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For those not looking to be a sugar baby, other nontraditional dating sites also offer women the opportunity to make money. What’s Your Price, owned by Seeking Arrangement’s parent company, sets up first dates between two people much like other dating sites — except for the fact that a “generous male” must pay an “attractive female” to go out with him. After the first date, it’s up to the man and woman to decide where the relationship will go. Though Urick and others might claim the sites founder Brandon Wade started have created many happy endings, Wade himself isn’t so optimistic about love. Wade’s own problems with love are why the MIT graduate initially started Seeking Arrangement. As with any arrangement with a stranger over the Internet, there’s always an element of danger -- especially during the first meet-up. Robyn, who characterized herself as “adventurous,” said she has yet to find herself in a situation where she has felt unsafe. In addition to taking classes toward her science major at UCLA, Robyn is very involved in volunteer work, including with the homeless. Though Robyn said she’s interested in the men she meets as characters and doesn’t care about names or details, personal information does come up sometimes. For her part, however, Robyn said she doesn’t share family details but is open to discussing her work, volunteering and travel.
Though Robyn has not told anyone about her use of Seeking Arrangement, she said she is not completely closed to the idea. If the relationship does progress further, Robyn said she would be open to telling her partner about being a sugar baby, but said she doesn’t see it as a necessity.
Emily said she has told one person, a close friend who she doesn’t feel judged by, about this aspect of her life. Emily doesn’t use her experiences on the sites as an exercise in character study as Robyn does, but she also learns from her partners. Emily, a business administration major, has learned to take advantage of whatever information these men can provide her with.
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It is free for women to join these websites, but men have to pay as much as $100 per month to make contact with women. These websites have kept a low profile in Singapore, unlike controversial Canada-based dating portal Ashley Madison, which connects would-be adulterers.

But there are no similar plans for sugar dating sites, which are growing in popularity around the world. Senior director for youth services at the Singapore Children's Society Carol Balhetchet said such websites should be banned even if many more will pop up in their wake.
Mr Wade, a US citizen who made millions running online dating ventures widely criticised for being a thin disguise for the sex trade, did not respond to media queries. He had studied in St Andrew's Secondary School and Hwa Chong Junior College before breaking a government scholarship bond and evading national service to pursue his studies abroad.
This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts. There are many older men who have achieved success and made their money, who would love to date a younger, attractive woman. This site caters to young women who are early in their careers, and who may be struggling financially. This site handles wealthy individuals of both sexes, and the people who want to connect with them, rather than focusing specifically on older men and younger women. The platform has a slightly different focus than the others, targeting married people who want to find a lover. Emily also uses this site as a source of income and says it gives her more control over her dates than Seeking Arrangement. He says the inspiration came when his mother told him to concentrate on his studies, that the girls would come once he was successful.
According to Johnson, Wade attends multiple weddings each year of people who met through the site. Urick said that due to cross-marketing by the company there is a lot of overlap in regard to members of the site.
Robyn said she has kept her relationships with all four men she met through the site short.
She said no one in her regular life knows she is also “Robyn,” and she does not reveal her real name to sugar daddies she meets. The first man Robyn met through the site, a math professor at a local college, told her about his wife and young child. She uses the opportunity to have another identity as a way to learn more about herself as well. Though she said she’s never been in a committed long-term relationship before due to time constraints, she is currently seeing someone she met at a conference related to her volunteer work a few months ago.
These men are mostly in their 40s and 50s and listed occupations include lawyers, traders or marketing directors.

Instead, parents can shield their children and peers can coax their friends away from temptations.
There are also many young women who enjoy the company of a more mature man, with the worldly experience and financial stability that they can provide. It helps them find a match with an older, successful man who has greater financial resources, so they can set up a mutually beneficial relationship.
Though its primary focus is older men and younger women, it says that gay sugar daddies and babies are welcome on the site, too. They describe the arrangements they facilitate as relationships between two people which benefit both parties, by providing financial assistance in return for friendship or intimacy.
Though not only for sugar daddies, most of the matches on the site are for older, wealthy men who want to date attractive but less affluent younger women. The trouble is a lot of the guys on here aren’t wealthy and you might get $20 offered for a date compared to $200.
One sugar baby and sugar daddy who met on the site fell in love, she said, and the couple is now engaged and expecting a child. Though it’s most often an older man and a younger woman, other combinations are possible, too. The site offers free basic membership, but to contact other free members, you need to pay a monthly fee for an upgraded membership.
The site has a free membership option, and it connects people for relationships ranging from casual pen pals to longer term intimate relationships. The site states that all of the men on the site must be verified to make at least $100,000 annual income, and that all of the women must be beautiful. Membership is free for women who want to be sugar babies, and potential sugar daddies can browse through profiles of beautiful women for free. People seeking one of these relationships will find that a dating site that caters to sugar daddies can help them find somebody who is right for them.
You can sign up for a free membership, but you cannot contact other members unless you pay for a premium membership.

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