Recently a woman in my city lost her 18-year-old son in a tragic and violent drug-related death.
I really don’t know this woman, but I have children too and the agony that came out on her blog posts touched me and probably thousands of others like me. That is probably the sappiest thing I have ever written but it is undeniable and true so why not say it?  The Internet now allows you to find your folks wherever they may be, to establish your personal movement.
Does this sound weird to you?  I think it can happen for anybody if you give it a chance.  The social web is spreading love from country to country and server to server, to laptops, smart phones, iPads and people. I am in daily contact with people who inspire me from Sweden, Malaysia, Jordan, France, Australia, Russia and many other nations.  Perhaps you are too.
Pause for a moment and realize that you and I are experiencing a milestone in human history.  A profound and spiritual milestone, I think. Look through the silliness, cut through the drivel, ignore the hate.  There is a core light of hope streaming above it all with the potential to unite us, heal us, and inspire us no matter who or where we are. There’s nothing better than having a thought in your heart and then seeing someone else articulate it so profoundly. Sometimes it takes a post like this to remind ourselves that it’s always a wonderful to connect around this planet.
I personally see my life as much richer because of the Net because of all the people who’ve come to be my friends, as we help each other along this journey. Your message is profound and totally resonates with me and what I’ve been working on for over three years now. With Facebook, for instance, I know folks get riled at Mark Zuckerberg’s behaviors at times.
The world of social media is just too powerful NOT to use it to spread these spiritual touch points. Congratulations Mark on writing such a meaningful post to remind us that behind the fans, followers and friends are people that we have the ability with whom we influence, support, connect and elevate…sometimes without ever knowing how.
I’m a huge believer in the good of humanity, and contrary to a lot of public perception, this is only amplified by the web. I find hope and encouragement every single day, in both connections of mine and connections of those I’m connected to. I also look at the folks that have taken the idea of 12for2k (sorry, selfish inspiration time here) and grown it beyond anything I could have even contemplated when starting it 18 months ago.

Mark, I am reading your post because Mari shared it on Facebook, and I am so glad and grateful that she did, and that you wrote this post. Underneath all of the buzz there is the pulse of humanity… your post is a beautiful reminder of how one connecting to one and sharing with others can create something significant. However, far be it from me to be a Site Hijacker, so I’ll graciously bop into the sunset, humming to myself. You know it is refreshing to hear someone talk about something other than business, ROI, authenticity and all the rest of that. I have heard Victor Canada teach this for years, and hear it in the threads of people like Chris Brogan & Mack Collier. I just discovered this post & believe, like you, that a spirituality of social media comes from a spirit of community. At end of the day the social web should be an extension of who we really are and what we aspire to.
We were a community of strangers united in grief.  We connected through Twitter, through comments, through prayer for her family. It’s amazing to think about.  More love in more places around the world gotta be a good thing,  right? I think this needs to be said over and over again until we truly realize just what we have through the social web.
But I’ve always admired his mission for Facebook and that is to help the world be more connected and communicate more effectively such that world problems might be solved.
You are definitely one the spiritual touchpoints in the world for me who teach and inspire!
And when we choose to grow in positive ways, we have the opportunity to touch so many others along the way.
I met some folks in a tweet up who took time out of their day to be with us at a local Barnes and Noble. When I was a boy, my sister was obsessed with David Cassidy, The Partridge Family and that Leif-Garrett-swooning-over-boy- band scene.
However I think we can all agree that banning Patridge Family music just makes good business sense.
The awesome strength of 140-character limitation forces us all to be sparingly with our words, and think very well about them.

At different times I’ve heard people say Twitter saved them from the pain of isolation. If you choose to seek out the negative then of course you’ll find it BUT if you look for the positive then the world is full of inspiring, interesting people doing wonderful things for the planet and each other.
This reminds me of the 93 Dollar Club video that was shown by Matt Hicks at SMM2011 in Atlanta. I wholeheartedly endorse everything you’ve just written ~ and will be spending the rest of the night trying to knock out the David Cassidy song that started spinning in my head part-way through this post (I Think I Love You). However, as you so eloquently illustrated, there is a tremendous amount of good that can be garnered from this media. When we can keep that bigger picture in mind and focus on the real human beings behind all the user profiles, it makes it easier to forgive Facebook’s constant changes! Loved seeing a social media post on all the good that can come of all of our connectedness instead of why things suck online.
It struck me that some of these folks are people I would have NEVER ever known or even thought I would want to know if not for new tools and technology. I feel like shouting it from the rooftops, but maybe I’ll just RT your post for starters!
When we embrace social media and just spew information, we don’t interact and we shamelessly self promote, in many ways we are being disrespectful to the spirituality of the venue.
It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. Thank you for writing a blog post that challenges us to direct our attention to the positive. Those who are able to look past the tool and truly connect in authentic ways are the ones I believe will ignite their biz and lives over the next decade.

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