This is a guided meditation where Laurie takes you into a greater awareness of each organ and part of your body to help heal and build a loving relationship from the inside out. There are various types of meditation techniques that fall under two broad categories: concentrative meditation and non-concentrative meditation.
Meditation is a safe and simple way to balance one’s physical, emotional and mental well being. Nowadays, more doctors are recommending meditation as a way to relieve insomnia and anxiety, lower blood pressure, help asthmatic patients breathe easier and generally relax the body.
Although there are many types of meditation that are derived from Hinduism, Buddhism or even Taoism and other origins, they all focus on quieting the mind. There are hundreds of meditation techniques available, many of which have evolved into newer ones over the years.
As the name suggests, this type of meditation method is about watching and being aware of your breath during meditating. This type of meditation requires you to “empty” all your thoughts from your mind and allow it to rest, and allow a sense of peacefulness to take over. Meditatation transcendental involves the continuous chanting of a mantra, until a dream-like state of mind is attained.
Now that you have understood the basics of several types of meditation methods, you may start practicing the one, which you feel most comfortable with. Each of us goes through many stories in our life, looking for happiness and personal fulfillment. In many ways we are looking for ways and limitless possibilities of life to find satisfaction- in the people that we meet, in the cities which we visit, in careers that can provide some meaning and direction to us, – a inner happiness and inner freedom, by which we strive so they could shine in our eyes and our hearts, but although seems somehow out of reach.
Life then encourages us to look inwards to find joy in life, which exists independently from all external things that come and go – and that’s how or personal and spiritual journey could begin.
Finding happiness takes a new, unknown direction, inward journey leads us to seek deeper meaning in our lives and aspirations of the mighty happiness of being free inside you (figurative).
One of the most beautiful things about meditation is that we don’t need to know very much about it, to do it.

Furthermore, there isn’t any need for dogma or special believing (or any believing except the one of your own). This is the feeling, that you could develop (blossom) into something more, higher, and that your own positive qualities in your nature or peaceful moments in your life, both could exceptionally strengthen (become strong) or multiply and increase. Meditation is the transition to reinforcing the silence, inner peace and happiness of the soul.
However, in order to reach this inner level, you have the external life to create the conditions that will support this revelation.
The first secret is sincerity – no matter how difficult and busy your daily life is, you have to add the date and time for your own training and organize some special place at home, where you will practice. The same as plant grows, when there is enough sun, also your special place will reserved time will be as sun which will worm up your soul.
Then, put a low table in that place, decorate table with a white cloth, and put on the table a candle in candle holder or on the salver and add a flower or two in the vase. If you which, you could also add a thing or two from your personal belongings or some object which have some special value for your or feels close to you. It could also be a picture of your spiritual or mental guide, meditation statue, anything that connects you with the feeling of the spirit. Scents could also be very useful, therefore, if you prefer any scent of joss-stick, do use them; anything that will help you relax. The scent will create special feeling and will add a little ceremony and devotion your practice.
Simplicity, Meditation Music – bamboo flute, singing with one voice, slow, quiet songs – could also embrace us in an atmosphere of serenity, which silence the mind and open heart. Its intention is not to remove stimulation but to direct one’s concentration to a healing element. Mindfulness meditation is about focusing on what is happening around you and being aware of your thoughts and feelings during the process of meditating.
Start by staying in a comfortable position and close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing.

You can meditate while walking down the street, pacing around the house or even during a run. You will need to sit in a cross-legged position in a quiet room so that there are no distractions. This is useful for those who are easily distracted as chanting a mantra will prevent your mind from wandering. When the mind is filled with the feelings of peacefulness, it cannot take off on its own and start to worry, feel stressed or depressed. Your mind should be open to your true feelings – there should be no judging of your thoughts.
Breathing slowly through your nose will work your diaphragm and allows oxygen to the bottom of your lungs.
As your mind starts to wander, concentrate on the movement of body parts and your breathing.
As your mind wanders, re-focus on the air going in and out of your nose and throughout your body. One can start by watching your breath, then move your attention to the thoughts in your mind and even the sounds and sights surrounding you. Find out more about breathing meditation, an interesting and popular type of meditation among many. In some traditions, an experienced master will choose a phrase or word for you, such as “shanti”, which means peace.

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