Northern California Retreat Center, Conference Center for yoga or spiritual retreats, corporate conferences&weddings. The world around us tells us to look and act a certain way to be “beautiful,” but what does God tell us? Keynote Speaker: Reverend Sarah Renfro modeled professionally around the world for seven years, living five of those years in Los Angeles.
Alder, Ares & Maus Cabins – Sleep 6 per room on lower bunks with one bath per six bunk beds.
Bible ? Canned goods for service project ? Sleeping bag and pillow or personal bedding (or bedding can be rented from Loch Leven)? Towel, soap, personal toiletries ? Flashlight ? No radios please. Something New – We are asking women to bring 3-4 gently used or new books to donate to the book table.

SCHOLARSHIPS:  Scholarships may be available through the United Church of Christ Southern California Nevada Conference office, (626) 798-8082, or your local congregation.
YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  If you cannot attend, consider helping another sister who may need financial assistance.
Come hear keynote presentations, share in small groups, delve into Bible study or workshops and raise your voices in song with our music leaders Carol Warsaw and Tom Perring!
After struggling with body image issues, disordered eating, and depression, she retired and returned home to Kentucky to graduate from the University of Kentucky. Soak in Loch Leven’s beautiful mountain environment as we pray, worship, reflect and just plain relax. Invite your friends, make new friends, reconnect with old ones and find common ground and wisdom from sisters of all ages and backgrounds.

Kyle Brown, is a full-time mom to Miriam and part-time Pastor of Monterey Christian Church, Monterey, KY. Sarah is privileged to share her unique experiences of fashion and faith, modeling and ministry with youth and women’s groups.

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