Overcome low self confidence and mental barriers and begin to create the life that you deserve to live today! Overcome self defeating patterns, mental barriers, limiting beliefs and self doubt that may be holding you back from living your fullest potential. The subliminal confident phrases have been carefully designed to promote a confident and self assured attitude.
Release past negative programming and begin to reprogram the mind with confident, competent and empowering messages. Reprogram your mind with self assuring messages and confidence building phrases and affirmations, designed to help create and reinforce an exciting new mindset to become more self assured and confident, maximising your overall personal development program.
When used as a self improvement tool, self help quotes, positive affirmations and subliminal self hypnosis messages may be useful for those who have chose to use it as part of an overall self improvement plan - providing' that there is motivation and a determination by the listener to bring about the desired change. Build self confidence and take control of your life with the aid of this confidence building subliminal audio.

In the unlikely event merchandise is damaged upon transit please return the item and we will gladly re-send you a replacement free of charge. You can attract the perfect partner, with the right mindset, and a renewed sense of self confidence and the right set of values.
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Begin building self confidence with this subliminal audio, professionally designed to awaken self belief.
The powerful subliminal self confidence messages have been blended into the music, consciously you will hear the music, however on a deep subconscious level the powerful confidence building affirmations subliminal messages are absorbed, helping in the creation of a new mindset to become charismatically self confident and self assured. The subliminal suggestions are layered within the music and are designed to bypass the conscious mind or conscious level of perception. This powerful confidence building subliminal audio consists of ambient music and positive subliminal messages designed to support your self help journey.

This self hypnosis program also utilizes heart centered chakra balancing tones and sound therapy techniques, to deepen the hypnotic state. We combine this science with the art of spiritually healing sound, for wholeness and balance. The conscious mind is not aware of them, as they have been layered just below the music (you may hear a slight scratching whisper). However, the positive subliminal messages are perceived by the subconscious mind, as the recorded information is sent directly to the subconscious mind.

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