As mentioned before, there are many rotating platforms over a Bottomless Pit throughout the course in addition to some occasional solid ground. A portmanteau between ???????? chokoreto (chocolate) and ??? -to (Island, as used in names); effectively "Chocolate Island Course 3". There is a Warp Pipe halfway through the level that takes Mario or Luigi into a room full of Coins and one Dragon Coin. Many enemies patrol the center of the moving platforms: first Koopa Troopas and then Fuzzies orbiting the center.

The other exit is across a wide Bottomless Pit that must be reached by using the Cape or a flying Yoshi. Towards the first Goal Gate is a Bonus Block and arrow signs under the Goal Gate possibly hinting the player to go to the second Goal Gate. The first exit opens a circular path around the mountains (which leads Mario in a circle and is practically useless, but is still needed for a perfect score).
Blocks (after Mario has collected a Super Mushroom) emit Cape Feathers rather than Fire Flowers.

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