Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It has been said that addicts who enter into recovery are actually fortunate for they are forced to take a look at themselves and their spirituality. It seems that many people are incapable of tolerating themselves because they have a negative feelings about themselves.
I have always called it self-inventory when I take stock of where I am in life and how I feel about where I am. It was not until I entered into addiction recovery that I was forced to take a good look at myself. When things went off track I went off to rehab, and through some very extraordinary experiences through the blessing to be able to go to Africa shortly after getting out, I discovered my own spirituality. However one comes to that connection, be it through organized religion or some other way, however one visualizes that positive power to be is up to the individual.
The point of inventory is not to learn about ourselves so that we become armed with facts about how to fix ourselves. This is good information, spirituality is one of those domaines who can help us find the way!
To me, spirituality is about the qualities of the human spirit: love, compassion, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, responsibility, harmony, things that bring real happiness to ourselves and others, contentment and joy.
If we were to use this step by step process to examine what all of the great masters have attempted to communicate, what would these basic axioms, definitions, assumptions and hypotheses be?  And which theory would we then isolate and which protocols, methods and techniques would we use to either prove or disprove the fundamental theory we come up with?  A truly scientifically minded approach, research into various spiritual traditions would not only include the most prominent texts, but also all the varied information available.  For example, in drawing a comprehensive comparison between the fundamental messages of Christianity against other traditions, it would be unscientific to exclude a careful analysis the many documents that were removed from the bible such as the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Mary, the Didache, Pistas Sophia, Gospel of Peter, etc. At least these are the basic theories, postulates, corollaries, axioms and definitions that we take as our model to prove or disprove. To get to the truth, we again look scientifically at a cross section of all the traditions to extract the protocols, methods and techniques recommended by all the Great Masters to be used for verification. Conscious Connection is published by Anthony Chiaravallo with editorial support provided by a global staff of expert writers and editors. Our exclusive digital edition goes out once a month and is a highlight of our best content.

About Conscious ConnectionConscious Connection is the ultimate lifestyle magazine for cultural creatives. We are a global community of visionary businesses, social entrepreneurs and dedicated change agents advocating for sustainability, personal transformation and eco-creative living.
But Conscious Connection is more than just a magazine -- we are part of a global movement that's uniting eco-style and sustainability values to redefine consumption and usher in a new era of abundance and prosperity. But in Islam,, “work is worship” if it is done with the intention to help humanity and to please GOD the creator of the heavens and the earth. It also states that all Muslims should refrain from saying anything negative about other Gods including name-calling. By self-examination, recovering addicts are able to realize that their lack of spirituality is partly the cause of their distress. They start to have a distorted self image which leads them to go to great lengths to escape or deny their identity as they perceive it. Sadly, years started to pile up where I was avoiding performing self-inventory due to fear and disgust.
But, it is impossible to embark on self improvement without knowing where your starting point is.
There for I never made any self improvements and since self improvement is such a huge component of spirituality I was void of spirituality. I can’t even begin to explain to you in words what my idea of spirituality is, I just know it when I feel it.
I’ve harnessed what has happened through that experience and have gone on to study a non-12 step spiritual system which has brought me closer to the steps. I’m a social worker that works with addicts, one in particular does not like AA and could benefit from something other than AA or 12 step groups. You have captured the goal of the book-to assist women and men to consider their recovery (and their lives) as gifts from God.
I invite all winners to join me there for an ongoing (twice weekly) discussion of recovery and spirituality.

Furthermore, we can take as a working axiom, things like the concepts of ‘we are not our bodies’, ‘we are not our egos’, ‘we are not our memories’ and ‘we are not our minds’.  As with  all scientific processes, we begin to use these basic building blocks of definitions and axioms and gradually move to postulates and hypotheses to slowly build up a model. As the ultimate lifestyle magazine for cultural creatives, our mission is to empower people everywhere to be the change that the world needs while designing the ultimate lifestyle in the process. Our mission is to empower people everywhere to be the change that the world needs while designing the ultimate lifestyle in the process. We feature interviews with the world’s foremost environmental innovators as well as unique editorial content contributed by industry leading experts. I had neglected my spirit for so long that I was truly afraid of what I would find if I looked. To get a starting point, you need to do a self-inventory and find out what your assets are and in what areas that you need work.
I have been able to accept the fact that spirituality seems to be more about questions than it is about answers. I went meetings, I had a sponsor, I worked the steps, yet my world was still stripped of colour.
We each have issues to think through regarding how this all happened and how to move forward. Rather, a miracle is something improbable and unexpected, the causes of which we may not understand. My readers will know that I favor the idea that a spiritual dimension is the common thread uniting all religions, which at the end of the day are all seeking the same Truth.

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