarding common online dating woes and what we can do for your online accounts. What is your intention when making the decision to upload that photo of you and that cute baby into your online profile?
However, using a random baby that’s not your baby to attract someone isn’t one of them.
Most women rate male online profiles containing photos of themselves with other women as less appealing because they assume he is hooked on his X, a player (especially when it’s you and a group of chicks), an “in the friend zone” type of guy, or undesirable to these other women in your photo for some good reason.
It’s that suit and tie or even just that in-command appearance that does it for women online.
However, anything easily noticeable in person will be a waste of your (and their) future dating time. Just ask a friend to take a candid of you at the beach, when you’re dressed well for work or while going out at night.
Here are signs that prove you’re already with your “other half” …or at the least, on the right track!
Great communication in such a relationship comes from the willingness to share and be vulnerable. Your companion should truly listen to you and vice-versa, free of judgments, allowing you to be yourself. Even as soul mates, it is not necessary to have all the same favorites but to be sensitive to any conflict of preferences you have.
Considering everyone has strengths and weaknesses, soul mates don’t just respect your good qualities but learn from them.
So ask yourself, do you love yourself when you’re with him or her?  If yes, then chances are you are already with who you are supposed to be!
All of these stars are reflected in my eyes during the day because it’s hard to be untouched by them.
I can like both a tall and a short man, a slim and a big one, with any color of eyes, with any name or nation. The thought of there being another human being roaming the universe that’ll complete us was a powerful message in Jerry McGuire that left the world in a hopeless state of romanticism–was that so bad? Man looked for man, woman looked for woman and one set of men looked for women, thus creating the idea of soul mates and explaining a little about homosexuality in the process. There has to be enough difference to balance each other’s strengths out and to challenge each other to grow. To get on a dating website, lie about your age, and post old pictures of yourself to snag the matches you really want. Do you end up telling the truth or do you just cut out, and move on to the next match, trapping yourself in an eternal online dating black hole?
Embrace who you are and learn the ways to present a package that people can’t refuse. Why not show off all of your favorite vacation pictures after you and your new date get a little closer?

Hence, the Not-Your-Baby photo choice is a DO NOT in online dating profile photo selection. The idea (not necessarily the image) that others are listening to you, viewing you as leader or even just a guy that can do something really well – is what makes women tick and then click.
This makes you much less attractive than if you were to actually be upfront about your height in a charming and funny way via your online profile. Problem is – women are much more likely to notice your background bedroom mess and be turned off by the unwarranted glimpse into your bathroom, than be turned on by your “hot” look.
I come out from home with the smell of night – it always has different flavors – either it’s a smell of dew, or of frost, or of rain, or of mist. I don’t choose a man who will be a model for me, I choose one for making him happy and for being happy because of that. Olympus and if you can imagine, there where throngs of these human-like spiders making their way up to Zues. Damn it, there goes my theory on homosexuality according to the Greeks since I’m in to men and so is she. Who wouldn’t love a 32 year-old with the relationship wisdom, maturity and experience of a 44 year-old anyway?
Either option will not bring you any closer to your goal of finding that special someone who loves you for you. Impress her by “friending” her on Facebook where she can look at your travel pics all she wants!
So why did you think that this random baby would make an important impression upon 100’s of strangers; a small fraction of whom you might be interested in dating? Whether it’s a male or female client, younger or older, with or without kids…everyone has their valid gripes. The only place your kids belong in your online dating life, is at home with a sitter or your X while you’re on a date. The last thing you want in a prospective date’s mind is  assumptions and judgements about your previous marriage and the situation they could be getting involved in by dating you.
I don’t know whether it’s possible to meet this man on the site, but in any case, even if I meet someone here who will be a lot like me, I will be happy. I am 48 years old and in Bette than average condition, love laughter and looking for a Godly soulmate.
Girl Of Your Dreams could not figure out what you look like and to make matters worse, now she thinks you are weird for posting all those random pics. You will make a great parent someday, therefore highlighting you as more desirable than other matches lacking random not-their-baby pics.
You walk around with your friend’s adorable baby and all the singles you hoped would notice you earlier, now flock to you and say “Oh she is sooooo cute!
In fact, data has shown that online profiles using photos that include any friends or family get less clicks, messages and replies than those using only solo pics. Women online often perceive men who use selfies as shallow, lonely or not confident enough to ask someone else to take their photo. I have an aim here but I am open to talk with sincere people, even if they don’t want to spend the whole life with me.
Luckily you have already passed the hard part – a really well written profile – but will she find you attractive enough? Is she yours?” To which you coyly reply, “No, she’s my buddy’s, but she loves me more,” to which they laugh, breathing a sigh of relief and immediately notice how cute (and available) YOU are!
On that note – you can simultaneously design your profile to attract a certain type of person you desire. You might change your mind about the concept after you hear where it came from, or at least give you something to think about–especially about homosexuality.
A great matchmaking tip is to include a minimum of one clear headshot, one candid with a nice smile, a clean-cut full-length picture of you dressed more formally and one shot taken while doing something you love. Mirror pics and shirtless selfies will backfire for men when it comes to dating women online, so bottom line guys…selfies are a do-not.

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