Here are five health benefits of pumpkins so you'll feel a little bit less guilty when reaching for that second slice of pumpkin pie. Pumpkin is low in calories (49 calories in one cup, mashed) and high in fiber (three grams per cup) and protein (two grams per cup) so it makes you feel fuller for longer.
High fiber diets are associated with a lower risk of both cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease. Beta-carotene, the naturally occurring orange pigment found in fruits and vegetables, is an antioxidant that reduces oxygen damage caused by UV light, pollution and other environmental hazards.
Beta-carotene, antioxidants, vitamin C, and vitamin E in have been shown to support eye health and prevent degenerative damage. Pumpkins seeds are full of tryptophan, an amino acid that is the precursor to melatonin, the sleep hormone and serotonin, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter.
Nine master teachers, nine wisdom traditions, two 9-day residentials, one journey of the human spirit into the direct experience of living awake.
If you want to dialogue deeply with people whose opinions differ from your own, you have to enter their world.
Interfaith ministers are trained in the basic teachings and practices of the world’s religions, and empowered to adapt them to the needs of others.
I’ve decided religion is bunk, and need a good way to tell my oh-so-devout parents just what I think of their faith. Spirituality among baby boomers is growing because as we age, our spiritually becomes more important.
Since baby boomers are increasingly embracing spirituality, let's take a look at spirituality in Kansas City. Kansas City Meetup Groups has more opportunities to join various spiritual groups from wiccans to Meditation. The Heartland Spiritual Alliance is an organization, which is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and acceptance of a variety of alternative religions and philosophies. Science of Spirituality says that it is a global, not-for-profit spiritual organization under the leadership of Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj.
These are but a few of the opportunities for baby boomers to seek alternative approaches for their spiritual lives. David HooperKansas City Baby Boomer ExaminerDavid Hooper runs a Senior Alerts blog for the Shepherd's Center in Kansas City that covers everything from healthcare and retirement to relationships.
Interior design on a budget: Frugal home decor ideasFor many of us this is simply a matter of time and a question of personal taste, but for many others decorations can be a financial burden. Given that I am much more comfortable in my role as a lover of peace, these moments of being in a foul humor really shake me up.
Yoga helps us with this because as we move through our practice, we can discover all sorts of nooks and crannies where our inner nature allows for violence, and then do something about it.
For example, if you are having pain in your body during class, and you decide that it is better to “push” through the pain because you want to be fierce and really nail that posture, well, this is a form of violence, especially if you injure yourself. I encourage you: make use of the opportunity then and there to decide to make love your prime directive, not war. When I was growing up, my Mother’s favourite words of wisdom were, “It’s not what you say, but the way you say it” and “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all”. Giving unmerited criticism, or expressing an unfavourable opinion of someone or something out of anger or spite, is damaging to health and harmony. I'm a Practitioner and Teacher of Christian Science healing in Melbourne, Australia, who also writes on the connection between spirituality and health, and how thought affects health. I'm a qualified Practitioner and Teacher of Christian Science healing with over 35 years experience and writer on the connection between spirituality and health. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This new CD from Sounds True offers up an audio buffet of 11 songs that gently calm the nervous system and invite restful attention. The flute pieces on this compilation each bring a different flavor: “Searching,” performed by Riley Lee, was taken from his Shakuhachi Water Meditations album. It seems that the second the weather gets cooler and the leaves change colors, everything becomes pumpkin spice this or pumpkin-flavored that. Fiber protects the heart by binding with LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol) before it’s absorbed.

