Taking life one day at a time has proven essential in the Al-Anon program of recovery for those whose lives have been adversely affected by the problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend.  This book, like its companion volume One Day At A Time In Al-Anon, is designed to keep our focus on today and give us the courage to change the things we can.
Learning the lessons from Yesterday, Enjoying the Blessings of Today, Trusting God for Tomorrow. Another day to be grateful that He is cleaning out our circle, who is truly with us and who needs to go. I pray that you watch what you say, what words and thoughts you give freedom and power to reign over and in your life! I pray that when you don't know what to do, you seek the wisdom of the Lord, And you Wait for His answer. I pray that you recognize the thirst and hunger of your soul to be healed and loved and forgiven by You!
I pray that you want to be healed and made better concerning your Whole Self and not just want your situation(s) fixed. I pray that you will learn to Be Still, and Know that He is God and that He is in the details.
I pray you gain understanding that until your soul attains this Divine Calm that no true work can be done in your mind, body, spirit and soul. I pray you understand that assurance is the Calm born from a deep certainty in Him, in His purpose, in His Promise to save and keep you. I pray that you accept this Calm and at all costs keep the gift of His calmness, as it leads you into Rest with Him, into Living In Him, into that deeper level of Calm, quiet assured Peace. I pray that you seek to live brightly in the actual reality so that in the natural you will also shine brightly.

I pray that then you will be able to Show the Lord Jesus Christ as a Bright living Christ Lord, and not the dead Christ that so many present to the world. Time to make Room for what Is Useful for Now, for them all to Move into their appointed  anointed places spaces!
We get attached to material things, to people, jobs, ways of thinking, speaking and acting, That At One Time did have Good purpose in our life.
And my friends, remember that other people have either tried or succeeded in giving us their dead stuff also.  Get rid of that crap too!
Some people who think the gifts they bring to you are things that you need, or would be delighted to have--but they were not. Look at their faces-they are so pleased with themselves, and feel we should be so grateful to receive these cheap, crappy, useless gifts from them. These same kinds of people also bring their dead stuff into our lives, trying to plant them in our ground, leave them in our hearts and minds to clutter us up.
I Know He Knows without Doubt what is not useful in our life concerning His Will, Plans, and Purposes spoken for us.
What is dead in our Yard, is raked up, pruned off, cut back, that which cannot be used in mulch is Gone! What is dead in our Thinking, Speaking and Doing, that which only has purpose to keep us stagnant, in lack, unproductive and disobedient is Gone! Time for New Beginnings to begin bringing with them, Everything we are Expecting from God, His Best!
Stop and give yourself the time necessary to Hear which Way He is saying to Go, what He is saying you need to do and say, and if He is saying to you Be still, Stop and REST with Him, then do that.

I have learned that Many people refuse to let go of what is dead and that is why even though they do see the New beginnings of Life, Growth, Maturity and Opportunities  purposed for them, they continue to walk by rejecting them, trying to get life out of what is dead and useless. Pride and ego will kill His opportunities and possibilities sent to move us in the direction He Knows is best for us.
Do Not allow what you do not have in your hand, or do not know concerning His plans for you to Stop you from believing and trusting Him by complete faith. Do not be so rigid and blind in expecting Only what you want the outcome to be concerning the problems, challenges, situations and the way you should move, that you reject or miss His Decided outcomes for each thing in your life.
Living Right with Him so that quietness and joyful assurance will follow and dwell within you. I also know some places in my heart that need to be cleaned out, but there are also places that Only His Spirit is able to see, that are dead and useless to Him. These are tricks and traps that have no good purpose other than to keep us off balance and walking on the wrong paths. Get (ask God for ), wisdom, understanding and a strong Spirit of discernment so that you are quite aware of what is going on. They lack integrity, righteousness, honesty, self love, appreciation, the ability to Stop pleasing their flesh, they lack the ability to stop living in their past, to stop talking about their problems, issues, situations, and challenges in a defeated tone, with no motive of wanting to correct these things in their life. Let us not be in that group, but shine so that the darkness that they live within shall be Pushed back when our Light shines on them.

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