These experiential learning and healing oppurtunities are the basic tools of practice used in the Stress Reduction Clinic. Daily chi kung instruction, all transportation in Mexico including service to and from Mexico City airport and guided tours. Xochicalco is the fourth most visited archaeological zone in the whole country and is the most innovative nocturnal show. Individuals who are not able to participate in the group experience offered through the Clinic can purchase these recorded materials for individual use.

Edwin Riley, author, teacher and expert in stress reduction is a pioneer of healthy vacations through his highly regarded Stress Reduction Vacations in Mexico. Be prepared for lush peaceful colorful surroundings, dancing salsa under the stars, a delicious soak in a tub filled with wonderful barks and herbal scents, soothing massage . I want to attend the next Stress Reduction Vacation and would like to confirm my reservation now.
Hundreds of people have conquered stress-related disorders and illness and learned the secrets of lifelong happiness through the Stress Reduction Vacations.

We had such unique experiences in meeting local healers and shamans and experiencing their healing arts.
Side effects as reported by readers, just to list a few, include youthful energy and hysterical laughter.

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