Nearly three decades since it was released in 1985, someone has found a new, seemingly unknown glitch in the original "Super Mario Bros." While it's yet to be confirmed by another source, this YouTube video was posted that adds to the list of documented glitches in the game that provide an unintended result. To this day, there are still a large number of devotees that play the original on a regular basis. The point of interest here is not that you can get infinite lives, as there are already well-documented ways to make that happen, but that there's a glitch in the game whereby the beanstalk that was growing in Luigi's game in world 5-2 starts growing in Mario's world 1-2, and it went unnoticed (or at least not well-documented) for nearly 30 years. If anyone is able to verify this, please share in the comments below and we'll be sure to update this if we're able to find someone that's verified it as well. Facebook user Link Willian Hyrule has claimed to confirm this on an original Nintendo with an original cartridge.
Mario has 300 seconds on the timer to complete this level, and it consists mainly of an underground area, where Lava becomes a hazard early in the stage. Mario begins the level near a spring on top of an Block right above the lava, where a Blargg waits, hidden in the lava, to attack Mario when he approachs the spring. The nearby green Warp Pipe brings Mario to the second area of the cavern, where he can defeat several Buzzy Beetles by sliding down the slopes and avoiding a small pit with a few Munchers, to the bottom of the cavern, where another green Warp Pipe takes Mario to a dangerous area with Spike Tops, and yellow platforms bobbing in the lava.

Chocolat Island Secret Course 1 (actually a portmanteau between ???????? chokoreto (chocolate) and ??? -to (Island, as used in names)). This is especially interesting considering the amount of time some have put in to discovering things just like this in this one particular game for nearly 30 years. It is in a subterranean location that overlooks the Valley of Bowser and is accessible via Warp Pipes from Chocolate Island after finding a secret exit in Chocolate Island 2. If Mario completes this level, he gains access to Wendy's Castle, skipping most of the levels in Chocolate Island.
The level starts out already dangerous, as Mario can fall in the lava if he keeps going to the right. Once Mario steps these platforms, they start to sink in the lava, forcing the hero to run and jump from platform to platform until he reaches solid ground.
A corridor with two Buzzy Beetles follow this and as Mario crosses this corridor, he is attacked by Chargin' Chucks, kicking footballs at him. Dodging these dangerous enemies and avoiding Bottomless Pits, Mario must continue through the level, eventually finding a ?

Block containing either a Super Mushroom or a Cape, depending on the plumber's current form. Mario eventually finds another row of yellow platforms in the lava, leading the hero to the only Dragon Coin of the level.
This pipe leads to an above-ground area with an Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother and falling Platforms over a Bottomless Pit. At the end of that area is a yellow Warp Pipe that leads back down into the main underground area. Another Chargin' Chuck attacks the plumber with footballs, as he approaches a green Warp Pipe. Mario can find the Midway Gate of the level once he passes through an area with two Chargin' Chucks.

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