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This is the original Book of Secrets made by Ross MacDonald (thanks!) for "National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets"! This book went through a lot of design changes until I finally hit upon a simple leather wallet that holds the bound journal, and loose documents. Some readers label Chamber of Secrets as one of Rowling’s weaker efforts, but I disagree.
Most prominent is, of course, Tom Riddle’s diary, the first Horcrux, which Harry destroys using both his bravery and wits. This is the President’s Book of Secrets, also showing a few of the dozens of extra documents, photos, letters and papers that were stuffed in the pages. What I wonder is whether what people were initially reacting to was the darker tone that was beginning to appear in the second Harry Potter installment, compared to the first. When it first came out, I don’t think all readers quite knew what to make of this increasingly darker Potter compared to the previous novel.

This is very important, because often, readers characterize Hermione as the smart one and Harry as being only special because of a twist of fate, not due to his own abilities. Wallpaper images in the Loreena McKennitt club tagged: loreena mckennitt canadian celtic new age.
It contains a queasy sequence in which Harry loses all of the bones in his right arm, leaving it a deflated, rubbery mass of flesh.
Re-reading it now, however, it feels like the next natural step in the progression of the Harry Potter books from what might have originally seemed on the surface to be a lighthearted children’s story to a dark fantasy epic.
In another scary scene, Harry and Ron meet a terrifyingly huge spider who, despite being Hagrid’s friend, refuses to spare their lives when they wander into his lair. It also features the introduction of some plot elements and the expansion of others from the previous novel that prove crucial to the series as a whole.
They tell us that Harry isn’t particularly special, but what the book actually shows us is very different. In the first book, we see a young boy who has been through constant hardship, raised in a very different world than the one he is thrust into at the age of 11, and yet who manages to not only acclimate beautifully and excel at using a broomstick, becoming the youngest Seeker in years, but also to risk his life, facing the same villain who killed his parents and scarred him when he was a baby.

And through Lucius Malfoy, we get our first indications that not all of Voldemort’s followers have disavowed their evil proclivities. Earlier, he also risks his life, facing a troll, in order to help a girl he didn’t even particularly like at the time. Here, we have the parent of one of the children at the school setting in motion a chain of events that nearly leads to the death of children who he doesn’t consider to be of the proper bloodline. He even manages to bribe and threaten Hogwarts’ Board of Governors to temporarily fire Dumbledore, foreshadowing the events of Order of the Phoenix.

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