Grand Duke Jiang investiture the gods - Receive Decree (a§?a¤?a…¬a°?c?za”€a”€e ??—? ), which means "Be the Savior"?„?e¬‚e¦??•‘a?–a??. Ancient, the gods possessed spirit mediums giving medical treatment to solve the problem .. The introduction of Doomsday Savior Psychic Master Hozn who is the Abbot of Kunlun Yozu Palace in Taiwan Yushan lines.
I really remembered that day was the birthday of Queen Mother.The believers came in a continuous stream from all over Taiwan,Though the mountain path was very narrow at that time.
People took the bus and went up Kunlu hill.People crowded and could not move on the Yozu bridge.
The soft, yielding (Yin) movements of the snake overcame the strength and direct force of the crane's attack with its beak and wings (Yang).

By remaining relaxed while the crane struggled, the snake could read the movements of the bird, and move naturally to avoid the attack. In terms of meditation, this means exploring what makes us separate from other beings; what takes us away from harmony and tempts us to use force to overcome obstacles. Chang San Fen was inspired to devise a set of movements which synthesised the efficiency of the martial arts with meditation, movements and relaxation for mind, body and spirit. Amongst the health benefits of Tai Chi, the soft turning and bending of the body gives the internal organs a gentle massage, encouraging them to function efficiently.
By incorporating his many years of training in wushu, Daoist internal alchemy, and qi gong Zhang San Feng created Neijiaquan, which was later called Taijiquan or the Taiji 13 Form.
Relaxed, natural movement, a soft external and strong internal, moving like clouds and flowing water, continuous and unimpeded action and many other techniques are Wudanga€™s great attributes that distinguish it from other wushu.

I was born in the Republic of China Taiwan in 1960,was graduated from Department of Industrial Engineering at TungHai University ,I live in Chiayi County Zhongpu Town Zhonlun village 40-8. The most common is that a 13th Century Taoist hermit, Chang San Feng, who lived on Wu Tang mountain, devised it after observing a fight between a snake and a crane.
Tai Chi is essentially slow and meditative but there is evidence that dropping the 'Thinking Mind' helps athletes to improve performance.

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