Today's red post collection features a summary of the recent Azir Q&A, a details FAQ on the Ascension featured gameplay mode, the upcoming summoner name change sale, and more!
Red Post collection: Patch Rundown 4.16, Lyte on Dominion, Socrates on Ranked Experiences, and more! With Shurima's Emperor set to release in the near future,  the team who worked on Azir  took to the forums to answer your questions regarding his development and background! Azir is an interesting champion that breaks a few "rules" of what a mid laner is supposed to do. Joining me in this thread is Squad5, who is responsible for Azir's balance and gameplay health. For myself, I was always driven by the question of "what does it feel like to be the emperor?" Consequently a lot of my gameplay design was focused on creation and manipulation of underlings. In Azir's case, we had a bunch of old kits that were basically straight-forward mage kits (AOE spell, utility spell, CC spell) that we knew we didn't want to ship.
So for Azir, we sat down in the beginning of this current kit's lifetime with champion team and split into 4-5 smaller teams, sometimes just two dudes, jamming on different takes on Azir. One thing that all the kits had in common were soldiers; the kit I worked on had a skill that summoned three targetable guards that moved in formation in front of you, blocking skill shots, until you reactivated the ability to send all surviving soldiers forward as skill shots. This was a really, really cool exercise (we called it AZIRDOME -- THE SHURIMARING, named after the THUNDERDOME code jam we do two-three times a year here at Riot) and it quickly taught us a lot of things that were cool about Azir, first and foremost being soldiers and controlling them. We quickly identified that dropping zones and forgetting about them leads to super defensive kits that often make not engaging with the champion the correct choice.
This is probably the most disgustingly overloaded and overcomplicated skill I ever designed. Narrative team & others are here to answer your questions about Azir and his place in Shurima.
For others, like the people currently inhabiting the desert of Shurima, they knew it existed a long time ago and there are believed to be no "true" Shurimans remaining. Azir believes that the other city-states would benefit from Shurima's culture and way of life. Long long time ago (4ish Years ago, this is around the time I began working at Riot) there was this Sand Champion called Seth. It got iced-box till the team decided to pick this concept up again (this was last 2 years) . When we want to make another Shuriman Champion, we decided to go through the idea that is something instantly relates (visually) to Renekton and Nasus.
Reach4TheSkylar also commented that Azir's soldier animations were recently we done to better accommodate high attack speed builds.
With Ascension available on live between now and September 21st, L4T3NCY has thrown together an FAQ to cover some of the common questions about the featured gameplay mode! Gold & XP in Ascension are EXACTLY the same for all players on both teams at all times.

For a few seconds after teleporting, players are imbued with the "Phoenix Dawn" buff, which dramatically increases resistances and tenacity. Last week, rumor says that the eighth class which could be a Necromancer or a Warlock for Kun and Jin is under development.
It has recently come to my attention that some igns include if not made up of special characters that are not within the basic alphanumeric choices, is this bannable?
The studio realizes that some players don't care about their account security or IP, though, because they're not even playing anymore. When inactive immunity runs out, the summoner name will be available for other players who want to change their name. If a player returns after a long absence to find someone has claimed their summoner name, they'll be prompted to choose a new one. One of the bigger ones is the fact that to access the majority of his damage, Azir has to right click pretty much like an AD carry. The kit I worked on had a sand resource that you had to gather, made a triangle of obelisks for the ultimate fight arena, and spammed sand missiles from sources of sand, for instance. Another kit summoned two walls of soldiers that immediately charged forward, knocking enemies back (sound familiar?) Squad5 made that ability and it obviously strongly inspired my ultimate. I don't think I could have come up with a kit this unique without the help of the entire team. A bunch of high diamond players here at Riot have called him the most difficult champion in our game. Azir support probably works as a gimmicky off build, kind of on par with, say, Ahri support or Karthus support; like, yes, you can poke in bot lane, you bring some CC, but by not scaling as well as you would mid lane you give up a lot. Like, "How does he keep his feathers so well-groomed?" and, "How does a bird like him survive in the desert?" (You'll have better questions.
Still a dictator, but a kind one, and he was interested in his people's well-being and prosperity.
It was ancient even in the time Nasus and Renekton lived as humans, which was before Azir's time and WAY before Sivir's. To accomplish this, I tried as much as possible to give his cloth "feathers" the feeling of wings. Even if the other team has been stomping, they have as much chance to lose their next Xerath fight as your team does to defeat them, Ascend, and go on a comeback killing spree. Once you've used the Golden Transcendence trinket to teleport into battle, you cannot return until death. While Ascended you are revealed at ALL times to the enemy team, regardless of if you're hiding in brush or playing a stealth champion.
Be aware that if you are Teemo, Eve, etc, you will still be visible while channeling a Relic of Shurima. Korean name have been in abundance lately and I'd like to know if I should be reporting these people.

Thanks to these changes, summoners can better secure their accounts or get the name they always wanted. After that's done, the player will get email messages when any account information is changed.
Anyone who sets up this feature will get an Influence Points boost for their next four wins.
Inactive players will now be in danger of losing their summoner names if they haven't logged in. Players who purchase their name change with RP will be able to do so for half the normal price. Top teams of LoL players from throughout the world will compete on a weekly basis for a chance to advance to the World Championship in South Korea. This looks deceptively simple, but if you've had a chance to check him out on the PBE you'll know it's much harder than it looks. GypsyLord made a kit with a sandstorm ultimate that literally covered the entire map and slowed all enemies in the game. CertainlyT's kit had a spawn soldier mechanic where you could order soldiers to turn into skill shots by attacking enemies: all soldiers in range of an auto attack target would charge toward that target. Vel'Koz conversely has such great base damages that he doesn't need to build scaling items to be effective.
He got a little ahead of himself, though - hence the over-enthusiastic Ascension ritual - but even that was done with good intentions. If you guys have any other questions or comments on things I've missed or you want to know more about, feel free to ask below! Even if you bought a GP10 item, say Avarice Blade, and never upgraded it to a Statik Shiv for the whole 20min game (coz that's a good idea?), the total spoils from your diabolical plan will be ~360G at the end of the match.
You can still use these two skills to efficiently burn him down, but they will always leave him on 1 HP at best. None of these work because art team, at the time, didn't have resources for scrolling sand textures, which was a big part of his character then. I also wanted him to feel light and agile as if at any moment he could catch a gust of wind and lift off the ground. We are still not sure when the western beta is coming but it is not likely to be within this year. It completes the Shurima trio and fits the puzzle as well because of the emphasized thematic "Shurima Emperor." Another obstacle we encountered is how we make sand magic thematically unique for him.

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