Do you desire for your teen daughter to go through her teen years God-crazy and not boy-crazy? In a recent focus group, 76% of moms said their tween daughters struggle to obey authority while 97% of those daughters admitted they struggle to obey. The Secret Keeper Girl Crazy Hair Tour helps moms cultivate God-crazy daughters who embrace inner beauty, biblical modesty, and vibrant purity!
Therefore, I’m often fielding questions on related topics including the HPV vaccination, Gardasil, which the Center For Disease Control recommends for girls and boys aged 11 and 12 (though it can be given as early as year nine).

Make-up, suggestive clothing, and over-sexualized dolls are being marketed to our little girls.
If so, you won’t want her to miss the Young True Woman Track at this year’s True Woman conference September 22-24  in Indianapolis!
Girls are forced to grow up too soon and become overtly sexual rather than modest and age appropriate. More stores are selling push-up bras to your little girls, many of whom don’t have anything to push up!

Secret Keeper Girl equips tweens and their moms to understand biblical values with contemporary relevance. As we heartily agreed with you, in response we scratched, clawed – all in love, of course – and did all that we could to bring you a brand new BOYS book!

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