Things can change in an instant, as David discovered in July of 2014, when he got a fateful call that his restaurant Manresa had burned nearly to the ground. Enter the mind of chef Gabrielle Hamilton in the first episode of Season 4 of the Emmy-winning and James Beard Award-winning series THE MIND OF A CHEF.
Explore the ways that the Scandinavian people have survived winter through the practice of preservation and aging with Chef Magnus Nilsson. Watch as Chef Gabrielle Hamilton and Paulie D'Arpa prepare Fried Zucchini Agrodolce in this bonus scene from Season 4 of THE MIND OF A CHEF.
Watch as Chef Gabrielle Hamilton prepares a dish made with the tops of zucchinis in this bonus scene from Season 4 of THE MIND OF A CHEF. When your first restaurant job is Commander’s Palace in New Orleans, you are inevitably destined for great things. Diners these days can be pickier than ever, and they seem to have no problem telling a chef how to do his or her job. America’s favorite home improvement series, the Emmy Award-winning THIS OLD HOUSE, airs in the first half of the hour. Not only will this site work on your laptop or desktop computer, you'll also feel right at home on any modern smartphone or tablet.

This is an image set of a Mind Eraser Cocktail Recipe and a picture of the finished cocktail. Watch videos from your favorite PBS KIDS shows with the PBS KIDS Video app for your tablet or phone.
As a high school student in New Orleans, David’s eyes were opened by the glamorous Crescent City institution, and a long career in cuisine followed. In the second half-hour, ASK THIS OLD HOUSE, host Kevin O’Connor, general contractor Tom Silva, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey and landscape contractor Roger Cook address specific, viewer-driven home maintenance and repair questions.
Each week, the bakers tackle a different skill, the difficulty of which increases as the competition unfolds. Chef Kinch has forged a distinctive culinary path putting him at the forefront of new contemporary California cuisine. Passport gives you access to a wealth of premium content not previously available online, including full seasons of your favorite shows.
Mary Berry, a leading cookbook writer, and Paul Hollywood, a top artisan baker, serve as judges. His philosophy is fostered by the terroir, or “sense of place,” of the California Coast, and the kind of ingredient-driven cooking and modern technique he studied around the world.

You know Jenna, I always read your given blog, because you have updated new info about great recipes. I was in a hurry, had lots of berries and had just baked a blueberry pie for tonight, so I rushed through and really messed up the order of ingredients. Added sugar to the flour mixture, yogurt to the whole mess after adding dry to wet ingredients. I had no great expectations but I learned you cannot ruin this rec Gina Skurchak-RossiRe: SchichttorteSo I have corn flour and corn starch.
I read all the discussions that have already taken place, but is this recipe calling for corn flour, should I be using that instead of the cornstarch?
MindyRe: Create an Insalata SushiVinegar sushi rice is my favorite, I always use rice wine vinegar and just enough wasabi to get the flavor without a lot of fire. NERDWORLD PROBLEMSRe: Make Seasonal Strawberry Bread PuddingHi Nikki: We have updated the recipe!

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