Today’s New York Times features a visit to contemplative communities located in upstate New York state, USA, including Karma Triyana Dharmachakra, located in Woodstock and the seat of His Holiness Orgyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa.
Note: For retreats marked *, the exact location has not been revealed and the number on the map indicates the general area where the retreat is situated. The lives of the ascended masters, their incredible etheric retreats a€” temples and cities of light in the heaven world a€” plus instruction for safe soul travel during sleep, and how to get the most out of your etheric retreat experience.The most comprehensive guide ever written a€” 500+ pages of authentic source material with pictures. Designed to be search engine friendly, we receive thousands of visitors every day, the majority of visitors are based in the UK.
They then spent the next two hours doing what’s called work practice, which consisted of scrubbing toilets and raking leaves, all in silence.

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UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too. But beyond my limited experience—Shambhala Buddhist retreats—there’s hundreds of other such institutions, a few of which are profiled in the below recent New York Times article.

An afternoon of instruction on the essentials of Buddhism led to more meditation, cleaning the dinner dishes, and sleeping in dorm-style accommodations. All offer spiritual practice and study, work, community and a respite from mental and physical ADHD culture.
I found visiting there essential to keeping a good perspective while living in New York City, which I certainly found overwhelming at times.

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