Christmas is coming and life is getting chaotic for single mum Christine Eisley (Bethany Joy Lenz) as she has lost her job, on the verge of losing her home and now her ex husband is seeking custody of their children. But whilst there are certain elements to "The Christmas Secret" which are predictable there are certain aspects which are less predictable specifically the mystery surrounding the locket. Angela Holmes (Olivia Taylor Dudley) was just a regular 27 year old, leading a regular life with her friends until some strange stuff goes down at a surprise birthday party for her. Horror director James Garrick (John Nolan), a direct descendant of Lord and Lady Garrick, is showing his friends a horror movie involving a witch placing a curse on a family for burning her at the stake. Time has passed since the Raccoon City disaster but it seems Alice (Milla Jovovich) is still a hunted woman and all alone as she continues to try and destroy the Umbrella Corporation.
When her husband is killed the finger of suspicion points firmly at Cassidy Miller (Joely Fisher) and everyone from her daughter Lucy (Tabitha Morella) to reporter Nora Grant (Denise Richards) believes Cassidy is guilty. Shortly after moving back to the home where her husband Jack (Todd Allen) was raised, Claire Bannion (Valerie Bertinelli) is hit by tragedy when Jack dies in a fishing accident, which she gets glimpses of due to her psychic abilities. On the way back from her mother-in-law's funeral, reporter Daria Valdez Morrow (Barbie Castro) is involved in a car crash caused by her arguing with her husband Sam (Casper Van Dien) who was driving. Father Joseph McIntyre (John Lund) has never served aboard a destroyer but that is what he is about to do having been sent to serve aboard a destroyer heading into battle with the Japanese fleet.

Having been kicked off the force months earlier when then detective Joan Mueller (Veena Sood) accused her of corruption, Sarah Winters (Sarah Carter) turned to writing and is now promoting her first book "Justice in Limbo".
Image and video are used in accordance with Fair Use, and are property of the film copyright holders. It is a production that the whole family can really enjoy and will please anyone except a confirmed Scrooge.Without giving away too much of the plot, a college professor is given a book showing that reindeer can really fly.
It's not just the big things which are going wrong as a treasured locket which her father gave her before he disappeared when she was young has gone missing as well. I won't say how this pans out as it is what keeps you involved that need to know where this is going. Despite the problems piling up Christine keeps going and manages to find new work with a friendly bakery owner whilst also finding herself with some romantic attention from Jason (John Reardon), the grandson of a sweet, old couple who run a local shop.
In a way it is the same with the custody battle side of things as whilst you can predict a positive outcome the grim reality of this subplot gives it a different tone which you don't expect from this sort of movie.What this all boils down to is that "The Christmas Secret" is an entertaining Christmas movie with a mix of the obvious, the cute, the predictable and all the other things you expect from a Christmas movie but with a mysterious side which keeps you watching as you wonder where certain parts of it are going. He ends up at Santa's workshop and becomes involved in a number of delightful situations.Richard Thomas is wonderful as the professor grounding the fantasy elements in reality with his performance. And maybe as a family secret begins to be uncovered maybe Christine's luck is going to change for the better once and for all."The Christmas Secret" is exactly the sort of Christmas movie I like because it mixes familiar with a sense of not sure where exactly this is going.

Beau Bridges may seem to be an unusual choice for Santa, but as the story unfolds, he proves to be exactly right. What I mean is we have the cliche aspects such as the single mum struggling in the lead up to Christmas plus the cute grandson of a sweet old couple who provides the romantic aspect which you expect.
Each of the characters fits their role like the proverbial glove.CBS offered the production on tape during the telecast and I could not wait for mine to arrive.
On top of that we have a family secret involving an old locket which whilst giving us and element of mystery also provides the coincidence to link people together.
I have watched it numerous times during the year and find it more enjoyable with each viewing. All of which is expected and it has the familiar Christmas style of easy going drama, sweet comedy and cute romance.

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