I was curious how the Japanese version of Super Mario World was different from what I grew up with, so I played it a little bit. At the very end of Funky (the last Special Zone stage), you are rewarded with 'YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER!!' written with coins. On your way, if you're on the top platform you will get an opportunity to get another feather on the way. If you can keep the platforms and a few of the buzzsaws on the screen, sprite overload will keep the rest from appearing. You'll get the opportunity to try out the ropes here before it actually gets serious near the end. At the end you'll have to use the rope to cross a large gap with loads of buzzsaws on the way. You can also attempt to drop off at the platform below and leap over to the goal tape, but it's more difficult. Adventurous players who discover the secret exit will find a 3-up moon waiting for them just before the goal tape.
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The mushroom platforms work like scales; jump on one and it sinks down while the other rises. You will need to jump off the red Paratroopa at the end to make it to the wooden platform at the end.

Jumping skills are of great importance here: you will need to jump off the whole row of green Paratroopas to get over to the next set of mushroom platforms.
To climb the mushroom platforms, you will need to use them like stairs: jump on one and wait until the other one rises far enough up, climb it, get to the next set, rinse and repeat.
Use the group of red Paratroopas to slowly jump over to the pipe which leads to the goal tape. Behind the pipe, the green star block will award you with a 1-up if you've managed to collect 30 coins in this level. You had to unlock it by finding the secret exit in the last level of the already-secret Star World. The bottom one will eventually lead into the void, so only take it if you want to collect Dragon Coins.
This section is difficult to cross with Yoshi, but it's possible by bouncing off the buzzsaws. The Arizona student, who attended Red Mountain High School, exposed his genitals in his high schoola€™s varsity football team photo after being dared to do so by a teammate. You should bring any power-ups you might need with you, as there are few opportunities to get any within the level. That means you can't keep standing on one of them for too long and will basically need to jump around all the time. If you have completed the Red Switch Palace, you will have an additional platform that saves you from falling down. At the end, slowly sink down as the screen scrolls down and use the Paratroopas for a safe descent.
The screen scrolls quickly so you have no time to stand around - leap forward quickly and hope that you make it.

Your reward for beating this (difficult-to-my-8-year-old-self) Special Zone is a set of graphical changes: a sprite swap of many of the enemies and a slightly different world map. Both the middle and top ones are safe, but the top one will allow you to jump to the midway gate at the end as well. Having a cape on Mario will allow you to pass this level by running, bouncing, and floating across, rather than waiting for platforms to take you. The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing. Blue Yoshi (from the Cheese Bridge area) gets a bonus as he can use the abundant Koopas to fly around freely. This will count as completing the level (even if you fall down the void in the bonus area), and on top of that, your Yoshi will turn blue! To reach it, you will need to fly beneath the normal exit and then rise back up through the floor. Get a running jump, fall down beneath the normal exit and jump off Yoshi at the last second to get back up through the floor. If you're quick, you can snag a 1-up from the second block from the left in the topmost row.

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