OriginAmergin (a mythological figure sometimes known as Aimhirghin Glungheal) was the poet, seer and lawmaker of the Milesians, the Gaelic invaders, whose first successful landfall was at what is now Waterville.
If you’re wondering how you will look like when you hit 100 years, take a look at these photos! You must be wondering what secret elixir these centenarians have been using – and the answer is, one couldn’t be specified!
As he stepped ashore, Amergin recited his famous poem claiming identity with the surrounding landscape.

My older brother would cut the lawn at the nursing home and 100 year old people would tell him how to do it. Scientists claim that the key factor is mostly good genes and healthy diet, plus, enthusiastic and extrovert personalities tend to cope with trials of old age better.
Waterville Vocational School, which is now reincarnated as Tech Amergin Community Arts & Education Centre was commonly known as 'The Tech' or Technical School.
Tech Amergin under the aegis of Kerry ETB (The VEC in Kerry) organises a wide and comprehensive range of courses for the local community as well as a regular programme of arts events.

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