It has free-radical neutralizing powers, which in turn can protect us from the suns rays and thus, wrinkles. Pumpkin contains more than 200 percent of the daily recommended amount of vitamin A, which is essential for eye health as it helps the retina absorb and process light. I forgive them and love them dearly, but I’m saddened that they won’t be with me in heaven. When I meditate I observe my physical sensations, feelings, and thoughts, and realize that the “I” doing the observing is greater than these. They aren’t limited to any specific religion and see all religion as a resource for human spiritual growth. Given this woman’s conditioning and life experience she is simply reacting to life as she imagines it, and doing so with the only tools at her disposal.
My unmarried daughter died in a car crash a few weeks ago and my son has offered to adopt her baby boy, but only if he can raise him as a Muslim. This is probably the best place to start to get a good feeling for what is available in the Kansas City area. Some will find what they seek, others will continuer to search, and while others will go back to the path they chose previously. As a Medicare counselor he sees and listens to some of the 10,000 boomers joining Medicare each day. It’s been years since I’ve allowed myself such overt and out loud negative mental patterning, but hearing my friend say it reminded me of just how insidious verbal self abuse can be. In this cranky state, I find my old negative mental pattern comes charging through, but now it’s more subtle than my childhood. I am reminded of Gandhi who lived with two great goals: living truthfully (Satya Graha), and living in non violence (Ahimsa). He lived truthfully, and that meant when he saw something that was clearly wrong, instead of just saying “oh well, that’s what everyone seems to be doing and I am a small man and cannot change anything,” instead, he would sit with the discomfort of the situation, and then act on it. But how he stood up against oppression was what was so striking about him, and probably why we honor him with such moving memories today. Are you shooting angry mental “missils” to your coworkers or to your lover when they upset you?
But we pay attention to it, and carefully work to steer ourselves clear in the direction of kindness, or non violence.
He has been a pioneer in the field of yoga, developing Practical Yoga, and co-creating a yoga–reality series for fitTV (Discovery Communications).
Maybe the unkind words to a family member or co-worker were the result of thoughtlessness, frustration, or stress.
Her sound instruction taught me the value of thinking before I speak, and to use kind and encouraging words in conversation.
If it’s necessary to correct a youngster or a fellow worker, speak gently – use “a spoonful of sugar” it “helps the medicine go down”.
Speaker on local and national radio, TV, in bookstores, at conferences and Healthy Living Expos in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. And who better to choose a compilation of songs to promote relaxed presence than Eckhart Tolle?
Among my favorites is Susan Lincoln’s recording of “Karitas,” written by the 12th-century Christian mystic Hildegard of Bingen.
Tibetan flutist Nawang Khechong, a former student of the Dalai Lama, brings such sensitivity and depth to his song, “For as Long as Space Endures,” that it’s no surprise he was nominated for a Grammy. Honey, maple syrup, and fruit juice are all better for you than sugar (organic or not, raw or not), but they are largely simple sugars, so they digest quickly and make you crave more sugar. Though we should steer clear of the “fake” stuff, real pumpkin (including canned pumpkin!) is actually extremely nutrient dense, low in calories and full of vitamins and minerals.
It also helps maintaining weight and lowering blood pressure, which contributes to a healthy heart. Pumpkins also contain lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that have been found to prevent cataracts. Only then can you share what feeds, motivates, and frightens you, and how you both might get free. I realize that I have a body but I’m not limited to that body; I have a mind but I’m greater than that mind.

Second, seriously investigate just why it is you need to disparage your parents’ faith especially to their faces. More Americans are experimenting with other ways to be spiritual besides through traditional denominations and religions. They not only want to know about Medicare, but how they can retire when they have no money. It’s the proverbial pink elephant in the room, but it’s an internal room that only we can see, so detecting the problem can be a challenge unto itself. This got my direct attention recently when I had one of those “cranky” days (that’s code for bitchy and depressed.) I was out of sorts and nothing seemed to be going right. As the Indian people were essentially being enslaved within their own country, he finally stood up and said No. That he could bring an entire nation together without the use of brute strength and force is quite remarkable indeed.
As a writer and teacher, Will encourages all students to trust their impulses and find their true voice.
One way to maintain good relations at home and at work, is to keep guard over one’s thought and tongue – to think and speak gently.
Experience shows that it’s more productive to begin a conversation with words of praise or appreciation before giving your hopefully ‘constructive’ advice. Brown rice syrup and barley malt top my list, as they are complex carbohydrate sugars, meaning that they digest slowly and don’t lead to sugar highs and low or insulin resistance. Pumpkin also contains more potassium that a banana (563 mg in a cup!) and a lot of zinc, which helps with stalling the onset of cardiovascular disease and hypertension. I come to know that I?the limitless I of Self rather than the limited I of ego?is birthless and deathless, without form or gender, religion or creed. Where the previous generations were discreet about personal issues, boomers tend to let everything hang out.
Because our inner critic speaks to us in a voice so familiar we rarely notice it’s presence. I find that I become a really judgmental guy, and that this judgment is particularly harsh. Much of his life was devoted to finding a peaceful path within himself to handle the extraordinary circumstances he faced.
Will currently lives on the Big Island of Hawaii, where he leads weekly yoga and writing classes at Kalani. The desserts you make with brown rice syrup are sweetly satisfying and won’t spike your blood sugar, so you’re less likely to binge.
While it is true that atheists have to determine what is right and wrong for themselves, you do the same by deciding which God to follow. And fourth, when it seems appropriate, compassionately share what you believe rather than attack what others believe. Many believe that one religion is no better than the others and that we can learn from all the great teachers of the world. In fact, as I sit with it and try to understand it more, it all boils down to this: I am simply being mentally violent, and violence is never, ever good. And this path, the peaceful path, was probably his greatest challenge, yet ultimately became his greatest strength. This will allow you to maintain a sense of equanimity in your heart even as your mind storms in conditioned reaction to her no less conditioned action.
Most medical experts agree that fructose is processed by the liver, unlike sucrose and glucose. And, if this person has power over you or can impact your job security, you may want to be on record about her abusive nature. It adds an additional burden on this much overworked gland and changes the way metabolic regulating hormones function, resulting in the release of more fat into the bloodstream (which raises triglycerides, among other things). I’m not saying you should file a formal complaint?I don’t know enough about the situation to advise that?but you might want to speak to a superior you can trust to let him or her know what is going on so that if your co-worker goes down she doesn’t take you with her.

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