Titles can be a nuisance, but you need to be creative with your title: Just because that one nam e sounds epic, ask before you use it. Didn't you ever think that Gumball and his friends should be in an anime as the main heroes? Please note that writing a crossover between opposite shows, such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with Borderlands 2 without out of character ponies would be hard without a mature rating, which we don't accept as of late. Starting on the first day of each month through the twenty fifth of each month, you may post a FanFiction on the wiki corresponding to the prompt.
Crossovers WILL be accepted, but if we cannot accept it, we'll notify you of it and explain.
To enter, put the tag for the corresponding month and year (ex: December 2012 Contest) on it. The reward for each contest will be a feature on the bottom of the front page for that month. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. If you want something a little different, than why not check out The Amazing World of Gumball on DVD! The Amazing World of Gumball is an British-American animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network. When Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe was created in 2007, Ben Bocquelet was hired in order to help people pitch their projects to the network. Anais Watterson Anais Watterson: A prodigy at five years old, she is a rabbit who is considered to be the youngest and smartest character on the show, often being called a genius and attending school with her much older brother.
Nicole Watterson: A workaholic cat mother, who also works long hours cleaning the house, she is the only responsible member of the family aside from Anais. Laurence "Larry" Needlemeyer: Store clerk who has a apparent dark past pertaining to him once being fat and lazy, far more than Richard Watterson. Tina Rex: A female talking dinosaur who tends to be more on the havoc causing side for Gumball and Darwin. Banana Joe: A hyperactive talking banana who enjoys fun, and cracking jokes, the class clown of Elmore Junior High. Kenneth: A gelatinous, blobby mass that is made up gross things, like say trash, garbage, unidentifiable matter and so, mixed with microwave radiation.
Gumball's private part has been seen on more than one occasion on this series, hinting that the show may have its rating changed to TV-PG soon if necessary.
Most know what they are, but FanFiction is, for instance, you or I, not writers of the show, write a story about Gumball and his friends. Or that a character from a different fandom would make a heck of a difference, should you write a fic?

It'll be posted here, and at eight o'clock on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, PennyFitzgerald will be on Chat, accepting prompt suggestions from users. Until further notice, voting will be held the 26th in Chat from eight thirty Eastern time to nine o'clock. However, when the studio decided to have its employees all pitch their own ideas, he decided to take some of the rejected characters he had created for commercials and put them all in one series, with a school setting. A male 12-year-old trouble-making cat who repeatedly does idiotic things but never learns his lesson.
More naive than anyone else in the series, and has a tendency to have moments of smartness. Gumball resents the fact that she is always telling him what to do, but deep down, he actually loves her, and knows she's always right.
Richard Watterson tends to give off signs that he no intelligence or responsibility, and most likely might get into mayhem a couple times. Bobert also happens to have a powerful, destructive array of buit in weaponry, and can transform into a bigger, more combat suited version of himself.
He is always cracking jokes about whatever he can, whenever he can, without realizing that the joke is usually on him.
He seems to be quite simple minded, and is one of the less popular students of Elmore Junior High.
She takes great pleasure in giving her students pop quizzes and being generally unpleasant, which is somewhat justified by the fact that she has been teaching for over 300,000 years. Principal Brown has is dating Miss Simian, leaving him incapable of attending to Elmore Junior High. Carrie feels this way because the only feeling she has left is pain and hunger, in the case of the latter this is because she cannot eat.
Kenneth also has an immense appetite ranging from eating trash to living matter, or everything except vegetables and fruits.
It is unknown if it will be shown uncensored on the DVD release of the series (as in most instances DVDs usually air content uncensored).
Wallpaper images in the The Amazing World of Gumball club tagged: the amazing world of gumball darwin cartoon network. Do you think that there aren't any antagonists to choose from in Gumball, so you want to use one from a different show? We accept crossovers here and at our affiliated group, The Amazing World of Gumball Crossover wiki.
Wallpaper images in the The Amazing World of Gumball club tagged: the amazing world of gumball the wattersons cartoon network. Wallpaper images in the The Amazing World of Gumball club tagged: the amazing world of gumball gumball the dress season 1. Daniel Lennard, the Vice President of Original Series and Development at Turner Broadcasting UK, liked the idea and the series was ultimately greenlit.

Although impatient with her brother, she often tags along with him on his misadventures as a voice of reason. She often acts like a guide when Gumball and Darwin get in a tough spot with their misadventures.
His usual daily routine is sleeping, eating, and usually generally slacking off and being lazy. Joe is quite restless and dim-witted, which usually leads to him getting hurt in some heinous way. Surprisingly, Leslie is actually a male character, not female as would probably be assumed.
Carrie is translucent, like most ghosts, and has a stereoscopic outline, which makes her appear to be 3D. There were twenty half-hours worth of episodes written for the first season, but only eighteen were actually created. He has an unbearable crush on Penny, the (formerly) antlered peanut, and the (currently) shape-shifting fairy, and once after cracking her shell open, they started dating. Joe is mostly seen hanging out with Tobias, and the two sometimes hang out with Gumball and Darwin. Leslie plays the flute in the school band, and like all plants, he dries up if he does not get any water for a long period of time. For instance, on one occasion she pretended to be Darwin's girlfriend in order to impress the other girls. A second season was announced on March 17th, 2011 and it will consist of an additional twenty half-hours worth of episodes, bringing the total to thirty-eight.
Tobias and Gumball has a bit of a rivalry after Tobias gave Darwin five dollars if he became friends with him. Banana Joe is prone to becoming sliced or smashed, since he is a banana, although he goes back to his regular self and shape afterwards. Small's strange and unorthodox teaching methods are usually more confusing to the children than helpful, and most of the kids leave his office confused and no better off than they were previously. However despite being dumb, he is one of the most kindest, nicest people in the entire show. He has a sister named Rachel, who doesn't like immature "old babies" like the people Tobias hangs out with. Example; he is in a club that pertains to fantasy and playing a Dungeons and Dragons styled roleplaying game.

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