Wikimedia CommonsA well-stocked Netflix queue can go a long way toward pure and utter happiness, but sometimes there's still something missing. For those moments, it can help to fall back on the wisdom of history's greatest thinkers: Kierkegaard, Socrates, Thoreau, and the Buddha. Here's what philosophers discovered about happiness long before orange becameA the new black. In all of my experience in helping people improve their relationships, find success in their careers, and change their personal habits, I have found a common thread. It is that one secret that people need in order to make more money, improve their relationships, find success in their career, and personal satisfaction. I also share with you a powerful method to help you understand what is truly holding you back from the success you desire and the answer will surprise you. If you are looking to find greater success in your life, this is one episode you cannot afford to miss. If you have an idea for a podcast you would like to see or a question about an upcoming episode, contact me. Also, if you enjoyed the show, please rate it on iTunes and add a brief review. That would help tremendously in getting the word out! I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I appreciate the help you gave me in dealing with my divorce. My journey to a happier, healthy life started at the end of October.  I have dealt with depression and self-esteem issues for most of my life. People around the world have begun to ‘wake up’ and take the journey down the rabbit hole to see what’s really going on in the world and start questioning what this reality is all about. After personally having had multiple DMT, ayahuasca experiences and met many people who have had the opportunity to do the same it is clear that the ayahuasca experience is one of the best kept secrets in the universe.Although each persons experience on ayahuasca is unique, there are some commonalities that show up again and again.

Many people begin experiencing or noticing synchronicities in their lives following an ayahuasca experience. It should be noted that taking ayahuasca will not solve your problems, it will merely highlight them and change your perspective on them so you can overcome them.
Most people realise that the operating system our planet currently runs on is out of date and needs to be replaced with something else, ayahuasca teaches us to make love our core principle.
Despite ayahuasca having been used by native tribes in the Amazon for thousands of years to ‘access the spirit world’ and it’s proven cures of both mental and physical diseases it is labelled a schedule 1 drug.
Ayahuasca is non addictive, in fact it is proven to cure people of drug, alcohol and many other addictions and destructive behaviours.
Most people would agree that humanity needs a positive shift in consciousness, nothing can deliver this faster, safer and more natural than ayahuasca can.
If you want to explore your spiritual side or try something other than the 9-5 accumulate money till you die mentality then this may be for you.
Whilst ayahuasca is now spreading around the world, it comes from the Amazon, with many people now heading down to countries like Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil to have the ayahuasca experience.
In this podcast, I share with you what that one secret is, and what you can do about it right now. Even though success means different things to different people, this secret is universal to success in your life. I feel ready and capable of taking on the world now and know that I have what it takes to walk through the hurdles that this life throws at me. I look at everything and everyone in a whole new light and because of that I no longer feel like a victim. Being the one that did not want the divorce left me feeling rejected, unloved, ugly, of low self-esteem, and assuming copious amounts of guilt.

A couple of years after this incident, I had severe health problems that I now have been dealing with for 18 years. I have lost over 50 pounds in the last 4 months and this was also over the holiday season when most people gain weight.
Realising we in our human bodies will never fully grasp all there is, reality is far more complex than we could ever imagine. Ongoing studies are taking place and the results so far are worrying to Big Pharma as it actually cures the problem, not mask the symptom like our ‘modern medicine’ does. A good shaman will guide your experience should you need help and will ensure you feel as comfortable as possible. When we decided to catch up, she had recently had her own hypnotherapy breakthrough, and insisted I have mine.
People show up in their lives, opportunities arise, they see repeating numbers like 11:11 more and more. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world.
I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media.

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