Eine Anzahl au?ergewohnlicher Frauen und Manner entdeckten das Geheimnis und wurden als die gro?artigsten Menschen bekannt, die je gelebt haben. FollowThe Secret Of NIMH Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score The Secret Of NIMH by Jerry Goldsmith.
The Secret Of NIMH is a 1982 American animated fantasy adventure drama film directed by Don Bluth and starring John Carradine, Dom DeLuise and Elizabeth Hartman.
Zu ihnen zahlen Platon, Leonarda da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Napoleon, Victor Hugo, Ludwig van Beethoven, Thomas Alva Edison, Albert Einstein und Andrew Carnegie, um nur einige wenige zu nennen. He’s currently (by far) the most listened to composer at my Last.FM page and yet I can’t recall having heard the score. This is music that just feels and sounds alive, coming out of the woodwork, surrounding me with this complex and beautiful music all around me. Brisby (Elizabeth Hartman), a widowed mouse, must move her children out of their home in a field before the local farmer starts plowing.

It was first released on CD a couple of times (at least) by Varese Sarabande, but this new Intrada edition is slightly expanded + some extras and with better audio quality as well. It has it’s quirky light moments as well, but I definitely prefer scores to animated films that doesn’t necessarily try to be as funny as Bugs Bunny.
Brisby seeks the help of nearby rats, who have heightened intelligence after being the subjects of scientific experiments. It opens with a choir and the music is almost second fiddle at first, but then when the music stands alone I feel that this could be great.
The quality is great and there’s a little ingredient called “magic” sprinkled in the music. They are sort of similar, but Jerry’s score is more consistent, more fun, and in general more excellent.
Brisby is caught in a conflict among the rats, jeopardizing her mission to save her family.

This is not your typical lyrical Jerry score though, but it excels in being a fun adventurous score with so many layers and moments that makes me smile. There is also a great little Jerry Goldsmith extra where he plays the main theme on piano, ‘Flying Dreams, Demo (Piano Duet)’. Just as I was finishing up the cue I was interrupted and had to take some food out of the oven, but it’s a great sign when I am singing and humming the main theme and even adding music to it.

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