We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us. By purposely carving out a few minutes a day, or even a weekend once in a while, to unplug from the madness gives us an opportunity to see clearly and reconnect with our lives on a very basic level.
I think silence forces us to hear the thoughts that we’ve been trying to drown and to feel the emotions that we try so desperately to delay. The irony, of course, is that the silence we find so deafening is exactly what we need to truly listen. We discover in seclusion and silence untapped reserves of creativity, possibility, and potential. Henry Harbor is a realm full of creative people—the crazy ones who see things differently and seek to transform their world.
It is a world governed, not by rules, regulations, or pre-conceived ideas, but by the power of the imagination, which can push humanity beyond the self-imposed limitations of our current condition.
Henry Harbor is committed to transforming our readers into writers, our audience into the performers. Now is the time for you to renew your dedication to life as a spiritual person expressing the manifestation of your inner light!
Krautzone‘s 2014 debut, Kosmiche Rituale (review here), was comprised of three extended tracks, but Spiritual Retreat whittles that down even further to two massive, 20-plus-minute jams.
A substratum of these sessions, you can listen to on the current record, which is made totally in accordance with the zeitgeist of Krautrock! The recordings for this album were done in the same two days Krautzone recorded their debut album Kosmische Rituale!
Spheric and magic seeming improvisations of Krautrock and Kosmische Musik, highlighted by subdued, percussively played shamanic drums and flurry psychedelic synthesizers. This record is limited to 777 copies on heavy black quality vinyl, it comes with insert, and will not be re-released in this format again. Diane Cline has been to Bali 5 times and takes pride in maximizing your time sharing the BEST of the “Island of the Gods”. Plan on riding elephants, bike riding downhill from an active volcano & thru local villages, experiencing exotic temples, monkey forests and learning the “balinese way of life “.

The first 5 nights we are in colorful Ubud, the cultural center of the island, then 2 nights in traditional Sanur, an oceanfront town with a boardwalk, mountain views, pristine ocean and authentic Bali lifestyle.
Diane will provide you a window in Balinese culture, as well as a window into your own soul. Diane has traveled to 19 countries and offered several yoga & spiritual retreats in Bali. Only 12 participants will be accepted, so hurry to secure your spot for this magical, spiritual journey to Bali, Indonesia. There will be plenty of free time to experience your own sacredness and go deeper while in Bali with self-renewal, reflection, and private time to wander our luxurious surroundings. The easiest place to avoid our life is actually right in the middle of all the day-to-day drama we get caught up in. It may seem selfish to make time for yourself because we believe we are so very important and the world will fall apart without our efforts. When immersed in silence, we come face-to-face with ourselves and a sense of now-ness that we aren’t entirely sure what to do with. Even a few minutes a day to let yourself sit down, to rest, and to be can be a gift you give yourself and ultimately to others also. If you want to participate, click on "Wanna Write" under the "What is Henry Harbor" tab at the top of the page. THE moment came and they decided to play music, so they fired the aggregates, pressed the recording button and improvised on the fly. The Balinese live their spiritual practice on daily basis, hence this is the best place to expand your yoga practice & meditation into YOUR daily life. While I was looking forward to our group’s first weekend retreat, I was also a little apprehensive about it. What is the difference between spending a weekend away and taking 15 minutes every morning to meditate? Our to-do lists can sweep us away in a mindless current of activity that takes us further and further away from sanity. But it can be a disappointment to the ego to realize that life goes on with or without our consent just fine.

It is always easier to default to the past or grasp at the future than to stand on the razor’s edge of now. Silence helps us to rediscover basic awareness, an undercurrent of sanity available to us in every moment.
He spends his free time gardening, cooking, reading, and enjoying time with his wife and their two boys. Life has been clipping along at a furious pace these past few weeks coming away from the holidays. When we practice meditation we are not escaping to our happy place where we are cut off from difficult people and emotions.
Are we really showing up for our loved ones if the self we offer to them is frayed, exhausted, and empty?
It’s only by entering the cavernous depths of silence that we can tune out the noise and tune in to the truth of who we are. There has been lots of heartache, some new challenges, but I have also had great opportunities. That’s a truth that we can carry back with us into our daily lives to keep us grounded and whole. We have to go through it, but on the other side of a racing mind and raging heart, there is space. We can show up fully for our lives every day letting it all unfold around us, within us, and through us. Fortunately, the weekend reminded me that regular meditation practice and retreat offer us certain gifts that have the potential to restore balance and sanity to our lives.
So much space that it makes you feel so very small, but so much space that it makes you feel so very free.

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