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Isabelle Robinet’s Taoist Meditation is the first and only scholarly study to discuss the ancient Mao-shan Taoist tradition of visionary meditation while, at the same time, helping to clarify the little understood relationship among the early Taoist classics, the Buddhist tradition, and the later Taoist religion. Table of ContentsList of Illustrations and FiguresTranslators' Preface Foreword to the English Edition Introduction Chronological Table Chapter 1. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.

The Fertile Abysses of the Body The Kidneys and the Lower Cinnabar Field The Gate of Destiny, Ming-men The Origin of the Barrier, Kuan-yüanIII. The Tz'u-i ching (Scripture of the Feminine One) and the T'ai-tan yin-shu (Secret Book of the Supreme Cinnabar) 1. Meditation Practices: The Sidereal March, Nourishments of Light, and Flight to the Stars 2. The Hierogamic Transposition of Attributes: Alternation and the Coincidence of Opposites 3.

Meditation Practices: The Mantle of Stars, Heavenly Couch, and the Mesh of the Network 3.

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